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    Look I love this game tons but, I would REALLY love to see the ability to JUMP added to the game. I am not talking about jumping from roof to roof or mt. to mt., just the ability to make small hops over branches, fallen logs, short walls and fences, etc. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!100
  2. Just a quick note, since I haven't been playing for too long, I would like to see the small cursor a different color other than white {and the font as well}. Just something easier to see on the snow background, esp. when looking down at stuff you are trying to pick up.
  3. I don't know if it has been discussed yet or not, but the thought I had was, a person could find a piece of paper or use the existing newsprint and a piece of charcoal from one of their fires, and make a map as they go. That way you don't get all of the secrets up front, but you do get a ref. to remind you to go left or right at the next tree, if you have already been to the area. Just a thought.