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  1. TLD's fanbase consists of patient people mainly because development time so frustratingly slow. Or maybe there are some new people who think - the game was officially released on Steam ~4 years ago, maybe they release the rest of the episodes pretty soon, let's buy it. And then they realize that they will probably have to wait 1-2 years more, so frustration starts to accumulate. Patience it usually limited. So those who's patience has ended have already left. Majority left silently, occasionally people express their frustration, sometimes with less elegance, as the person above. I de
  2. If there is an error code it is better to contact HL support and describe it in more details - after which point exactly it appears, etc. Ep3 does not end when you ENTER the mine, there is more content. I'm sure that an error is not a normal mechanic, usually you get a message that Ep 4 in development IRRC.
  3. All in all, I hope this survey won't be used without consideration of survivorship bias. It is quite obvious, that in majority, big TLD fans (some even purchased the game 2 or 3 times) participated in the survey. Meanwhile only miniscule part of people(those 2%), who were dissatisfied with the experience, even bothered to submit their answers or even noticed the questionaire. For instance, according to Steam achievements stats, only around 20% lived through 10 days mark in a survival game and less than 5% on players finished ep.3. Therefore, IMO it will be safe to assume, that none o
  4. This piece of data is kinda weird. I'm not sure how Dev Diary is different from Forum Dev Diary and from Steam Announcement Dev Diary. All those sections can be overlapping in respondents' minds and they could choose whatever quicker came to mind.
  5. If anyone is not on Twitter, Raphael posted some survey results on his page. I summed majority those tweets (hope did not miss anything, text in italics is Raphael's tweets, added several dots to fix Twitter length limitations, but overall grammar from there.). The survey collected 15,000+ responses: “About 40% of our respondents bought the game during our Early Access phase (between Sept 2014 and Sept 2017). This strongly suggests a lot of our active players have been playing for between 4-7 years. 32% of respondents have bought the game at least twice. 5% have bought it three
  6. Well, as I wrote, only 1/5 of players lived through 10 days mark in a survival game. So either there are people, who die on day 9 or earlier, or majority of people played a little and forgot about the game... Based only on Steam stats.
  7. This is quite an insight. Just checked Steam achievements stats, they look very interesting. Apparently, only around 20% lived through 10 days mark in a survival game but less than 5% on players finished ep.3. At the same time, not surprising numbers with the WM release schedule...
  8. I'm not sure about terminology, but aren't Shivering Isles and Brood War expansions? I understand that nowadays everything is called a DLC, but they are not fully similar. Kinda silly to compare Witcher 3 Blood and Wine with interesting story + new mechanics with TLD navigation DLC with ability to draw something on the walls, depending how your parents raised you. As a result - Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one DLC and another… I’d rather not choose at all. Or at least wait for revi
  9. 3 out of 5 episodes in - kinda too late to simplify the story don't you think? At the same time I agree, I dont' see how the story can be organically wrapped up within 2 episodes. IIRC, the story was changed at least 2 times. Fandom wiki has some info left about Will's former love interest Anna and why they separated, etc. At first I thought it is some kind of fanfic, but I'm not sure. Some people said it is kickstarter version of the story. Then we had pre-redux story, where I don't remember any mystical elements. Finally, redux added stuff about that bear that, supposedly, can
  10. Well, if the story mode development will not be slowed by development of paid DLCs then its probably ok. But I somehow doubt it. So this time would be sacrificed harming story mode only fans. Of course I can not influence you. But I can express my frustations with your decisions because I see them unethical. I see them as evoking technicalities to prioritize profits for the sake of promises. Will WM take 5 years, 10 years, whatever time you take - its legal, you promised only to release eventually. Until then - survival mode gets extra content above finished game. Meanwhile, AFAIR
  11. IMO it depends on waiting time between which parts of the story. Simple example - I think that Game of Thrones series would have been significantly less successful, if the first season was released with 1 year intervals between episodes - 10 years in total. So, it is ok to wait a year or 2 between books or seasons of TV show. Wait a year between episodes or chapters, and you lose attachment to the characters, you forget details, and the story becomes mediocre until is finished. So main heroes instead of becoming your friends turn into rare acquaintances, whom you meet once a year.
  12. Thank you Raphael and HL team for the update! Hope you are considering to work on Ep. 5 right after Ep 4, since you released several survival mode updates in a row. My hope is low that the questions will be answered, I asked it when Milton Mailbag was discontinued, but I repeat it just in case - did you fulfil your plan to have separate teams who work on Story mode and Survival mode to increase development speed? As of paid DLCs, I think it is a great idea to start working on them when the story mode is finished and the studio fulfills their promises, like I understood their answer.
  13. Except the main story is like 60% finished, but Solid is taught to paint signs on walls, gets pretty OP gun, which isn't available at Hard mode, each medkit is applied via separate non-skippable minigame, etc.
  14. ATM my expectations are pretty low already. I thought that written responses here are actually quicker than recording, editing and posting a video. If the devs feel too busy to post extended responses OldMiltonMailbag-style, they could at least post short answers to the most important current questions. E.g. episode 4 - dev diary promised some news in January 2021. Its March already, no news at all. Even if they can't meet their deadlines - at least, from respect to the community, they could post smth like "Quarantine is hard, overestimated ourselves, working on it, not rea