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  1. I think this is a great idea! maybe one or two located in HRV?
  2. and this timer could also be shorter in interloper, to make harder to exploit!
  3. I'm wondering what happened to that one person with Beentsy, mentioned in the camp office letter. it makes me strangely nostalgic, even though I've never done any of the things mentioned in the letter.
  4. I'm in Indiana. no wolves or bears, but I saw a fox once.
  5. gnomegnine


    Like, @ajb1978 said, It wouldn't work on VR. there would be no way to implement bear and moose struggles effectively, and Unless there was something preventing people from jumping, nothing is stopping them from climbing things like stairs or going up elevators if they have any IRL.
  6. As most people kill creatures in TLD for meat, contaminating it with poison would not be a good idea. Except possibly if you were killing a wolf, in which case you wouldn't have time to apply poison.
  7. ahh, okay. I should have looked it up. that said, snow blocks would be much easier to make than ice.
  8. welcome to the forums @blue marlin! Igloos are made of blocks of ice, I don't think they would be a good temporary quickly built shelter.
  9. I read the beginning and I was thinking "oh it's whiteout!" but this is actually pretty unique. I in addition it would be cool if you could see it coming if it got to close, like a wall of snow and wind.
  10. Yes, you have in my opinion. you've done a very good job at not lashing out. I'll try to do that In the future. anyway, this thread is getting derailed. I think it would be best if we just stop posting unless anyone else has something to do with the topic that was at hand, but we all seem to have been disarmed of.
  11. I don't seem to have any valuable opinions. I'm not saying that people think that about me, but I think that about me. I'm just going to stop posting until I'm able to stop being morally reprehensible swine to all the christians, buddhists, muslims, and whoever else I seem to be able to offend. I should listen to my own signature. and you @kristaok and @Doc Feral
  12. @ben91 you must acknowledge the fact that the team is working hard. it's not simply a matter of shoving something into the game. I wouldn't want Hinterland to add seals or whales if they could not be killed and t-posed around the world. I wouldn't want new guns if they were just re-textured rifles that didn't even work properly. they can't go scrolling through the entire wish list and add everything. they have to select the things that are being requested the most. also, don't just glaze over the fact that adding something to a game, especially a game that is as complex as The Long Dark, takes time. it also usually takes money. adding everything that is being requested would probably double the amount of space The Long Dark takes up on a computer, and cost at least a 4 figure amount of money. just, try not to make the team feel rushed.
  13. NO! NO! the long dark is supposed to be hard. if we're going to be able to drive cars, find 20 types of guns, RPGs, yada yada, it's not going to be the long dark anymore! it would be... The long bright and ringing in your ears as the nonsense like cars and more guns destroy the silence, leaving you not having any sense of suspense or tension as you wipe away wolves like a smudge of dirt on your newly found machine gun.
  14. gnomegnine

    Flare Gun

    Did you say it's only use is scaring wolves? it scares bears and moose!
  15. I don't know if I'm late, but welcome to the forums @kopo79! I like this idea, It is more creative than most Ideas for multiplayer.