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    Cured Leather

    I've never not had enough cured leather. Personally, what I do, is harvest lower tier clothing items (some will give you cured leather) and repair the ones worth sacrificing precious materials. I also store my crafting materials in a file cabinet at my bases. File cabinets as storage are an excellent way to keep track of all the different items and crafting materials in a compartmentalized and organized way. It's helped me stay on top of what tools & materials I have at every base in the main maps. Hope it helps you.
  2. I've never had to make my own bread so I have no clue, but if that would be doable in real life, then why not. I also don't want go overboard and turn this game into a cooking simulator lol.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions! I like that it focuses on preparation, something that's drilled into us players surviving in TLD. I suppose maybe one day, we will have another edible plant food item, another animal to hunt, maybe salt to preserve food and the mechanic to prepare home-made jerky, as well as seeds to plant indoors as renewable resources.
  4. So I have made some not so helpful food suggestions before in the forum & after playing the game more, I like to think I have a better idea. My idea is dried beans and whole grains to be added to the game. These would be non-perishable food items to be stored indoors with a slow decay rate. They would provide some good calories, but at the cost of a lengthy cooking time. I think it would work perfectly with the cooking pot and boiling water mechanic that the game has already. I also feel like this would be a better solution of long-term calories, instead of exploiting the 0% harvested stockpiled meat mechanic. Might as well shoot my shot, since TLD keeps bringing in awesome updates that deepen the game, let me know if my idea is bad or not.
  5. LOL AWW very cute. I take back what I said.
  6. n4rut0f4n


    Hmm.. it's a great idea, but the problem with that is in order to survive in The Long Dark, you are already doing those things. You are already doing those "positive actions" and avoiding the "negative actions" because they are necessary to survive in the game. Staying in one place for too long isn't good either. The road is your lifeline in the game, (at least more so in the beginning) and finding better quality clothing, sewing kits, matches, etc is always important. And the player gets reprimanded by staying indoors too long with the Cabin Fever affliction. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, a sanity meter seems like a very redundant thing to add and would require a huge overhaul of the game. I do think it's a very interesting topic and I appreciate your suggestion. In a game where you seem like the lone survivor in a long, dark and quiet winter apocalypse, the concept of mental well-being is something to consider. I think the devs talked about this somewhere, about the search for more clues of other living people in The Long Dark, and that was something they were going to build more on later in the game. (I don't know if they were talking about story mode or survival mode). I think THAT is a super cool awesome thing that could have a huge role in this game. MAYBE, just maybe, the concept of mental well-being could rely on you finding more clues big question mark?? If there are any repercussions, an easier fix would be integrating an affliction like idk "Loneliness" or something.
  7. I just think it's funny that my water could be a minute away from evaporating completely, but I still have 2 perfect liters left when I pick it up. Reminds me that I'm playing a game.
  8. Because a lot of foods in real life do increase in calorie value when cooked. Also it gives the player more incentive to start fires for their meal.
  9. Yes!! We should be able to use stones to make fires in a survival game!! This was my first thought as well! It also doesn't make sense that using matches takes so long and sometimes so many attempts to get a fire going since you basically have actual modern fire starting equipment. Now this would change a lot for Interloper players in survival mode since matches are much harder to come by which is partly what makes this mode so challenging and fun. Having infinite stones sounds too easy, but since it takes much longer to start the fire, maybe it balances it out. Also.. I'm not entirely sure, but I do think deer poke their head up and move their ears when they sense me crouching close by.
  10. If the player would experience severe blood loss, they would need more than just bandages to stop it, they would need stitches. (If we are being realistic here). Cauterization is debatable whether it's actually effective. I do agree that high blood loss should have somewhat of a long-term affect on the player. In the second episode of Wintermute, we do see the beard guy (sorry I forgot his name) rest up for DAYS to recover from the bear attack while we run around doing errands for him. (even after we give him his medical supplies)
  11. I really like the idea of that. That would totally be really cool. And maybe, if they attack you, you get a special affliction like gouged eye. This would make ravens extremely dangerous because there is no healing that can be done to reverse it. It would affect the depth perception when using the revolver, rifle and hunting bow, as well as slightly affect the field of vision. But if it isn’t a raven, then maybe some other carnivorous bird that can attack the player. We need more animals in TLD!
  12. Option to make energy-boosting soups in the game! Players can collect soup base packages that would function similar to coffee tins and herbal tea packages. The soup package could not be consumed directly and could only be cooked in a large cooking pot. Each package would contain 6 packets of soup stock inside and would require water to make the bowls of soup. (Grey Mother’s soup model could be re-used for this idea) NOW THIS IS THE FUN PART. You can mix and add more stuff to this thing, such as pork & beans, sardines & cat tail stalk. The energy boost makes perfect sense since you are adding a variety of different food into a large pot of soup which, theoretically, should be very nutritious. The bigger variety, the bigger energy bonus. OR.. There is no energy bonus since coffee does that already and so does the GO energy juice. The other option is it’s a big calorie bonus which is cool too I guess. On top of that, I think there should be another mechanic added in: the option to use the hunting knife and cut up pieces of animal/fish meat and cat tail stalk to add into the soup. Imo, I think this would really add to the cooking experience in the game. (I love cooking, can you tell) The only problem… There already exists a tomato soup. Ideally, for my suggestion to make sense, there would be some work redone on the tomato soup, so that it turns into something else? Like canned tomatoes, maybe? This would require to redraw the label on the actual model and to make it more of a less useful item. The canned tomatoes would then have an even poorer calories to weight ratio, thus making it a sucky item, but idk. Also… maybe adding in another canned veggie or beans item to the game? Yes? No? Am I asking too much LOL?