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  1. One question: "Day 4 - Blizzard, You're warm as long as you're close to a fire. " Does this mean, if I'm inside a house, start fire in the fireplace and go to the other room to sleep, I can freeze to death?
  2. Hi All, this is the first time I make the 4DON challenge. One thing I noticed immediately, that the surrounding is not entirely quiet. I hear owls and other birds, that cannot be seen or hunted in the game anyway. But it's a new experience for me, all in all.
  3. I haven't tried the region yet, but I was hoping that the regions would be bigger to travel. I somehow feel too easy to walk big distances even in Interloper. Well, personal preferences... 😉
  4. I find this odd as well. My reason is that nothing else look like this, just the harvested meats (fish, venison, etc.). Like they were thrown from a distance, not layed down. All the other "dropped" stuff, like canned food, knife, firewood, etc. behaves like always before in the gameplay - basically from the first public versions.
  5. Ahha, the picture starts to build up! So, it counts also, where I do certain actions. Now I'm in Forlorn Muskeg, just found the Gun!Guns!Guns! book, and I got the side mossion to hunt down wolves in FM, in ML and in BR regions, one in each. It must be the same with other skills too, just not well documented (yet).
  6. I'm not explicitly missing skills, I just don't know where am I with the skills. It seems, the skill system of the Survival doesn't exist here. I just startled when I saw I can't sharp a improvised knife and I can't figure out how to learn skills. But things starting to get allright: the Story mode is not equal with the Survival mode.
  7. Thanks U47, I have have a 419 days Interloper. I just wanted to start over the story mode too. I gave up the very first "edition" at the bear hunting, but I'm excited about the story.
  8. 1. OK, problem solved, it can't be sharpen. I found an axe and this I can sharpen. 2. From the first moment the books looked like this, no matter to whom I spoke or what I did. I Snared a rabbit, harvested it, cooked it. I already fixed many of my clothing. I caught many fishes too. But I can't "read" the books (or from another angle of view, I don't have to spend time with them...) and the checkpoint is still stating I have to work through the survival lessons. It really may be a bug. Well, if this is the biggest one...
  9. 1. E.g. I'm interacting with the metal shard improvised knife, but the only option there is "drop". No button with "sharpen". 2. See the screenshots (the second shows what happens, when I click on the button "Examine"):
  10. Hi Community, could someone explain me, how the learning of survival school is working in Wintermute? I can't sharpen my metal-shard "knife", I can't read the books, and I have harvested rosehip and other healing kinds, prepared the too, but they don't seem to be done in the "Side Missions" tab. (The Reishi is not with me at this screenshot.)
  11. Yeah, that's why I play Custom game mode without wolves and bears. I got tired of they always flee (Pilgrim) or always attack (all the other game modes). Others may have different experiences of course, but this is what I saw.
  12. This is a good idea, though I can't see loading times increase - maybe because I have the game on SSD. But what I see (only in Milton Town so far) that the Region has been changed here and there, some of my past paths are blocked now by rocks. Maybe this was one of the reasons of the warning to move stuff from some regions?
  13. Just took a quick look into it, and looks pretty. You've done something tweaking with the graphics as well. Nice job, thank you!
  14. Thanks, that was that I thought of.