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  1. Currently Wintermute takes place in 5 out of 11 main/non-transitional regions available in the Survival mode. Considering extremely slow speed of development, I would rather prefer the devs to focus on the story itself rather than new regions and other stuff for Survival mode. Otherwise, I can't imagine how the devs are planning to include other 6 regions (50+% of regions) into 2 episodes (40% of the story) without them having feeling as empty fillers to extend walking time. Episode 3 already had this problem with carrying quests, which artificially extended play time by literal
  2. Considering the devs promised to finish the story mode to their backers and included Wintermute in their advertising, do you actually ask if it worth it NOT to deceive their customers and NOT to practice false advertising? How are you planning to treat people, who bought the game because of the story mode?
  3. New Year's Eve of 2021 was a week ago, December 31, 2020. So it's no way they can make it. The devs usually announce releases when it is basically complete, since they failed to meet announced release dates several times previously. So decide for yourself. I personnaly mainly gave up on the story because I think they focus more on the sandbox and survival is not my cup of tea. So actual releases became just bittersweet surprises, like someone sending birthday congratulations months after your actual birthday.
  4. Weird, I thought that the post about lying etc. was about my comments, because I also got that suspension. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post, but I meant that if the game was advertised as survival only, then more people would have been more satisfied with your story mode timings. But it is advertised with story mode as well, so they are dissatisfied with timings. I didn't intend to comment on legality at all. Just that I, and probably many others, expected story mode release comparable to other episodic games, like Telltale's games, which are released within ~1 year timing
  5. I was thinking about Gothic cathedral because those Lancet windows are typical for Gothic churches, but not very useful as arrowslits. At the same time, the towers at the top don't have any arrowslits or embrasures that were typical for medieval fortresses, while merlons at the top were common for such fortifications. Maybe the devs were inspired by The Ohio State Reformatory, which was used for filming of The Shawshank Redemption, or maybe Kingston Penitentiary from Ontario, as both prisons actually have those Lancet-like windows. (The Ohio State Reformatory).
  6. Yeah, for me it looks like a Gothic cathedral rebuilt into medieval castle to defend against foreign conquerors. And in modern times, fence and watchtowers were built to reuse the castle as a prison. Not sure how it fits Canadian architecture though.
  7. Due to COVID, the studio became even slower than it was previously. If second wave of virus won't happen, it will probably be around late 2020, beginning 2021.
  8. As ManicManiac wrote earlier, if you are playing on PC, try to lower your settings to increase your frame rate for this section of the game, it might help. Apparently, the game is not optimized properly and frame rate might affect struggles. Also you can try accessibility options, to make struggles easier.
  9. I don't remember exactly but didn't Valve sold each episode separately? I mainly meant episodic games like Life is Strange or Telltale Studios games, like Game of Thrones. There you could purchase the whole game in advance and get episodes when they are released, within reasonable timeframes, like I mentioned on the first page of this thread. I think that it reminds that there are people who are still waiting for story mode to be finished. And there were people who left this game extremely disappointed with the devs. So I'm ok with that. Especially to argue with people, who
  10. Let's not forget, that TLD is officially released on Steam almost 3 years ago. So it can be considered a finished game, it is not on Kickstarter or in early-access at a moment. Almost all episodic games that I know released all story content within ~1 year. So it is natural that customers would compare new episodic games to the industry standards and will be expecting something somewhat similar. Even if considering the factor of "small indie dev", we can double of triple development time. It is still not even close to my estimate of 5+ years of development. This is omitting the fact
  11. Fair enough. At the same time you don't need sleeping bag to sleep in snow shelter and can just repair it from time to time (it takes only sticks until it falls below 75% condition).
  12. It looks like a bug. I encountered 1-2 TW attacks per survivor and they were stoppable every time. Try to file support ticket at the top of main forum page. IMO, no, those attacks and slower movement speed artificially prolong gameplay to cover lack of actual content. IIRC, the devs were criticized for the fetch quests in Episodes 1 and 2 and made them optional in the REDUX. What made the devs to return the same fetch quests and make them even longer in ep. 3 is still a mystery to me.
  13. AFAIK, they are starchy and somewhat resemble potatoes when baked or boiled. So they fit perfectly with some slow cooked stew or roasted fish.
  14. I agree so much. There is not shame in using maps. Not all people are planning to spend several hundred or even several thousand hours in the game. Some people have a couple of hours a day to play and I believe it can spoil you experience if you wasted an evening on going to the wrong direction. If you like exploring and remembering maps by yourself - go ahead and enjoy it. At the same time, if you want to check the main locations without spending too much time on it and risking your survival runs - it is appropriate as well. Especially if you are not good in orienteering and remembering