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  1. I know arguments for "realism" only go so far. After all this is a game and games have their own logic. But still a major part of what makes TLD so engaging is that it is a semi-realistic survival game. This is my major gripe with mechanics like cabin fever. Right now, for example, I am sitting by my fire outside, at night, in a snow storm, using my fire. The wind is blocked by the building I'm outside of, so the fire is fine, and I'm warm. But... if I was really in a survival situation there is no way I would be doing this when there is a perfectly good stove inside the building that I c
  2. So I booted up the Long Dark again for once of my twice yearly ? loper sessions. I can never go too long without it. There's ultimately just nothing out there quite like the Long Dark. Got tripped up by a few map changes! And eventually my run ended when I impatiently decided to try and directly attack a wolf. ;-) Bad move. Anyway, after dying I realized I had finally crossed the 400 hour mark. Wow. Outside of city builder type games, I think this is the only game I have played for this long in my steam library. So, marking this occasion I thought I'd share my wishlist for survivor mode.
  3. In a word, yes. I've got 315 hours down playing TLD on Steam. For the last few years it would rank in my top ten games of all time. And I've played a few games over the years... This game... was in some ways just about the best gaming experience of a certain kind you could find. So, let me just say that I've well and truly "got my moneys worth." But then, I never purchased at full price, and I never purchased because I was interested in storymode. It was always about sandbox for me. Sure I was curious. Heck. New map to explore! I have to admit though, I was getting very frustra
  4. Great job Hinterland! Here we get to enjoy some of that broader vision that we could only really partially see when playing sandbox. I've gotten to Milton and loaded the grey mother up with food and fuel supplies. That's about enough for now! Feedback: Love the new region. The town is -very- nice. Some aspects of the new UI have grown on me too I have to say. Some comment on the story so far. I feel it succeeds best with what is told through the world building. The notes left here and there are also a nice bit of enhancement. You can imagine how things slowly went down hill in
  5. Thanks guys! I might make a separate thread elsewhere down the line when I finally do die.
  6. It's not like I'm using steam for anything else just yet. In happy news, I have made it to day 50. Starting to collect wolf pelts for my wolfskin coat. ;-)
  7. Good idea. OK, setting steam to offline mode. I got big hopes for this character. ;-)
  8. Darn. I have an interloper game at day 35. Nicely set up at rack rabbit island. Also just came back from DP with knife, axe, and 20 arrow heads... Really was hoping to get to day 50 plus, and get me a wolf skin coat.... >< Any way to keep playing without updating?
  9. Last night I died at day 39 in interloper, failing to beat my previous 45 day record. This was super frustrating, as I was actually doing better than in my previous run, having just succeeded in getting my knife, axe, and 30 arrowheads at DP, and only a minutes walk away from reaching my planned long term base on jack-rabbit island. I had burned up all my calories and food supplies while forging the metal and getting back (coming down with cabin fever while on the boat forced me to spend time sleeping in a couple of cars with fires burning next to them, as I had no sleeping bag, this helped to
  10. Yolan


    I'm a massive fan of this game who has followed it closely since before the very first release. I've put 240 hours in on steam. A fair few more hours watching tubers playing it. I'm also somebody who is more than happy for the developers to take their time with getting updates out. The kind of self-entitled complaining that you typically see on the Steam forums really gets me mad sometimes. Particularly I think it's young people who have never really had to dedicate themselves to making something, and who don't understand what it costs people (family time, health, sleep). Most of all I just de
  11. Yolan


    Well, I am getting into 7 Days to Die. Better than I expected. I guess that will hold me over...
  12. Yolan


    "No Cougar or Moose. No improved Cooking. "
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    Nice video though.
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    I was bloody correct. August 1st people.