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  1. It's how ancient peoples used to make bread. Adding yeast speeds up the process, but isn't technically necessary.
  2. If you had a stone in your inventory you could grind the grain up, add some water and salt, and let it sit for a day or two (similar to the curing mechanic). Put it in the cooking pot and set it next to a fire to make some bread.
  3. While that's fine and dandy on PC versions, on console the same analogue stick that you use to walk is also the one that selects different items in the menu. Other than that, I agree with all of your suggestions, especially 3 and 4.
  4. Yeah, no thanks. 'Short' is relative. Why, I could say that the first post in this thread is short and have it removed. Why do you think that short replies are inherently bad? I've seen a lot of short posts that have good insight into them. Maybe the person can't think of anything else to say. Short/low effort posts don't necessarily hurt the conversation. Removing peoples replies and opinions does not make the forum better. At the end of the day, this is Hinterland's forum, and what they say goes. The only times that I've seen posts outright removed are when people start talking nasty to each other. Should we treat short posts the same way? Of course not. The admin does an excellent job of deciding when to intervene and inject a statement or warning. All in all: no.
  5. I've always wondered why our character doesn't get protein poisoning as well, but, like @odium said, there just isn't the amount of plants for that to be sustainable. Reshis and Rosehips are finite, and I don't think that their properties should be used for calories. Birch bark is the only renewable source of plant calories, and even then it doesn't drop nearly often enough to make up a substantial amount of calories.
  6. What? I can't hear you over the waterfalls! Seriously, i'm pretty sure I have hearing damage lol
  7. I'm not neccisarily saying it's a bad thing, but for me, that would make an igloo extremely OP. I never said that another player putting Igloos down would affect my experience. I just want it implemented in a way that I see as balanced. It's all perspective.
  8. Howdy Raph! In an earlier dispatch (dispatch #36 I believe), you said: A while ago I posted a question about car heaters during auroras, and I came to the realization that if the power is back on (like during an aurora), why shouldn't you be able to start up a car? However you also said that the aurora is only part of the reason why things like that don't work. Would you mind telling us what it is, or is that just a part of the suspension of disbelief thing?
  9. I'm in favor of it being a longer crafting time. Far more durable than a snowshelter, but it should be a project. Otherwise, like @acada said, why wouldn't there be igloos everywhere for you to hop into?
  10. Maybe it could also be used to cut planks to repair a homestead like the Mountaineers hut?
  11. I'm okay with that, as long as the wolf doesn't respawn once it's dead.
  12. Of course a stagnant water supply could get different diseases and bacteria in it to render it unsafe, but, in the game, water doesn't degrade. Depending on where I spawn, I can hit up the toilets in a region in the first couple of days. Are you saying you want water in toilets to degrade over time from Potable to Non-Potable? Or just all toilets to have non potable water in them? The way it was worded led me to believe that the water in the bowl was the water that was being referred to. Bottom line is, You CAN drink the water in a toilet reservoir, even if it's got some gunky particulates in it (which could easily be strained with say, a piece of cloth). I just didn't understand whether you were talking about the degradation of water, or just the whole blanket change to unpotable water. I guess a change like that could make water purification tabs more useful.