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  1. Speaking of noises, the sound effect that plays when you get a badge makes me piss my pants each and every time. Holly molly, I tell you that creepy chime half way between a mourning wraith and Händel’s hallelujah comes from the depths of the nine circles of hell. And when it happens during 4DON you better have your defibrillator close!
  2. What is the advantage that one gains when the badge is achieved? None. If it would be a “feat” badge then one could benefit most likely from some kind of boost. And perhaps that could be considered as “cheating”. But even then, against who would one gain such advantage? Against who would be one cheating? Against him or herself? We would be talking about deep psychological stuff here. Against the malevolent wolf AI? Against the blizzard god? That’s right: against no real-life person, really. This is neither CoD nor a hardcore multiplayer game where cheaters ruin the gaming experience of ot
  3. Well, then. I want to shout out that I cheated. As @monsieur_cronky very well stated: “While I think most people value badges to a large extent because they serve as a reminder of a small triumph, some people also see an element of value in them as a collector's item. Not unlike collecting merchandise, it's a visual reinforcement of a connection to something you love. It's not necessarily one or the other, it can be a mixture of both elements.” I love The Long Dark for what it is, with its goods and bads. For what it has meant to me at many stages of my life. And I don’t feel
  4. It’s a way of achieving something by taking advantage of an existing game feature. In this case, getting the badge by relaunching the same saved game several times and drinking the same syrup(s) again and again. It’s a bit tedious but not as time consuming as launching different saves or playing multiple long runs.
  5. There is a two-layer cave not too far, uphill from the nearby picnic tables and close to the map’s edge. Plus sometimes you get the bunker spawn also around that same area (except in loper, of course).
  6. Brokenloper 4 / Day 1 After Brokenloper 2’s experience, I change the Snow Walker feat for Efficient Machine. I don’t expect 10% less of calories consumed to be game breaking, but the more I can delay starvation the better. I spawn once more at the transition zone to the Muskeg. I wonder if there are other starts in the Broken Railroad region. Having to drift to the Maintenance Yard at the beginning of each run is exhausting. Starblind with sun, the stars are one. FL is -19°C and calorie store is 75% full. It’s midnight, the moon shining high in a cloudless sky. I sprint st
  7. Brokenloper 3 / Day 1 Using the tip from @BareSkin and @epower, I create a custom game with the Interloper template and choose Broken Railroad as the starting region. Ah, now we’re talking! I spawn next to the transition tunnel to Forlorn Muskeg. It might seem that there is not much of a difference between starting here and spawning in the Muskeg, but the truth is that you can save at least half a temp bar. And this is a very valuable resource to help facing the long walk ahead to the Maintenance Yard. Brokenloper 3 will be an expendable one, though. His sole task: to find a hammer.
  8. Analyzing Brokenloper 2’s run retrospectively, it is crystal clear that I made many bad decisions which snowballed towards such a disgraceful demise. - Firstly, I was looking too much into the long term. For instance, I did not see the coal as fuel to help me survive during the upcoming hours. I didn’t pick it up and saved it for later because I could see me already forging a bunch of arrowheads. And I hadn’t even found a hammer! Also, I was very conservative with my matches. I ended up the run with more than 20 matches and an 86% firestriker, which now are of no use to my dead survivor.
  9. Note: unfortunately, I lost the USB stick where I stored the logs and the screenshots. I had no back-up and it has taken me a while to be on track again. This entry will not be depicted, I am afraid. Brokenloper 2 / Day 3 It’s 4 am when I wake up. Condition is at 60%. The cocktail of stim and teas did work wonders and I am in a rather good shape. However, I am also about to starve and dehydrate once more. I have no water, as I used all my stock to boil the teas yesterday evening. And of course, I am out of edible calories. Then I make my umpteenth mistake. I stick to the plan of visi
  10. I have yet to find both the hammer and the hacksaw in the same run. If they really alternate, in the end it will boil down to either find the hammer, forge a hatchet, find saplings, forge some arrowheads and be self sustainable through hunting, or find the hacksaw and live from stealing wolf kills. I am hoping for exactly that to happen. I still have not broken any crates in my runs, though. I will have to spawn a test Brokenloper to check if there might be any hidden goodies in crates, or if the hammer/hacksaw can also spawn from them. Thanks for following!
  11. I'm sorry to hear of such an unfortunate ending. Hibernia is a death trap where wolves lurk at leisure, but the working bench makes it a mandatory place to visit. When I'm there I like to go in and out through the office stairs, just above the lockers thrown on the snow outside. On top of the stairs there is a roof which prevents a full scouting of the area, but at least you can see rather well if any wolves are around. As always, thanks for sharing your stories. It's a great way of knowing tips and tricks, and also make up a really good read! Keep them coming.
  12. Brokenloper 2 / Day 1 (Continued) Once inside the shed I aim straight to the back room with the bed. FL is -3ºC but bed grants a warmth bonus of +5ºC. I sleep two hours and bring hypo risk down to 34%. Frostbite risk is 3% now. Condition a bit less than 50%. It’s dusk. Even though I have filled up my temp bar a bit, FL is slightly below zero. One arrow down. And it will keep slowly decreasing unless I find a fire source (or go back to bed again). There’s still enough daylight so I start looting the place. In the back room where I’ve slept, I find some scrap metal, books, tinder, toma
  13. @Morrick, I am totally with you here! What you lived was almost what happened to the first survivor of the Brokenloping series I recently started (you can find the thread in the Survival Stories subforum, if you are interested in reading about some masochistic survival experiences). In the end, most people that don't find Interloper challenging enough are hardcore players who have already put many hours into the mode, and it somehow makes sense that once they master it they look for far more extreme survival, which by the way is something that the custom settings allow pretty well (see for ins
  14. [Mackie raises his hand] "Me too! That's the best idea I've heard since I woke up this morning."
  15. Brokenloper 2 / Day 1 Without custom settings this is as good as it gets! Unless you are @jeffpeng, of course. Another Muskeg start. Temp bar already at 80%, three arrows down. Hunger bar at 75% full. It’s almost noon of a cloudy and cold day. AT -15ºC and WC -9ºC, with a total FL -20ºC. Snow falls gently as I head to the transition tunnel. If I don’t face any distractions, I may be able to reach the Maintenance Shed and loot it before sunset. … never to return again? Feels like I´ve been here before. On the other side of the tunnel I stick to