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  1. That would be nice. I could put the two rifles I have outside on it.
  2. I had pretty much no time to play the challenge because of school, so I just opened the game, made a 12 hour fire, and then just listened to that instead of music while I studied to let the two hours rack up. It was surprisingly relaxing and I got one badge (I think I screwed up with saving my game on day 3 so I didn't get the midnight badge).
  3. I was also thinking that Perseverance Mills could be north, but also a little bit east. Astrid is going to CH to hit the road, and then she can go far north if there is a new region added north of DP. It would make sense since a larger town is likely to be on the coast and traversing the interior of the island (going from the Long Curve area north) would be harder than going around on the road. However, this contradicts the notion a lot of people had (including myself) about Perseverance Mills being north of PV.
  4. I had the same issue where I did all 4 days but I did not get the badge. I think what happened was I exited out too quick on day 3. I saved and quit pretty much as soon as the time disappeared. On day 4 I waited an extra few minutes for the badge but I got nothing.
  5. Shoot charging wildlife with it. It is the only thing that can scare a bear when it decides to charge you.
  6. Sounds like I am looting Coastal and then booking it for the Prepper Cache. I am really excited to participate in something new in this game!!!
  7. I personally go Carter Dam --> Signal Hill --> Farmstead --> Prepper Cache. I always got lost between the Farmstead and the Prepper Cache but the new shortcut @Serenity mentioned will make this section of the route much easier. Not to mention being able to stop at Draft Dodgers, Burned Ridge Cave, the plane and Skeeters for loot fairly easily.
  8. I was missing the first one from the locals. Oh well, I won't mind playing the episode again at some point to get the achievement.
  9. What?!? One is at the store?!? I literally looted the town like 3 times and never found it.
  10. It took me less than 3 hours to catch it. Kinda surprised me, but I guess he was hungry if no one comes to feed him during the winter.
  11. The fish was my favorite part of the episode. It was really nice going from almost 0 calories to 2500 at once when I ate him. I left part of him at the pond because I was not gonna carry 5 kilos for 200 calories.
  12. My guess is they are assuming you have played the first two episodes and you are ready for something a bit harder. I really enjoyed it too, even though those timberwolves almost game me nightmares.
  13. For me the hardest part was finding all the notes from the local and forest talkers. I was missing one, but after checking the map 3 times I decided to go ahead and finish the episode. Catching the fish really made my day.
  14. I only tried once, but I think my shot was good and he didn't die. I doubt he can be killed.
  15. Sounds like a great experiment to try on Will. It would be funny to have as many afflictions as possible and then sleep them all off. It would be really satisfying to have all the notifications pop up in your sleep.