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  1. I have been on the forum for a year, but just now I decided to say hello. During this time, I made a small McKenzie cosplay, crafted a flare gun, and made an Instagram mask that makes a person look like McKenzie or Astrid. (you can see them in my profile). I also want to say that The long dark community is the best I've ever seen.
  2. So i want to share my first small acrylic painting of Aurora. Hope you like it.
  3. @Admin If i will post this mask on my instagram account, will i infringe your copyrights ? If you want to, you can upload this mask on your instagram account(i will be so happy if you would do it).
  4. Hello. I made an instagram mask, that makes the person face looks like The Long Dark character's face. There is a steam from mouth when you open it. It is my first instagram mask. Hope you like it ☺️. What do you think about it? Do you have any ideas, how i can improve it?
  5. Me too... ( Are you from Russia btw?)
  6. Do you know, when Hinterland will open their merchandise store? It is been for a 9 month or something since it is closed
  7. Thank for your ideas. I think i am going to make the rifle first, because i have not enough skills to make revolver.))
  8. Thanks. I used extruded foam polystyrene and i painted this with acrylic paint.