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  1. i believe the long dark's main appeal is that it's set in a frozen wasteland, the two main threats are the cold and the wildlife. being set anywhere other than canada with wolves, bears, etc and being set in a different season would ruin the main challenge
  2. i don't really see any reason to add disposable face masks. all it does is take up an extra accessory slot. and it would be just as useful as rubber gloves against the cold.
  3. gonna have to agree with Manic on this one, I think the farthest that weapon modification should go is being able to paint on rifles with spray paint
  4. am i the only one whose parents would put snacks and candy up there during a road trip or something? to me it would make perfect sense to find candy or chocolate bars up there.
  5. yeah, this makes sense, and then the moose bag would be the most powerful backpack, like how the other animal skin clothing items are the best in their category.
  6. mostly, i believe the stumble should not be removed, but i definitely agree with this statement. for example, On multiple occasions i have died as i was about to enter a building or even as i was about to lie into a bed and recover from 1-3% condition, just because my character throws himself in one direction or the other away from where i am trying to go. the stumbling is a realistic and immersive mechanic, but the distance it takes you is not.
  7. I think this is a great idea! maybe one or two located in HRV?
  8. and this timer could also be shorter in interloper, to make harder to exploit!
  9. I'm wondering what happened to that one person with Beentsy, mentioned in the camp office letter. it makes me strangely nostalgic, even though I've never done any of the things mentioned in the letter.
  10. I'm in Indiana. no wolves or bears, but I saw a fox once.
  11. gnomegnine


    Like, @ajb1978 said, It wouldn't work on VR. there would be no way to implement bear and moose struggles effectively, and Unless there was something preventing people from jumping, nothing is stopping them from climbing things like stairs or going up elevators if they have any IRL.
  12. As most people kill creatures in TLD for meat, contaminating it with poison would not be a good idea. Except possibly if you were killing a wolf, in which case you wouldn't have time to apply poison.
  13. ahh, okay. I should have looked it up. that said, snow blocks would be much easier to make than ice.
  14. welcome to the forums @blue marlin! Igloos are made of blocks of ice, I don't think they would be a good temporary quickly built shelter.
  15. I read the beginning and I was thinking "oh it's whiteout!" but this is actually pretty unique. I in addition it would be cool if you could see it coming if it got to close, like a wall of snow and wind.