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  1. Ralph, long time player of the long dark here and I want to start by saying I really enjoy the game, currently on 326 hours played! I'm not usually the sort of person to post on a forum but I read every Milton Mailbag. I saw that last weeks mailbag didn't have as many posts so I created this account to post my own comment. I hope you will excuse the length but it's something I've been thinking about for a while. I should say that I play almost entirely on Interloper so this may not be as relevant to others but as I reach the 50day+ mark I start to 'run out' of in game goals for my character, this becomes more pronounced on my current run which just passed the 125 day mark. Beyond that 50 day period once I have my bow and have cured my bearskin hides I'm left with something of an anticlimax. I understand there is a certain amount of setting self goals in the game (for instance I just camped out in Desolation point and decided to move to Hushed River Valley in as few days as possible), but these self challenges often feel counter-intuitive to the enjoyable desperate survival and goal driven play of the first 50 days, having further in game goals would provide some playability enhancements. Probably the biggest example. My first Moose or second Bear is a real challenge with an in game reward, but once I have that wonderful +5kg backpack or bearskin roll I'm left with no reason to hunt any further dangerous wildlife. I understand that you've previously said the reason for different furs being used for different clothing slots is to ensure the players need to interact with all of the wildlife types and this is understandable logic. My suggestion is to add a secondary use for in game materials which provide a relatively small bonus but represent significant time investments. Using existing resources but in new ways to create additional 'content'. I'll leave game design to the experts but a few illustrative suggestions below so you can see my thought process: An 'enhancement' to clothing (lining maybe?) to provide a small additional bonus at a cost of additional furs. For example a moose skin providing +10% water protection, a Bear skin lining providing +1deg C of additional warmth, rabbit lining a move bonus? This would present players with both an additional 'resource sink' and goal at the endgame. I'd see making a 'full set' of bear lined gear a goal that may take hundreds of hours to complete. Bear fur lined rabbitskin mittens anyone? Campfires currently remain in game after creating them. What about being able to craft a 4 slot cooking enhancement to fires. Perhaps requiring 4 large pots, a hammer and multiple scrap metal to craft at a forge? Let me turn that campfire in the cave into a real home! This logic could be extended to metal and reclaimed wood or cloth. 'Enhanced bed frame' providing a small boost to warmth or health regen requiring sacrificing a bedroll? Make the reward small and the investment huge, the aim wouldn't be to make the game easier exactly but provide a longer term challenge with a tangible reward. I really do enjoy the game, I suppose after 300+ hours I may have just naturally reached the 'end' of the games playability but the Long Dark keeps drawing me back and I hope that's not true. I just wish I had some additional in game goals for my Long Dark character to strive for. Whether you take any of this on board or not, great game and take care. CJ