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  1. And it won't even be 45.00. And the Payload bar would be full...
  2. Really ?!? Drinking coffee activate the Reduced fatigue affliction. This affliction is supposed to reduce fatigue drain rate, right ? This is the ingame description for Reduced fatigue... So how could you say it's not supposed to reduce fatigue drain rate ?!?
  3. Hi. The attached printscreen show the Payload bar almost full (>90%) while the payload is only 81% (sac à dos is french, it means backpack)... In addition, actually the Payload bar should be part of the HUD, as it's something the character permanently feels... No need to add the exact payload value to the HUD, just the bar... The payload bonus green symbol on the HUD is useless... Regards.
  4. Am I really the only one suffering from this bug ?!?
  5. Has anyone noticed this bug since 1.92 update, please ? (I can't correct my post )
  6. Hi. I noticed the Fatigue Reduced bonus from coffee don't work. I saved (sleeped) next to a rope climb spot, then tried that rope climbing, with and without coffee. It ended with the exact same fatigue loss (yes, I know coffee first raise fatigue +10%, unless fatigue is already full). I did not pay attention about that working correctly until today. It was in Ash Canyon. I play a custom game. PC version. Does anyone noticed this bug since 1.92 update, please ? Regards.