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  1. A lot of people agree, that pre redux quality was, politely speaking, not good. Therefore, I don't see a problem when people complain about it in a constructive way. And even some of non constructive feedback is understandable from emotional point of view. Btw, if someone's hard work's result is quite bad, it should be critisized, especially if the someone takes money for the work. Doesn't matter how hard the work was.
  2. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    You probably quoted someone else, I did not say that. I actually hope that the quote will not happen.
  3. I chose bad example with indoor looting while having firearms. However, people might expect danger when the looting outdoors - gathering sticks or checking vehicles. I never used firearms IRL, but i believe it is basic safety measure not to put finger on the trigger until necessary. At the same time, it is believable that people will keep the gun unholstered when there are lots of wolves, e.g. on Stalker. Believable from RL POV as well - inexperienced with guns survivalists collecting sticks for fire. Brainfart - shooting ground because they were not focused (not center of display) on the stick or were too far from the stick. Stuff with light sources - beyond understanding. Especially considering PS4 having different buttons for interacting and shooting. Majority first person POV games used E button for interacting with/using items and mouse buttons for shooting. Looks like bad design choices for a game, where scarcity of resources is a major aspect of gameplay, when you lose those resources because of character's sudden brainfarts.
  4. An additional question that appeared recently with relation to Wintermute's 1st season: Will 5 episodes contain the full story of Will and Astrid and the plot will be finished? Or we may expect that we will have to buy additional season(-s) to see how it ended?
  5. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I think it would be a good question for Milton Mailbag, if Raphael haven't answered it already.
  6. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    It would be even worse. I hope they finish the plot within the 1st season and the next ones will be somewhat unrelated to the already started story. It would be a shame if it transforms into: "Want to know the ending? Buy the next season(-s) to finish the story!".
  7. I 100% agree. Survival mode is finished, all additional mechanics like revolver are just free DLCs. I partially agree. But I believe it would be better to improve new episodes first and then return to the first two. So now I have constant fear that the devs won't like feedback to the new episodes and redo them as well.
  8. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Episodic games are not a novelty. Despite the dates were not set there there are some example from other companies, so people can compare them. I'll repeat what I wrote somewhere else: Game of Thrones release dates: December 2, 2014; February 3, 2015; March 24, 2015; May 26, 2015; July 21, 2015; November 17, 2015. Less than 1 year in total for 6 episodes. Life is Strange release dates: 30 January 2015; 24 March 2015; 19 May 2015; 28 July 2015; 20 October 2015. Less than 9 months in total for 5 episodes. The Long Dark release dates: August 1, 2017 - episodes 1 and 2, official release; December 2018 - episodes 1 and 2, re-release after 15 months; October 22, 2019 - episode 3, +10 months 2+ years for 60% of the story . So people expect that episodes would be released in ~1 year span. I believe people reconsidered buying the game if the devs said that it would take 4+ years. It is a perfect argument if anyone new wanted to buy the game now while having outdated PC and complained that they can launch the game. It is completely different for people who bought the game years ago and want to receive what they paid for.
  9. In this case people are waiting for the company. People paid for the game years ago. And the people are falling behind because the company is taking too long to finish their part.
  10. Also it would be cool to have different keys for "interact" and "start/extinguish the light source". It is annoying in case of storm lantern and might be very frustrating to lose you last match on a torch in interloper. I don't know what kind of brain fart happens in the survivor's head at these moments: "I want to open this drawer. Let's press the trigger of my revolver/Let's extinguish the torch so I could not see in this extremely dark room during the night."
  11. Yep. I hope they finish the plot within the 1st season and the next ones will be unrelated to the already started story. It would be a shame if it transforms into: " Want to know the ending? Buy the next season(-s) to finish the story!".
  12. Overly optimistic plans for those who can not finish the first game for such a long period of time. Plus I doubt that TV show or movie with such a premise would be popular. Huge part of TLD success comes from immersive experience of players and the fact that they can decide what to do. TV shows and movies are limited from this point of view and are highly dependant on the plot. Which is quite subpar in case of Wintermute IMO. Of course I haven't experience eps 4 and 5 (and probably will not for like 2 years). But there is so much to be included into remaining 40% of the plot.
  13. It is actually not funny. I would be upset and angry if that happened to me.
  14. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Everyone can see why it took so long, it does not mean that it is excusable. They basically released unfinished subproduct and then took extra year to finish what should have been done from the beginning. And after that they are taking extremely long time to release several hours of controversial content. Not many people expect that officially released game becomes playable ~4 years after the release. Majority of modern hardware has shorter lifespan because of planned obsolescence. Plus some people bought the game when it was supported on their hardware. And now they have to buy new PCs to be able to finish playing the game, which they bought 3+years ago.
  15. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Well, I am pretty sure that my laptop dies before ch.4 and 5 will be released. Did not think about it when I bought the game several years ago.