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  1. Finally some use for empty cans.
  2. Look at the Mr.Optimist over there, beleiving HL will release Ep. 5 before Halloween 2022. Lol
  3. For those, who isn't on twitter.
  4. You probably are, Raphael already answered
  5. Photobomb usually means when there is someone on the photo, who is not supposed to be there, IIRC. Like if you take picture of your family and there is some stranger waves on the background or smth like that. I only found another deer in the window of the bus. But I don't know if he actually meant him. Maybe there is smth else what everyone missed.
  6. Now Raphael claims there is a photobomb. If anyone's more inspective, go ahead.
  7. Also from Raphael: "Just a note for TLD fans waiting for our Episode Four launch. Episode Four takes place in an entirely new region of Great Bear, but for launch it will only be available in the Episode. We'll likely add the region to Survival later on but it was designed for Story Mode." Original tweet
  8. TLD's fanbase consists of patient people mainly because development time so frustratingly slow. Or maybe there are some new people who think - the game was officially released on Steam ~4 years ago, maybe they release the rest of the episodes pretty soon, let's buy it. And then they realize that they will probably have to wait 1-2 years more, so frustration starts to accumulate. Patience it usually limited. So those who's patience has ended have already left. Majority left silently, occasionally people express their frustration, sometimes with less elegance, as the person above. I de
  9. If there is an error code it is better to contact HL support and describe it in more details - after which point exactly it appears, etc. Ep3 does not end when you ENTER the mine, there is more content. I'm sure that an error is not a normal mechanic, usually you get a message that Ep 4 in development IRRC.
  10. All in all, I hope this survey won't be used without consideration of survivorship bias. It is quite obvious, that in majority, big TLD fans (some even purchased the game 2 or 3 times) participated in the survey. Meanwhile only miniscule part of people(those 2%), who were dissatisfied with the experience, even bothered to submit their answers or even noticed the questionaire. For instance, according to Steam achievements stats, only around 20% lived through 10 days mark in a survival game and less than 5% on players finished ep.3. Therefore, IMO it will be safe to assume, that none o
  11. This piece of data is kinda weird. I'm not sure how Dev Diary is different from Forum Dev Diary and from Steam Announcement Dev Diary. All those sections can be overlapping in respondents' minds and they could choose whatever quicker came to mind.
  12. If anyone is not on Twitter, Raphael posted some survey results on his page. I summed majority those tweets (hope did not miss anything, text in italics is Raphael's tweets, added several dots to fix Twitter length limitations, but overall grammar from there.). The survey collected 15,000+ responses: “About 40% of our respondents bought the game during our Early Access phase (between Sept 2014 and Sept 2017). This strongly suggests a lot of our active players have been playing for between 4-7 years. 32% of respondents have bought the game at least twice. 5% have bought it three