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  1. better as a counter for Timber Wolves... baiting them with wolf lichen laced meat reduces their pack morale making them easier to drive away.
  2. alien werewolf with 5 heads 3 tails 11 legs and tentacles, and a space ship. I'm up for that.
  3. find anything good down there?
  4. Perseverance Mills. A bigger Milton with more NPCs I expect. Desolation Point will probably become a transitional region like Crumbling Highway and Ravine.
  5. if you don't know, MacGyver was a tv series from 80s to early 90s starring Richard Dean Anderson where he gets dangerous situations and finds creative solutions by using common items in inventive ways. Rule is simple, create crafted item that aids McKenzie and Astrid's survival in TLD using existing resource items. I'll start with a few: Improved Head Wrap: 1 x Cloth + 3 x Cattail heads. Game effect: 1.5x warmth and wind bonus over basic Head Wrap. Not repairable, Accessory item. 30min crafting time Arm wrap: 2 x cured leather + 2 x fishing line + Sewing Kit (or fishing tac
  6. Modding was never officially permitted. there's nothing to bring back.
  7. A TW pack covers the span between the rope and the long bridge road. usually 3 to 4. A large boulder just past the burnt down cottage gives good vantage point above the road to survey the open span and you can easily spot them most the time.
  8. the intent isn't realism but to introduce alternate uses for essential and limited resources, to keep in line with core tenet of TLD of having to make tough choices for survival. New crafted items are nice, but introducing single use resources like sulfur, nitrate, scrap lead only makes the game feel like exercise in collection and not decision making that may have dire consequences in the long term. Maybe spending a few too many matches today for some extra ammo leaves you a match short to start a fire in a blizzard next month. Typical survival game has pyramid style resource avail
  9. while most reloading ingredients are readily available, primers are not. Most appropriate available material for making primers are match heads.
  10. I see what you mean. Yea I've looked all around that building too but have not seen anything that maybe a hidden shortcut. The only place on the upper level connected to the outside is the large broken window facing the water just after you climb in from the shipping containers. On the lower level the snowbanks under the floor lets you get up through the floor to about chest level, but no option to climb anywhere that I see.
  11. closest thing I see to a hint in the launch video is the rope at the lookout tower, to go from upper to lower bleak inlet. That would technically also be a shortcut to the cannery workshop I suppose.
  12. KinoUnko


    just simple inventory item is enough. like the can opener, automatically use it if you got one. it wouldn't be useful for anything else in game besides ascending/descending ropes.
  13. Plenty of threads pointing out the problem with those buggers so I won't repeat them here. Here are couple suggestions on how they may be turned into something that feels little more than furry death machines with singular focus of making life difficult for the player. They compete for territory with black wolves and bears. I don't know if this is the case or not, but so far I've not seen Timberwolves in conflict with anything else, other than myself. I did see a dead black wolf when first entering Bleak Inlet, presumably this is indication that TW are hostile to something other tha
  14. just photomerge in photoshop. take a series of screenshots like you would shooting a panorama with a digital camera then feed it all to photoshop.
  15. definitely more costly... and apparently more fecund than even regular wolves. When I first arrived at the Cannery there was a pack of 4, I eliminated two at fairly high cost. and the place was quiet for a few days. Then I found the engineer's note about wolves, and lo and behold the pack had grown to 6 in size in the blink of an eye. For some reason they make TLD feel more "gamey", for the lack of a better expression. Where before there was some attempt at simulating natural wild life. These buggers' sole purpose for existence is to chase me down. I never see them hunt anything else, and