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  1. I'm through with the forum and the never-to-be-finished game. More spare time to train, read and write. Last piece of advice: when you can't even get your job done you shouldn't run your mouth about things you have no clue about insulting competent people.

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      Dude I'm not sure if this is a troll post or not, since the date of this post says one thing, but your "last login" says another.

  2. She's called Porchetta. My younger son's idea... Kittens totally rock. Then they grow up and totally rock.
  3. Yadda yadda yadda, it's not some "gender bias", it's DNA. It would just be more realistic. Go back to school, or just take a walk and look for female construction workers, blacksmiths, car mechanics and all that. And women competing with men in professional sports. SEXUAL DIMORPHISM is just reality. And by the way, she was able to squeeze in a hole where no man could, and clearly described as small. I sometimes play a female character in survival to have some variety in voice acting, not caring if she murders wolves like some pissed off Chris Cyborg with an axe.
  4. I'm sure the wolf hood idea isn't so new, but after three days and seven steps away in the list it's close to reposting. That said, who knows if "timberwolf" is a true new animal or just some toughened up wolfie, to point out Astrid is smaller and weaker than Will, and she shouldn't go around carelessly hacking at big toothy dawgs.
  5. Taking a leisurely stroll through a mine or tunnel is a nice way to pick up some coal. It's the best fuel and it respawns, not as fast as sticks but it's more than worth a weekly trip.
  6. Wow, that's an original idea. Not like that boring wolfskin hooded cape.
  7. Bear: PV's barn (tractor), Spruce Falls bridge (cars), CH fishing hut with door, or wherever there's something I can hide in without losing sight of the bear and I can attract its attention again by throwing stones. Clbing on a steep hill with a ledge to jump onto is good as well. I tend to be aggressive with bears if I plan on staying. Deer: Raven Falls Ravine, hands down. No wolves. Moose: I usually attack on sight, no time to be picky, it's a rare opportunity.
  8. I think you can always freeze to death in your sleep if you start sleeping when heat indicator is already in the red zone, regardless of difficulty level. Same goes for thirst and hunger.
  9. Fishing and mending take much time to level up because they're less used. You don't mend clothes every day, while you may light fires, harvest and cook meat several times. Ranged weapons's success depend largely on the player's skill, which tend to be high in a gamers' world. Fishing is a bit unlucky because it relies on... well, luck. You gain experience by catching fishes, which is a random chance and it's modified by your level. So when you're incompetent you have a hard (and loooong) time leveling up, and as you improve you gain experience faster. On the other hand, mincemeating wolf meat means you can't eat it.
  10. "Guess who's the most frequently killed (it's a close fight with the rabbit) animal which has only one use? And guess which is the clothing slot which only has two items in the whole game, one craftable and one not?" You didn't guess, I presume? I was exactly talking about wolves. And accessories.
  11. Since it's quite a recuring quirk of mine I thought it would deserve a topic. We all drooled over Jeremiah's oh so extremely awesome wolf hood. Wolves are more plentiful than we'd like them to be. Wolf pelts can only be used for crafting a jacket. There are only two accessories in the whole game. Putting all these facts together the only logical answer is: WOLFSKIN HOODED CAPE It would be an accessory, and cost many wolf pelts to craft, as much as six (to keep up with TLD's wasteful crafting), and a long time, 30-35 hours. It may be as heavy as the bear coat, cover the head and give a hefty overall warmth bonus. It would add some chance of scaring off wolves, but it would surely scare off prey animals, maybe even doubling their detection range (like "Holy Donner and Blitzen that's the biggest wolf I've ever seen!".
