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  1. First three points I’d say likely won’t go anywhere as they are balanced with the game mechanics. Realism to a point but valued as they are for a reason. At least you can mitigate most annoying features in a custom game. number 4 I do agree having a different mechanic to heat in homes would be nice. Some would warm up more than others if they have more sunlight on them for example or colder because they’re closer to water. Adding this into the temp would be nice. And I haven’t really noticed anything particularly annoying with wolf spawning. It is centered in spawning zones but I hav
  2. FM is always a pain to me. The bears are annoying there since you’re limited by the ice where you can walk. Been held up in the rail car a couple times waiting for a good shot. And yeah, making sure you have enough coal going there is a must. I would much rather go through CH to DP. Much better chance of finding more equipment and resources you’d want. Although, TWM has more than enough once you reach the summit, but still helps to have the chance for more to go in with.
  3. One of those developer limits set for the game mechanics. The aurora doesn’t give substantial power as lights flicker, not stay on constant. And only the lightest (no pun intended) electrical devices seem to be effected. Refrigerators, stoves, cars, nothing else gets the jolts. The elevator in the mine in CH is somehow special but overall it’s another limiting technique.
  4. It’s been a while but if I remember correctly he says something Along the lines of “you won’t be coming back so make sure you’re ready to go on.” I know those aren’t the exact words but I think it’s the same dialog no matter you completion as a note that once you go in you won’t be coming back this way so do everything you want before entering. Just a solid FYI from the devs but I’m sure it has deeper meaning as well as mentioned.
  5. I would definitely buy a sweet dreams or nuts n stuff shirt!
  6. 100% agree. Shift click for an auto pickup maybe. Disabling all HUD visuals also could be nice for immersion. I can see a slight issue as you can’t always tell exactly what your cursor is on (looking at a pile of dropped items, trying to pick up that loose bullet in a corner) but the option would be nice.
  7. I think this would be more suited for the mod community over the devs. I’d rather they spend time creating new regions to advance the story mode than go back to beautify/update older ones.
  8. I like the idea. Overall it is an easy update. Counters are really easy to add to the code and would just be a matter of adding more lines to the statistics window. I am guessing the devs didn’t spend a lot of time on an issue like this. Just throw a bunch of basic elements to track and move on to other areas that needed more help, but I would be 100% interested in getting more feedback from my sessions!
  9. @Omnijackthere are some out there I’m sure, my point matches yours though. Hinterlands did such an amazing job with the mechanics and story in TLD, I’d just love the same but in new environments. They truly are a gem in a pile of coal that had become the gaming industry 😋
  10. I don’t think change anything at all. I was just saying that the only benefit of adding a new handgun would be to make it more powerful. But the mechanics needed to be added in the game to make it work wouldn’t benefit the gameplay. Both guns serve their use. They are mechanics in the game. It’s not meant to be realistic in that sense. You might have a few inhabitants that have different rifles or handguns, but that’s not what the developers were going for.
  11. Not sure how realistic it would be, even in the narrative. I’m not in/from Canada but from my understanding reading these posts that are similar, the law force would still likely have revolvers. Being a rarity as suggested as well I think would be pointless. The revolver (even with a small mag capacity) is t limited in its functionality. You wouldn’t want to unload a full mag into an animal and waste the ammunition (the only reason for having a handgun would be larger capacity) or it would be a .45 so you could hunt more effectively than the revolver, but it wouldn’t be enough in my opini
  12. Add to TLD would be ridiculous BUT if hinterlands made a survival space game, I’d definitely but it! I think it all the time as I play how much fun either a desolate planet (Mars colony survivor) or abandoned space station (along the lines of system shock 1/2 but without as much action). Likely won’t happen but can dream 😋
  13. Definitely something to think about in a sequel. Only things I’d say would be… it’s not a hardcore survival game. It’s an incredibly well built and balanced mechanic survival game. Improvements needed aside, everything in game is there for a use and a reason. the beginning of the adventure in survival is an unknown time from the beginning of the disaster. Things like bread or anything in a refrigerator would likely be long past edible. I think it’s weird when you find edible fish in some houses. I do agree things like pasta in general would be a good addition but numerous commen
  14. The forum is a GREAT follow up to the Wintermute experience. Reading the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” threads especially as the story mode gets you started but doesn’t explain all of the mechanics to the game. A lot is missed that has been discovered and perfected by the player base. Using a burning out torch to light another instead of using a match, using ledges in tall climbs, cooking techniques, etc. I have had many facepalm moments after reading the number of simple mechanics I missed.
  15. Lol, same here. Especially when I specifically stuck around thinking I could kill it not knowing there was a future event linked to it. So many quick saves/loads trying to kill him….