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  1. It's all good, only had it on for a short period running on the clear stuff; and all my windows were wide open. The foil is to prevent EM radiation from escaping the stove. nah... it's just to keep it somewhat easy to clean when I move out of the apt.
  2. J/K; extended power outtage and I got a chance to test out the kerosene lamp... had to take a pic
  3. mostly looking at the path TLD has taken, but few tid bits of whats to come. Apologies if it's already been posted.
  4. KinoUnko

    Rifle upgrade

    Every few weeks new thread pops up wishing for rifle scope or moar gunz or this and that. I think an addition of aperature sight would be best of all worlds. Historical; won't make game "stupidly easy"; rare item to discover; additional layer of skill for the rifle; very much in the spirit of TLD. How it works for the player: flipped down to use standard notch+post sight. flip up, aperature sight with windage and elevation adjustments using the arrow keys. no deteriorating condition on its own, maybe slightly increased rifle deterioration to account for the more complex device. One spawn per game, but not always. On a side note Stalker should spawn a rifle too once in a while, not always. Just one, and a lot less ammo, a box or two the whole game. How it works behind the scenes: elevation adjusts raycast length from say 100m to 300m. while aiming the raycast can be infinite to determine what the target is. When weapon is fired the game sets raycast length to player setting and compares it with actual distance between player and target. if the two values are within say 5% margin (with some variation depending on difficulty), the player scores a hit, with increased chance of critical. Or the chance of critical can be linked to how close the estimate is to the actual distance. e.g. 0% error = 100% crit; 5% error = 50% crit; 10% error = 0% crit. If the difference between the two values is greater than the margin it's a miss. Distances less than 100m use regular hit detection mechanics whether using aperature or notch sight. Reduced sight drift when using aperature sight, or multiply the sight drift to the inverse of raycast sight distance. Drifting is still a factor, but not as much as with basic notch+post sight. Stretch goals: Windage adjustment for the windy days. Prone and/or braced firing position.
  5. a game play mechanism similar to wolf struggle would be hilarious. click poorly and you have to take potty breaks more often, exposing yourself to the elements and animal attacks.
  6. Now that the Moose is in the game... Moose poo + lantern fuel = tinder/accelerant
  7. woah woah easy there, no need for wall of rant. lol. "Optimal" is just for this game, given the way physics and arrow flight is simulated. You said you didn't know the range of bow/arrow in op, well there's the answer for that.
  8. some data on bow/arrow. Optimal range for bow/arrow is 10~20m. too close the arc puts impact above point of aim, too far the drop is too much. in the sweet zone the arrow will hit where you put the dot. There is no variance in flight path, as long as you can keep the mouse still, you can split arrows all day long.
  9. I don't know if the meta has changed, if there was one to begin with. Satchel feels marginally useful, adds 5kg to carry weight, but combined with weight reduction of worn clothing the overall effect on pack ratting is probably substantial, though I can't say for sure since I don't habitually carry 40+ kg of stuff all the time. Haven't got a cloak, it looks rather decent stat wise, between wolf and bear coat, but much more water resistant and much less reduction on sprint. all in all aside from exploring Milton more fully since I didn't spend much time there in story mode, I haven't had the reason to play much.
  10. OMB... lots and lots of OMB
  11. any modding talk risk getting the thread locked. @spaceman89 the latest update added difficulty level selection for Story Mode. I haven't tried it though.