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  1. As ManicManiac wrote earlier, if you are playing on PC, try to lower your settings to increase your frame rate for this section of the game, it might help. Apparently, the game is not optimized properly and frame rate might affect struggles. Also you can try accessibility options, to make struggles easier.
  2. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I don't remember exactly but didn't Valve sold each episode separately? I mainly meant episodic games like Life is Strange or Telltale Studios games, like Game of Thrones. There you could purchase the whole game in advance and get episodes when they are released, within reasonable timeframes, like I mentioned on the first page of this thread. I think that it reminds that there are people who are still waiting for story mode to be finished. And there were people who left this game extremely disappointed with the devs. So I'm ok with that. Especially to argue with people, who think that HL should focus their efforts towards paid DLCs and other side content before they release what they advertised and were paid for. Or if they believe that software devs should be treated extremely leniently in comparison from other service producers without legitimate reasons.
  3. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Let's not forget, that TLD is officially released on Steam almost 3 years ago. So it can be considered a finished game, it is not on Kickstarter or in early-access at a moment. Almost all episodic games that I know released all story content within ~1 year. So it is natural that customers would compare new episodic games to the industry standards and will be expecting something somewhat similar. Even if considering the factor of "small indie dev", we can double of triple development time. It is still not even close to my estimate of 5+ years of development. This is omitting the fact, that the majority of game mechanics, regions, etc. is there. In addition to that, I see problems with planning, because according to the last dev diary, they had not even started recording voicelines before COVID lockdown kicked in. So I even began to doubt if the story itself is finished at all. So here I will stay on my point - many people wouldn't buy the game if they were told that the story mode will be completed 5+ years after the official release, 5+ times more time than average episodic game is released. And for me it is not enough, because survival mode players receive free content, DLC-s, events while I haven't received what I paid for. Plus, "they are still working on it" wouldn't be a good excuse with almost any other service or product, if it takes 5 times more time than others usually take. I don't understand why game devs suddenly became special in these regards.
  4. Fair enough. At the same time you don't need sleeping bag to sleep in snow shelter and can just repair it from time to time (it takes only sticks until it falls below 75% condition).
  5. It looks like a bug. I encountered 1-2 TW attacks per survivor and they were stoppable every time. Try to file support ticket at the top of main forum page. IMO, no, those attacks and slower movement speed artificially prolong gameplay to cover lack of actual content. IIRC, the devs were criticized for the fetch quests in Episodes 1 and 2 and made them optional in the REDUX. What made the devs to return the same fetch quests and make them even longer in ep. 3 is still a mystery to me.
  6. AFAIK, they are starchy and somewhat resemble potatoes when baked or boiled. So they fit perfectly with some slow cooked stew or roasted fish.
  7. I agree so much. There is not shame in using maps. Not all people are planning to spend several hundred or even several thousand hours in the game. Some people have a couple of hours a day to play and I believe it can spoil you experience if you wasted an evening on going to the wrong direction. If you like exploring and remembering maps by yourself - go ahead and enjoy it. At the same time, if you want to check the main locations without spending too much time on it and risking your survival runs - it is appropriate as well. Especially if you are not good in orienteering and remembering exact position of things. I think it allows to try harder difficulties without grinding easier ones, where abundance of resources might make the game boring.
  8. I agree, it would be cool to have several variants of the starting screen with option to choose one or several and to randomize their appearance.
  9. I almost sure that it doesn't counts as outdoors for the Cold Fusion feat. It kinda resembles the warmer part of the caves - you can cure guts, read books/craft at night, food spoils like outside. At the same time - doesn't count for the Cold Fusion feat and increases Cabin Fever risk. IIRC, the bonus of the hut is that warmth from the fireplace extends to the outdoor side of the wall, so you can sleep there in the sleeping bag/snow shelter to decrease Cabin Fever risk.
  10. Yeah, that's dumb. Another one - if you have a burning flare of torch, it should a first option to light a fire (if they haven't change it recently).
  11. I thought that support tickets should be sent if the game is not working as intended - like going into textures, etc. In this particular case game mechanics work as intended - got Cabin fever => can't pass time. However, people discussing whether this constraint is justifiable or needlessly makes player's experience miserable. I think that consequences of planning poorly: Losing resources, health, even run = gameplay is ok. Losing 8+ hours of your life, or deleting the run, or using strange mechanics (destroying-cancelling destroying your pants) = ridiculous. I agree, and some people are expressing that its ridiculous to wait 8+ real hours in the darkness to find if there will be solution to the game. And other people express that they accept sitting in the darkness because the devs want them to.
  12. Maybe I am mistaking, but the character needs to spend the majority of those 24 hours outdoors, otherwise they will get another Cabin Fever afterwards. Mines are counting as indoors, so they will not be able to sleep/pass time again. Therefore, if aurora will not appear in the next 4-5 in-game days, the character will die due to exhaustion (1% of health loss per hour, 100 in-game hours = 4+ in-game days = 8+ real-time hours). Without the passing time forbiddance, the character will also die due to exhaustion after the same in-game time, but the player will not have to waste 4-5 evenings to come to the same ending.
  13. Try to check settings, IIRC Hinterland added an option to disable Timberwolves morale meter.
  14. i think that's already the introduction of movable containers replacement. The devs will probably not add more options. Rock caches can function exactly like movable containers. They do sound somewhat similar to Wood Stashes that I mentioned earlier.
  15. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I wonder why: Survival mode - completed game that receives regular free gamechanging DLCs and quality of life improvements 3 years after the official release; Story mode - extremely slow pace development with ~60% of the game finished after the 3 years and 1.5-2 more years of wait, if nothing happens. Story mode focused people do return from time to time, but many of them actually lost their faith in the studio and abandoned the game completely disappointed. It is totally incorrect. HL advertised TLD with the story mode in a big part and I bought this game because of the story mode, so it is not free. All those quality of life improvements and DLCs are for free, Wintermute isn't. How much time it takes to develop does matter, because many people wouldn't buy the game if there were told that the story mode will be completed 5+ years after the official release. I wonder if there is statistics that shows average time spent for all players, not the fans only, who predominantly stay at this forum and/or TLD subreddit.