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  1. I've been carrying survivors back to town hall, and on my way back with the first survivor, I have had to endure a total of 3 timberwolf attacks. Each time I've expended far too many revolver rounds, distress flares and marine flares to be sustainable. Rocks don't seem to work. As a result, my question is the following: are these timberwolf attacks timed or scripted to happen X many times each time I take a survivor back to town hall, or are there "safe zones" where I shouldn't encounter too many of the rascals? Follow up: What's the long-term most effective way of deterring them? Do I stock up on ammunition before I go out to find someone, or am I not using what I have correctly? Thanks
  2. Ok, so what happened with me is that I got attacked by a wolf right outside my shelter (the gas station, by the back entrance). I got up, went inside, slept for at least 8 hours, went back outside the next morning and while I could clearly see my own blood trail from the attack, I couldn't see the wolf's. Is it intentional that wolves might not leave a blood trail after a fight, is it a bug, or something else.
  3. Cursor selection glitch I have it sometimes where in any menu (even the main menu) my cursor can be about an inch to the left of a button and it's still selected, even when my cursor is on top of another button (e.g. cursor is on top of 'food' button but when I click, it selects 'materials' in inventory) I'm running PC Repro steps: start the game It happens sometimes. So far I've restarted the game three times today and it's happened each of those times
  4. I just went from Pleasant Valley to Coastal Highway, and I went into the gas station. I had never been there before, and yet all the containers were empty, even before I had begun to search them. I then exited out the back entrance and went back in just to make sure it wasn't based on where I entered, but it was still empty. If you could fix this, that'd be great! Update: Lockers by the back entrance aren't empty, but the ones in the bathroom are (empty). -Also, every now and then I come by a glitch that offsets my cursor on the screen from where it is, so I have to move it about an inch to the right of the button I want to click.
  5. I somehow managed to chase a deer into a rock. It sounds funny and it looks hilarious until I tried to shoot it and nothing happened. Please try to fix
  6. So I'm using a PS4 controller with some extra software that should make a game recognize it as a xbox 360 gamepad, but when I started the game, I for some reason was looking up and spinning around. If you could fix this (and maybe add native PS4 gamepad support with button icons (square, triangle, etc.), that'd be great!
  7. How so? Do I have to crouch down and crawl through some hole somewhere, or do I have to shoot something that will create an explosion and knock down the remaining hanging trains?
  8. Ok, so the latest update is here (v.217) and I can't seem to find a way from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway or vice versa. Is there some way to make it from one region to another, or are they trying to make it impossible?
  9. Hopefully things like guns won't stay in one region.
  10. Ok, so I had just gathered 4 wolf pelts when I had to be somewhere else, so I ducked inside a house in the Coastal Highway Coastal Townsite (sorry, no debug screenshot to tell where exactly). Just today, I logged back in, and went to the gas station to craft a wolf skin coat, when I found that actually didn't have them. Did they just degrade that fast, or is this a bug?
  11. Ok, I've found that sometimes I get bored when I'm stuck inside, and there's a storm outside, or I'm just trying to warm up after being cold or freezing, and I think it'd be fun if there was some sort of instrument that you could "play" (or if you want to make a fully fledged instrument simulator, be my guest) like a harmonica or guitar. It would make just sitting inside a little less boring than sleeping or sitting.