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  1. I had cabin fever when they released this hotfix which helped. I think I would have still been ok in my cave with plenty of wood, but I can see how new players might get put off if they got cabin fever and didnt survive.
  2. I caught him! For anyone else struggling just remember you can always re-load to a time before your line went snap! Happy fishing.
  3. I need some help. I have been trying to catch the giant fish and been fishing for hours but all I catch are regular bass or whitefish but no 'giant fish'. I've broken many tackles doing it and still no luck. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong. Anyone else experienced this? It's annoying as I want to do it before moving on with the main mission. Thanks for any help.
  4. So I am now 25% into Episode 3 and first impressions are pretty amazing 😄. I haven't even started the side missions yet! I really like the new characters and the new timber wolves are really intimidating. I've been using all that I've learnt in survival mode to so far stay alive and just enjoying the ride. Thank you Hinterland for producing such an immersive game that keeps bringing us back for more 😃
  5. snowmeow


    I think a Tent would be a great idea! Maybe you could have different sized tents with the larger having a carpet which adds a warmth bonus. Although watch out for carpet burns!
  6. Thanks for the update Raph! Really pleased that Ep3 will be set in Pleasant Valley. It's one of my top favourite locations in Survival mode Looking forward to trying out the pistol. I prefer that idea over the spear anyway and the mechanics are already in place too! I also vote for more dangerous wildlife such as polar bear, golden eagle, cougar. Bring on Ep3!
  7. snowmeow

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I have had a blast in 4DON! All that preparing paid off in the end and what do you know - no burning buildings! Gotta say compared to the first 3 days the last day is a bit boring if you have all the firewood to last you the final 2 hours. Just saying! I ended yesterday outside the dam (thinking it would be on fire) with a snow shelter next to an open fire. Today I started off sitting in my shelter, but fire soon blew out from the crazy blizzard. Tried to dash to Alans Cave, but the intense blizzard was just too much to bear so I turned around and dived into one of the trailers to slowly heat myself back up with a flare. After that I made a dash back to the dam and once inside made my way down into the generator room to find the fire barrel. I unloaded my 50+ reclaimed wood and lit the fire. Phew! Now I am staring at my intense fire, brewing teas and coffees, melting and boiling snow, all in the safely of the generator room....waiting..and waiting....waiting out the storm. Thank you Hinterland for a great event and getting me to play The Long Dark once more! As others have pointed out, it would be fantastic if you did another event like this for us to enjoy soon. How about a gang of mutant mooses hunting us down perhaps ?! I am really looking forward to the next episode of story mode coming in December!
  8. snowmeow

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    I've looked all over CH and briefly around PV, but still no rifle or J-O-L sightings. Maybe I am just unlucky! Could anyone give any hint as to where I can find a rifle in PV now? I have ammo, but nothing to fire them with.. Starting to get a little scared now ^^
  9. Check out today's announcement. Episode 3 coming this December together with re-worked Episode 1 and 2
  10. Amazing! Looking forward to December
  11. Thanks for the explanation. It makes a lot of sense and I strongly believe most TLD players will fully understand and sympathise. I'm near the end of Episode 2 now and have really enjoyed the journey despite the little bugs (which sometimes made it more entertaining and memorable!). You guys have made a wonderful game here and you have a great support team that listens to the community and provides fixes amazingly speedy. I wish you all a nice September holiday and look forward to new content in months to come
  12. I am getting this issue as well. First it happened when logging in using my google account. So I tried my outlook account and it sent me a registration email which I clicked on to activate my Artissian account, but when trying to login using the new account I get the same message.
  13. I think I had a similar issue after filling the wood box outside with the amount required. Nothing happened, but then I added a few more stick and went back in the house and the cut scene then worked. Worth a try...
  14. Glad to see this one! I watched my mate as he was outside St Christophers and approached the feeding wolf with a flare. The wolf stood its ground and I shouted "throw the flare at it!" which he did and the wolf ignored it and ripped my friends throught out :D. I said "that was weird!". Thank you for all the patches Hinterland. As always, keep up the good work