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    hand cranked.
  2. Auroras must be pretty localized and probably limited to higher latitudes. the one that hit McKenzie took out all the electronics on the island. The airliner probably didn't take off from somewhere further south of the island until several hours before it crashed on the island. So presumeably much of the world isn't affected by the Auroras like the island.
  3. KinoUnko

    Christmas event

    Tweak bear mission from Chapter 2 and mix in a bit of 4DON and get 13 Nights of Yule. 24hr grace period after spawn to find and reassemble bear spear. then fend off the demon bear (attach a deer skull to the head and call it Krampus) once ever 24hrs and survive for as long as possible. Instead of pumpkins spawn little fir trees, instead of pumpkin pies spawn fruit cake. instead of crunchy bars, spawn sugar canes in front of houses. Everything else is same as standard sandbox game except it's all night time. Flashlight shines bright red on Aurora nights. easy peasy.
  4. she has her own rifle as well. maybe the destroyed rifle is her husbands.
  5. maybe left over from different version of her story. Her story of her husband's death was she didn't shoot the wolves that were attacking him. Maybe in an earlier version she fired but the weapon was destroyed. Or a different version where she deliberately blocked the barrel so the weapon would explode in her husband's face.
  6. shouldn't be a big redesign. any thing you search through is a container with a weight limit. no reason a placeable object can't do the same, with a storm lamp it's already half way there. it's a great idea I think.
  7. I suspect there's parallel development on some other things.
  8. 1 year is fairly long, to be honest, for just one episode lasting a few hours. but we'll just have to take what we get.
  9. stalker run that was going quite swell. Just looted lower Carter Dam full of goodies, waiting to kill a few hours in the early morning at the trailers just outside the Dam. Went for a quick nap outdoors and thought "I'm probably gonna freeze to death" just as I clicked Sleep button. lo and behold I wake up 5hrs later with hypothermia and few pixels of life bar. start a fire. dies.
  10. as for christmas event... 13 Nights of Yule could go something like this: All maps open, some version of the Boss Bear from Chapter 2 stalks the land. Killing any wildlife stacks "scent meter" and makes Boss Bear more attracted to the player. every 24hr survived in game earns a badge, up to 13. surviving confrontation with Boss Bear earns a 24hr grace period where the Bear will not attack player. Pack of Timberwolves herarlds the Bear's arrival by 2 game hours. Death resets timer and "scent meter"
  11. OP's suggestion does make me wonder... why isn't there a custom mode setting where nights get longer over time until it's all night all the time? like temp getting colder setting.
  12. it's 4 days because Halloween is always on the last Thursday of October, and 4 days fits perfectly with the weekend, Thursday night through Sunday. It's just a fun event that has no direct effect on any other parts of the game aside from a couple badges. what you suggest is perhaps better suited for some sort of Christmas event.
  13. I feeds the wolves now. Surprised by two silent dayglow wolves in PV in a row with no time to rest in between, wasn't tired enough. Was fun run for sure.
  14. Mystery Lake, from the Lake Cabins and full 360 from the look out Tower. couple rough scraps with dayglow wolves. Time to haul it back to to PV and hunker down for the tomorrow's storm