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  1. Really? I guess I've never starved enough to see this happen. That's pretty cool.
  2. I agree with your 4th paragraph. The effects of starvation need to get progressively worse the longer you starve. I think something similar should also be implemented with fatigue. You rarely end up with the fatigue bar in the red for extended periods of time, but it would be cool if the character's vision got blurred and it would be hard to perform even basic tasks after lets say, 48 consecutive hours of starving or being fully fatigued. Another idea I just got off the top of my head is to have an affliction that is essentially the opposite of well fed. The amount of starvation could be calculated like cabin fever and once the risk gets too high, you can get a "malnourished" effect. Something like, "you have been starving for 48 of the last 72 hours, you are finding it hard to do physical labor". Carrying capacity could be reduced even further, fatigue would drain very fast, and you would become very susceptible to the cold. I'm basically just spitballing, but I think this would make consistently starving yourself day after day very punishing.
  3. I really try to keep my sleep schedule. I try to get indoors before dark and sleep/pass time until the sun is completely visible on the little clock to avoid the morning cold. This obviously leads to a lot of extra passing time. I like to think of days where I end up passing time more as "rest days", where the character gets to recover from pushing the last 3 or 4 days, even though my condition or fatigue does not need to be replenished. So my point is, the extra passing time does not really bother me most of the time.
  4. The bear cave is shown to be somewhere in the Skeg if you go into the map while in the cave. Anyway, I would really like to see the bear cave in Survival. Not saying I would ever go in there, but it would be interesting to wander past it and listen to the bear shuffle about.
  5. On Voyager it is surely worth it for me because it is really easy for me to keep it. I always carry 30 cattails in case I can't kill a deer in time, but I rarely have to cut into my supply. I haven't graduated to Loper yet, so I cannot put any thoughts into it from that perspective, but basically all streamers I watch keep the well fed buff, so it seems to me like it is worth it in most cases.
  6. So you are saying they are acting like longitude and latitude?
  7. Are the numbers on the Whiteberry and Straywolf maps distances in meters? Why do they go both positive and negative?
  8. Bears and moose cannot be killed in struggles. But yes, getting to a forge is rather essential in Loper
  9. It would make sense for Perseverence Mills to connect to PV, given Episode 3 will be in PV
  10. Thanks for getting in touch with the community every week like this. I really like seeing the game from your perspective, especially the challenges and decisions you face as a developer. I really look forward to these every week.
  11. Would be hard to implement, but a scene like this in the 'Skeg would be unforgettable. Maybe it would actually make me visit the place.
  12. "The Thin Ice" by Pink Floyd isn't bad either. "Don't be surprised when a crack in the thin ice appears under your feet" always hits home when crossing the skeg. To be honest anything by Pink Floyd has the same relaxing atmosphere as the TLD soundtrack.
  13. No, I never got to meet Fluffy. I have heard many stories about her for sure. However, I have met her cousin in HRV.
  14. I happen to own one of those small camping stoves that runs on propane tanks. It has a mechanical striker that eliminates the need for another source of a spark. However, it broke fairly quickly and I generally have to use a lighter to get it going. I have never really used lanterns though, so I cannot speak for the presence of strikers there like in TLD.