  12. I don't actually enjoy blasting other people's ideas, but... Moose is rare, and it already has two possible uses, cloak and satchel. Bear is not so rare, but requires dedication to hunt, and already has two uses, coat and bedroll. Deer is plentiful and has two uses, pants and boots. Rabbits are everywhere, easily killed and have two uses, hat and mitts. Guess who's the most frequently killed (it's a close fight with the rabbit) animal which has only one use? And guess which is the clothing slot which only has two items in the whole game, one craftable and one not? wolfskinhoodedcape
  13. One-shot bear kill. Judging by the arrow's position the poor bear would have died by starvation, and it probably committed suicide by force of will.
  14. You never know what you may find on an icy shore.
  15. In the description of the Harvesting skill it states that when you're at low levels you work in a clumsy and dirty way (or something like that, reverse translation), so it would make sense to earn a temporary scent penalty after harvesting, from having blood and bits sticking to your clothes, disappearing after a while or maybe needing some form of cleaning (water, snow, or maybe ash from an extinguished fire). Yes, I admit it's just another "make things harder just for the hell of it" idea.
  16. As you level up cooking you'll get more calories from meat, making cooked meat richer than raw flesh, probably meaning it's easier to digest. Either that, or the survivor becomes proficient in extracting big fat sleeping coleoptera larvae from logs and adds them as seasoning. So experience already gives you more food, just not in the way you asked. On the other hand, there's something I'd love to see added to spice things up a bit and since it came up, I'll open my own topic. Thanks for the hint. No, not larvae.
  17. When I was in it I tried to open the map and it pointed somewhere in northern Forlorn Muskeg, for all that matters. Anyway I asked about it in a mailbag Question from @Doc Feral: Probably not that exact cave, but maybe another like it. ***** So maybe that cave won't appear, but a similar one. Kind of a waste, with a couple of ropes and some smoothing to make it less of a one-way tunnel it would have made for a nice transition zone.
  18. Partially OT: in CH it's not impossible to arrange a meeting between two bears. The one on the ice can follow you to the village where another usually roams. Last time I was followed by the sea bear, I killed it near the Quonset and then the urban bear bothered me as I was harvesting. I'm sure taking a screenshot of the couple (both alive) is possible.
  19. That would make BR a bit more appealing. At the moment it's a good place for a loot run (or to start a game, in a "loot, leave and forget" way) and that's it, half of the map is basically a narrow single lane road. Apart from that, I'm not sure adding more detailed transition zones would add much. On the other hand, there's a very beautiful and interesting one already made, it just needs a litle fix since it lacks access points: Old Bear's cave. Edit: to tell the truth, the Old Bear's Cave just needs a couple of climbing ropes to get to the upper openings. Ready for use.
  20. As someone previously suggested, a decent way to fix this (even keeping the current trashcan behaviour of level 5 cooking) would be to decrease calories of meat as it degrades. Maybe not 1 to 1, but if a ruined steak started to amount 20% calories of the fresh one it would be significant. Keep in mind that reaching level 5 cooking is easy, with or without grinding by making mincemeat. Parasites stop being an issue rather early in a game.
  21. True, but if you kill a moose or bear you'll have enough meat to call it a stockpile, unless you allow it to go to waste, which I wouldn't. Same goes for wolves, if I kill one by struggle or to make an area safer I feel bad to just leave it to rot.
  22. All "legitimate" ways had already been stated. And it's an irrelevant exploit if ever here was one, it basically gives the illusion of smoking meat.
  23. From what I've observed it remains smoked in time. Frozen in time sounded inappropriate for this. A cooked but not picked up piece of meat is like an unfinished crafted item, it has no decay rate because it's not "in game". The process of cooking meat or fish is considered finished only when you pick the steak up (proof is that, as you may have noticed, that's the moment when you get the experience points). So if you don't touch the meat left on the cooking slots of an extinguished fire it won't decay because it's "out of play". Some may call it an exploit, but since it occupies a whole cooking surface and the advantage is so insignificant I like to pretend I've smoked it and left it on the rack.
  24. Cook it on a well-timed fire and leave it untouched on the cooking slots.
  25. Yes, but getting to it takes probably more time than going to the ravine cave, where you may even be able to light fires with the lens.