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  1. Here are some pics of when I reached the region on the other side of the collapsed tunnel. I did it by climbing that hillside above the cave in that "region" between the picnic area and the path to Mystery Lake. Note: It was about one year ago, before the REDUX. I tried to do it after the REDUX and I couldn't, I believe that it's not possible anymore.
  2. It was said in the last Dev Diary that Episode Three was reduced from three to only one region. Could you tell us what are the other two regions in wich Episode Three would happen before the change? Just for curiosity 😁 It was also said that Pleasant Valley is being updated for Episode Three. Will this region update be available for Survival Mode before Episode Three?
  3. I was in Coastal Highway, in that fishing hut near fishing camp, waiting for an aurora when I saw something that caught my eye. I've seen a set of stars that I know very well since I was a child because it's one of the most famous constellations in Southern Hemisphere, the Crux (aka Southern Cross). Image 1 shows what I saw in the game and image 2 shows the Southern Cross in the sky. My question is: Is it really the Crux constellation what I saw in the game or just a huge coincidence?
  4. Beachcombing is a common practice among some players who collect items that appear on the shoreline of coastal regions. My questions are: 1° - These items have a reason to be there or were it just introduced to help players who have already exhausted all nonrenewable resources? 2° - If there is a story behind these items, where did it come from? Had it come from the mainland? Or from some plane that fell into the sea because of The Flare? Or even from the ships going south described by Barbara Quincy in the buffer memory BARBARA.doc at Quonset Garage? 3° - By the way, have these ships made it to the mainland?
  5. In Episode 3 will we play with Astrid since the plane crash in Milton or will the episode begin in Pleasant Valley? If we're going to start episode 3 currently in the valley, will there at least be a intro movie showing how she got there?
  6. A 2-weeks trip in Hushed River Valley to enjoy some blizzards.
  7. Sorry man but I can't remeber now. Only thing I can remeber is that I got out naked in a blizzard
  8. Some pics from Muskeg: Beautiful sunrise. Amazing sunset. Muskeg overview from Poacher's camp. The flying campfire at Muskeg Overlook. You better not look back.
  9. I accept your comment @Mroz4k, but for me it still very difficult to accept that the Sun have different paths in each region because all regions are on the same island. I know that is a game and not reality, but it's too weird for me. I can't agree with you @hozz1235 because the geo-magnetic event that occurred in the game can't do this. A geo-magnetic storm can change Earth's magnetic shield and not its axis. I mean, a geo-magnetic storm can change Earth's magnetic poles and not the geographic poles.
  10. Question 1 In the first Buffer Memory in Quonset Gas Station Barbara says: "More and more ships passing, heading south. what will they find on the Mainlan, I wonder." In Desolation Point we can clearly see a mountain range looking south. Is that the Mainland or another islands? Question 2 We know that Great Bear is a fictional island, but, if it were real, where on the canadian coast would it be located?