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  1. Whenever I enter a house . There is a loading screen Please remove these loading screens . It's not working with reality
  2. Hi . My name is Naeem and I am from Pakistan . Basically I am a civil engineer and playing survival games on playstation is my hobby . I like to do platinum in that . I already done platinum in Forest And working on Starnded deep Will go for Long Dark after that . Long dark is my most favorite survival game . You can add me on psn app if you want My ID is . Forrest_006
  3. Forrest

    New Animals

    @Snowpecter yes same here . We need a fox
  4. @Adamo please report this issue on hinterland support . Click on hinterland support than click on report bug
  5. Forrest

    New Animals

    @manolitode Yes offcourse walrus is an amazing idea
  6. Forrest

    New Animals

    @Satouthedeusmusco Can you explain what will board do in freezing cold of north canada . Boar will die itself . You can not add that animals which are not suitable to put . Otherwise I am agree with cougar . Cougar Beaver Owl Squirrel
  7. There should be application by hinterland about long dark community for android and iOS . Where we can freely communicate about games , we can discuss about game and new updates about game .
  8. Forrest

    New places

    There should be new places . A place where alot of surviving things . Or water falls , mountains , or watch towers left by people full of Equipments . Many ideas . You can share
  9. @Willy I don't know why is happening this . They need to fix this
  10. Forrest

    New Animals

    @Willbonney@Will Not possible to case of hinterland . You can see 100 of games in which we use hunting of 100 of animals . Like hunting simulator Gta Red dead redemption 2 and other many games
  11. No . Not agree with you . It's a survival game . This will change its base
  12. Forrest

    New Animals

    @Willbonney You can't add crows in that . Yes you can add snow owls in that . We can hear owls in game but they are not present in game
  13. Forrest

    New Animals

    @EjectedCasings You have a point man . I am agree with you . And adding beavers will be perfect addition of new Animals in new chapters . I hope they could do that . I only want addition of owl and beavers
  14. I want to kill dark walker , is it possible to do that
  15. Forrest

    New Animals

    I don't mean only squirrel . I mean new Animals like beavers , Squirrel , owls