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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning the overall quality of the game. But to closer a game gets to perfection, the more obviously can be seen where it can be further optimized.
  2. Hello Hinterland, Thank you for your hard work and commitment, I think it's time for me to start a new survival experience after 2 years of playing existing saves.. 😃 On the other hand, and I don't wanna seem greedy, but I have questions, just to normalize what we have now: - Do you plan to change the decay rate of food in Survival modes? As I see it, it's against any phísics, that meat dropped outside the house decays much faster in Interloper (around -40C) than in Pilgrim (around -15C). - Do you plan to redesign the smoke coming from the various fireplaces' chimneys? That
  3. Spoilers . . . Dear Hinterland Team, I started to play Ep.4 upon release, and it's fine and exciting. I have only one, but major disappointment: One house in this chapter is the very same as we can see in the Region TWM. For me it's destroying the illusion in a way. That house in TWM should be unique throughout the game, and it was until now. Please, replace that house in Blackrock, with whatever you can. I do believe you have a design you have never used so far, no matter how ugly-looking or how humble-feeling. Please, replace that house in Blackrock. Best w
  4. Thanks for the quick patch! 👍 Oddly enough, my Steam displays a message upon starting the game, saying: "Steam was unable to synchronize your The Long Dark Files files with Steams Cloud. In case you used this application on another computer (I DID NOT!!) it can happen, that these files/settings are unsynchronized with the Steam cloud. In case you now start this application, these files/settings may get lost." I started up the game, and everything -including my only save- looks to be fine. UPDATE! I restarted my PC and the message is gone, everything is OK and I have no mi
  5. I could now test the "without -force-glcore" setting, and the loading screens still keep freezing. Furthermore, I see a new problem (with -force-glcore of course) : if I want to pick up certain objects and hover the cursor over them, I can't, but towards the edge of the object I can. It's mainly with piles of objects, but I can't see any regularity.
  6. Quote: If we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animals. Author: José Saramago (Blindness) Submitted By: Palbi Relevant Link:
  7. Should this mean, we can remove the start-up option "-force-glcore" under Steam settings?
  8. Hi Raphael, thanks for the update. I also hope that you all at Hinterland and your loved ones have all been healthy. Many mentioned the cover picture of your post, I personally thought of a possible new Region of Survival Mode. (I played through the three Episodes of Story, but I am not sure it is for me, so I prefer playing Survival Mode.) One thing occured to me, thinking on the possible new Region: I'd rather see new options in the existing world, such as fixing furnitures or the roof of Mountaineers Hut in TWM, or cleaning up the inside of houses, or nailing animal hides on
  9. One question: "Day 4 - Blizzard, You're warm as long as you're close to a fire. " Does this mean, if I'm inside a house, start fire in the fireplace and go to the other room to sleep, I can freeze to death?
  10. Hi All, this is the first time I make the 4DON challenge. One thing I noticed immediately, that the surrounding is not entirely quiet. I hear owls and other birds, that cannot be seen or hunted in the game anyway. But it's a new experience for me, all in all.
  11. I haven't tried the region yet, but I was hoping that the regions would be bigger to travel. I somehow feel too easy to walk big distances even in Interloper. Well, personal preferences... 😉
  12. I find this odd as well. My reason is that nothing else look like this, just the harvested meats (fish, venison, etc.). Like they were thrown from a distance, not layed down. All the other "dropped" stuff, like canned food, knife, firewood, etc. behaves like always before in the gameplay - basically from the first public versions.
  13. Ahha, the picture starts to build up! So, it counts also, where I do certain actions. Now I'm in Forlorn Muskeg, just found the Gun!Guns!Guns! book, and I got the side mossion to hunt down wolves in FM, in ML and in BR regions, one in each. It must be the same with other skills too, just not well documented (yet).
  14. I'm not explicitly missing skills, I just don't know where am I with the skills. It seems, the skill system of the Survival doesn't exist here. I just startled when I saw I can't sharp a improvised knife and I can't figure out how to learn skills. But things starting to get allright: the Story mode is not equal with the Survival mode.