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  1. I’ve spent my share of time in the camp office. I love lining the 2nd floor railing with used cans. Adds a bit of personality. Coastal highway garage is also a favorite. The wolves definitely become a problem though.
  2. What is your favorite place to stay? plenty of people have made posts like this before but I’m doing it again. I have always loved Pleasant Valley, Coastal highway, and Timber wolf mountain. I also enjoy Ash Canyon but the lack of supplies and long distances to get supplies can be a bit much sometimes, when I just want to chill. I recently thought it would be fun to base in broken rail road but decided otherwise within 3 in game days and I am currently headed back towards coastal highway.
  3. When doors and gates don’t open for unknown reasons. Like doors that are supposed to open. also I once walked off a cliff (auto walk) when someone in the room started talking to me. I was almost at day 200 on stalker. XD
  4. I always carry fir wood for “long distance” trips. Admittedly I haven’t played much on interloper yet. I enjoy the more laid back gameplay of stalker (compared to interloper). I made it almost to day 200 on stalker but walked off a cliff (auto walk) when someone in the room started talking to me. XD Always great to hear new advice. Especially when people don’t randomly harass you about somehow being a lesser player.
  5. I normally avoid carrying coal due to the weight but thats really interesting since I have frozen to death a lot. But I always carry at least one item to burn.
  6. You are right about that. I spend extended stays in TWM and ash canyon, so thats where I was taking that from. I think pretty much everywhere else you can find fabric to repair clothing. it can still be fun to explore the full survival experience.
  7. There I was. Crouched on the floor of a small cabin. The blurry spinning light of a flare keeps the dark away. I forgot about my wolf bite and quickly suffered from infection. I took antibiotics but they weren’t helping much. the only thing I had left to help was an emergency steroid injection. I waited until the last moment. When I started to stumble and sway and only a little life was left. I used the injection right as I lost control and managed to stay alive. the suspension began. Will I survive the crash of coming off the steroids. I wait. i walk around the cabin. I s
  8. Theres a lot of advice that people have probably given you but here are my basic rules for all TLD survival. 1: travel light (when possible). 2: always carry a gun and 1 or 2 flares 3: revolvers are great for wolves but carry a rifle in bear territory (you can kill a bear with the revolver but you need 12 bullets and luck) 4: never stay anywhere too long. You will deplete resources depending on the area. I stay 20 days at one base. I go back later on. 5: always… always… carry gauze. 6: plan for a full animal hide suit. Every time you kill something, take the
  9. I am having the same problem and just made another discussion before seeing this one. I don’t have a solution other than turning it off when its not needed.
  10. I hope I can explain this well. when I’m playing ep 4 the motion control is staying on constantly while its set on “aiming only.” If I switch motion controls to “off” it will turn off like its supposed to. basically “aiming only” is functioning the same as “always on” and there is no explanation of why. If it is supposed to be that way for ep 4, its kind of bizarre. Also its extremely twitchy even when the sensitivity is set low. thank you to anyone that reads this and I hope it is resolved or explained soon. :D
  11. I hadn’t thought about it but I am currently in Ash Canyon. I have been trying to link it to something. I can’t remember if it was crashing it other regions but I know it started when I arrived in ash canyon. I don’t recall it happening in handheld mode at all but I normally play docked. I’ll try handheld and see if its better. I was determined to find the gold mine. I have learned how often to stop and sleep, to save game, to avoid losing progress.
  12. Could you explain what We’re looking at? Also weird. Did it ever get fixed?
  13. I put an arrow firmly into the head of a bear and it ran off. The next in game day I found the arrow laying on the ground somewhere else. I’m kind of confused if the bear survived and dropped it or if it still died. It was near a cliff incase that’s relevant. Also I’m used to having more time to kill them properly, but I was in a rush, so I’m unfamiliar with what happens when they run far. thoughts? Anyone else experienced this?
  14. I am actually in Ash Canyon now and have learned how to headshot wolves with the bow. I now find the rifle to be more of a convenience than a necessity.