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  1. Yep, same problem. I always try to carry everything, sometimes I risk journeys while I can't sprint. Bad habit.
  2. Well, this newest hotfix has promised to resolve some of the bugs, maybe we'll see Norman in his natural habitat again!
  3. EjectedCasings


    Seeing all of the people who get these 2000 day+ runs has made me wonder: if you survive all those years, what about seasons? Canada in summer is very different than it is in winter, and it never makes an appearance in game. Maybe springs could be short but animal spawn rates would be buffed, while winter animals would be far less plentiful and hostile wildlife far more abundant. Of course the odds of this suggestion being considered are very very low, as it kinda changes the main premise of the game, but I think it'd be a cool option for custom games. Thoughts?
  4. Oh okay, I get what you mean. Less of a surplus rifle?
  5. More Vegetarians/Vegans on this forum than I thought. As for me, i've never had the slightest interest in going vegan, though I have no problem with people who do. My problems happen when preachy people try to force you into thinking the same way as they do. As a rule of thumb, snapping an animal's neck is a quick and generally painless way to kill them. While I have no qualms against eating meat, I don't condone unnecessary pain and suffering. A good balance of plants of animals is good. My two cents though.
  6. Howdy and welcome to the forums! I actually think that the old style Enfield fits way more in with the theme of the game than any polymer or carbon fiber stocked FAL or AR would in a billion years. Enjoy the forums!
  7. Howdy! I play on Xbox and I can feel your pain. Not lining up the cross hair before the rabbit gets up is kinda annoying. I like to sprint toward it and crouch down before I get to it. Most times you will have to be crouched down to grab it. Make sure you aren't holding anything before that also, i've lost a few rabbits after realizing I still had the stone in my hand. Welcome to the Forums!
  8. New (ish) to the forums and I just wanted to say hi. I live in basically the opposite of Canada, down here in Nevada. I've been a part of other forums and I really enjoyed the community, and I hope that it can be the same here!
  9. Agree. I want to stay with the game and see how it gets better over time and how it grows. @jeffpeng Yeah, the bugs can be kind of a dealbreaker, but Hinterland have already said that they are currently working on patching issues and bugs. As for the Wolf AI... Yeah, it's kind of a mess. Game devs improve stuff based on feedback, so given the amount of posts and criticism on the new AI I would be surprised if they didn't tweak it. I've yet to encounter Timberwolves in Survival yet, but like I preeviously said, Game devs tweak stuff based on feedback. As for Linux support... I don't run Linux, and I dunno if HL will go back to supporting it at all. I can respect your decision though, and I hope you enjoy your VF!
  10. I love the simplicity of the game, not just atmosphere, but gameplay (to an extent). If you "boil" it down, you end up with three words that are almost as old as humanity itself: Survival against nature. Permadeath forces you to play smart and make good choices. Weighing whether to risk a high loot area with lots of wolves, or pass it up is one of the things I love about this game.
  11. Not my stupid death, but..... EjectedCasings_TheLongDark_20200114_00-42-44.mp4
  12. Is there any particular reason to use snares rather than just hunt for rabbits yourself? Does it catch rabbits regardless of how depleted the rabbit population is? Or do people just use it to make their rabbit catching faster? On a similar note, what are the respawn times for rabbits on Pilgrim and Voyaguer?
  13. Reading this has made me wonder why we can't siphon out gasoline to store and use as accelerant? Maybe it would have to degrade really fast as it evaporates due to a lack or proper storage?