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  1. The only realistic explanation that I came to is that the survivors have that huge backpack attached to their backs. Therefore, they have limited movement options, they can't move their head and can't move between front and back seats. But it is kinda lame that they just can't take if off inside the car.
  2. As far as I know, some people with diabetes do not need regular insulin injections, only in critical cases. Therefore, it is perfectly possible, that Dimitriy needs it due to the plane crash and after that he will be able to recover. So this part of the quest goes along with the TLD gameplay, because you need to be focused and not forget what you need to do. Otherwise, you will have to spend more time on returning back and searching what you forgot. I think many players encountered it in the survival mode, when you are going to another location and halfway through you notice that you forgot some instruments or pot/cans to boil water, so you have to go back. I was more frustrated with the other quest structure, when you need to carry survivors from all corners of the map. It looks less realistic that the regular passenger plane had so many flare guns (at least 3), that they all survived the frost and wounds and were able to start fires. It would be more realistic and tragic, if some of survivors couldn't make it and Astrid would have to deal with that her efforts were pointless in some part. Plus those three exta survivors basically looked like artificial prolonging to hide lack of content. However, we've got more mandatory fetch quests for which the devs were criticized for in the Ep.2.
  3. Just finish the story mode before it.
  4. You should understand, that TLD survivors are biorobots, who are somewhere on the autistic spectrum. They can program how many hours they are going to sleep exactly. They can quickly recognize that they have intestinal parasites. They can heal broken ribs in 10 days and sprained ankles in 4 hours. They can control their body so much that they can actually assign ingested medication to the certain body part. At the same time they can try to heal bleeding by spilling reishi tea on it or the parasites by applying sanitizing liquid. All while knowing how to forge and craft instruments and sew clothes using animal pelts and intestines. To sum up, it is a game mechanic that fills the gameplay. Some people like it, some people don't. Probably it could be more realistic. But the pills have limits. Its not like you take 1 pill and get rid of all pain, but you can mildly reduce the pain felt. But how to introduce it to the gameplay. The only another way I can think of is if the pill reduced pain by several hours. Like - if you have 2 pains, 4 hour each, you can eat the pills and get 2 pains 2 hour each. However, do we really need to force the devs to spend their time on this problem?
  5. I think it is one very many suggestions, which are easily solved by modes. I even remember a youtube video that showed rabbit hat mode ~year before it was added by the devs themselves. So in the end, I think it is not necessary, because it takes too much worktime while bringing marginally needed mechanics.
  6. We usually drunk kvas during hot summer days. During winters and springs I prefer other fermented products, like sauerkraut (~Eastern European version) and kimchi.
  7. It sounds more like overpowered gun. Even the rifle is not that powerful. IMO revolver is kinda perfect from defensive perspective ( I think it could deal even less damage without losing defensive value). You can make dangerous animals run away, so it will protect you. But you need to shoot many times to kill the prey, so it is not useful in offensive. Another example is flare gun, which is the only "gun" available at interloper. Again, you can deter predators, but it is not very accurate and have only 1 charge at a time, so it is less useful to hunt.
  8. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I did try it numerous times. I have several 20-30 days runs on voyager, interloper and customs difficulties (I don't like wolves, I am not good at FPS games and my laptop is kinda slow so it is difficult to aim at moving targets). But after some time I feel lack of the story in my gameplay, it feels purposeless. The same happened with other games. Like I played campaign of Starcraft II, but barely tried multiplayer, for the same reasons. So its not on point to advice to try Survival mode if the main point is that the Devs are taking too much time to release the Story mode, while people bought the game only because of the Wintermute.
  9. I am sorry to hear that. I believe that the best course of actions is to reach to professionals about it. Depression is not a joke and should be treated seriously. And there is nothing shameful in asking for professional help. It is not shameful to ask for medical help if we broke a bone, have a flu or our internal organs hurt. The same applies to our brain, occasionally we need help with it. And I am not necessarily talking about medical drugs, there are usually techniques that help without medication. At least there should be some kind of hot lines that can give good advice in such cases. I hope you will get better, all the best!
  10. I think many players used Moose or Bear to deter wolves at least once. Did anyone see what happens when Bear and Moose meet each other, e.g. when one of them runs from you after you shoot flare gun/firearm and run into another? Is it possible for them to meet each other normally, do they have crossing wandering routes? With regards to timber wolves - is it possible to reduce their aggressiveness meter if you come close to moose/bear?
  11. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I partially agree. Reputation mechanics were objectively bad: "Hey Grey Mother, do you want 50 bandages and 100 sticks?" - "Yes, I take it. Let me give you rabbit gloves scheme and my daughter's boots in return!" "Hey Jeremiah, did you heard about 100 bandages could help your wounds?" "Yeah, let me explain how to make wolf skin jacket while I am almost unconscious because I was mauled by the bear". At the same time, even after redux, some stuff from ch 3 is still questionable. Nevertheless, I would rather take REDUX features starting from ch3, and then they could actually redo ch 1 and 2 if they so quality-conscious, as they want to show us. This way they would have been at the final stages of Ch 5 and I would have been much less frustrated.
  12. You should also try birch sap, it has very refreshing taste. But I think it is mostly springtime drink, not very TLD themed. It is quite popular in Northern and Eastern Europe. I also think they produce it in Pennsylvania and Alaska.
  13. You can create quite good Sourdough starter if you mix flour with water in a glass container and leave it partially covered at room temperature. Then for a ~week, everyday you need to throw away half and add fresh flour and water to the container. After several days it should become bubbly. After a week you can use it instead of yeast. And you can keep it alive for years if you feed it with flour and water. Some bakers kept their sourdough starter jars for several generations, passing it to their children. Just google "Sourdough starter recipe" for more detailed instructions.
  14. Why do you think that revolvers are not reliable for defense? I think wolves, bears and moose will run away even if you miss.