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  1. This is a known unique feature of Hushed River Valley. Instead of the usual deer carcass, there's a chance for a moose carcass to spawn in its location instead. The location isn't static, and is random based on map seed. Sometimes you don't get one at all, sometimes you get lucky. Lucky you!
  2. Old school: Zork Scorched Earth Master of Orion II Indie: Dwarf Fortress Rimworld Factorio Triple A: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
  3. The Ravine. With no wolves to worry about, several rabbit groves for trapping, plenty of wood, two caves for shelter, and a nearby crafting table at the dam, the Ravine is the perfect holiday home for the weary cabin fevered Interloper. You can spend your days gathering wood, boiling water, harvesting bunnies and just listening to the blizzard howl outside your cave while the fire crackles. Eventually you'll want to go explore new regions, fight wolves, and get mauled by a bear, but for pure relaxation, nothing beats the Ravine.
  4. Broken Railroad suffers a few problems. First, there's no unique loot found here. Unlike Timberwolf Mountain's Summit or Hushed River Valley's caches and Mysterious Signal Fire, nothing amazingly important spawns here. Second, to get to the forge, which is arguably the most attractive feature of Broken Railroad, you almost have to walk straight past the forge at Spence's in Forlorn Muskeg. It simply takes fewer resources and time to aim for Spence's forge instead. Third, there's no good sources of coal close to the forge. Beyond the first few pieces that spawn in the shed, it's strictly BYO. You'll only get two or three crafting sessions in before you'll need to travel back to Forlorn Muskeg for more. Finally, the path leading to the Maintenance Shed is narrow, has a high chance of wolf encounters, and little good shelter. It's a major turn-off to visiting the region when you're planning your travel. I usually rank it second last on my Interloper visit list, right above Bleak Inlet. It's there, it probably has a few nice pieces of loot, but by the time I'm ready to visit I've already got most of what I need from better places.
  5. Did you know that you can use the escape key to cancel harvesting meat? This is useful for a few reasons. First, this can be used to harvest two approximately equal sized pieces of meat from a rabbit. If your rabbit has something like 1.3kg of meat, you'd normally end up with a 1kg and a 0.3kg piece. Instead, if you harvest the full amount but press escape when the circle is halfway complete, then harvest again fully, you'll end up with two pieces of meat, each one 0.65kg or so depending on how accurate you were with cancelling. This means both pieces will take the same amount of time to cook. Since the time taken to harvest the meat is identical either way, this is a useful habit to use so you avoid wasting time waiting for your campfire to finish one half. Second, your cooking skill increases based on the number of cooked items you harvest from a fire. It doesn't matter if they're 1kg or 0.05kg, you get the same experience towards Cooking 5. You can exploit this to rapidly increase your cooking skill by harvesting small pieces of meat from carcasses and quickly cooking them in a few minutes. Whether this is an exploit or working as intended is up to your judgement, since as of yet Hinterland still calculates this skill based on items cooked, not time spent cooking.
  6. if I plan an early Summit to Timberwolf Mountain on Interloper, there's a fairly linear route to guarantee enough calories that I shouldn't require food, merely a bedroll or enough cloth for two snow shelters plus a hacksaw. Coming fully rested from Pleasant Valley, I usually grab a half dozen birch barks and two rabbits before hitting the Mountaineer's Hut. Dropping the rabbits at the hut and warming up while I harvest them, I set them to cook for the half hour or so while I bag the two other rabbits down on Crystal Lake. The four should fill my calorie meter, and give me enough time to brew a cup of hot birch bark tea for a warmth boost. Full and warmed up with a half dozen torches pulled from the fire, I then wander down to the Wing, grab the canned food, tea and coffee, then run down Echo Ravine carrying my fire to ward off the wolf at the Engine and start up a small campfire to scare him off, looting the sweaters, socks and shoes. I slip up to the cave above the engine, set a fire and brew a litre of water in some cans while I warm up a second birch bark tea on the ground. While this boils, I grab the four or five coal from the cave, and check there's no wool ear wraps near the corpse in here, which is a possible spawn. By the time I'm done looting the cave, the water should be just finished boiling, so I harvest any burnt out torches, feeding them back in the fire if I need more duration to pull back to a half dozen torches, then drink my birch bark tea and climb up to the three-way Cave. I'll use the duration of my warmth to stock up on sticks and bag the three rabbits nearby, then boil another litre of water while I harvest their carcasses for meat, cook them for dinner before I sleep here, and spend the litre of water I made by brewing three coffee and one tea for when I need extra condition recovery while I sleep, remembering to drop one coffee before I rest and feeding the fire up to eight hours duration for a ten hour rest. In the morning I pick up the coffee, eat whatever leftover rabbit I have, then take a sip of water, pull a torch and make for the Deer Clearing. If the deer carcass is near the base of the rope, I'll start a small fire here, warm up and harvest the venison while I brew water, and heat my coffee again, then drink my coffee, eat the cooked venison to max out my calories, then drop any leftovers and ascend the rope to the deer clearing. If there's no deer carcass I simply drink my hot coffee at the base of the rope to maximize the warmth duration, since I'll be without a torch after ascending. I usually grab the coal in the cave and whatever other loot is there, then loot the cargo container for tomato soup, cloth and scrap metal before hiking to the rope climb up to the Secluded Shelf, drinking a second coffee before the climb. I typically don't bother with a torch here, paying the price in warmth and condition to save a match like the cheapskate I am. Once inside the Secluded Shelf, there's coal galore to loot here, plus a possible magnifying lens on one loot table. With a dozen or more coal in my pack, I head out of the cave, grab the rabbit outside and hope for a deer carcass before the summit climb to fill my calorie meter once more. If I've been efficient, I should have just enough energy to make the third climb to the summit without resting by drinking a third coffee, though I may need to drop all my lovely coal and assorted firewood beforehand. After that, it's just a case of gathering sticks on the summit for a fire inside the Tail Section, resting, looting the place down to the rivets, and then spraining every part of my body returning to the Mountaineer's Hut the fast way. Calories at this point should be sufficient to see me down the mountain even without touching the looted foods from the journey, though returning to Pleasant Valley might cost a few cattails harvested from Crystal Lake without a rabbit hunting detour. If I feel particularly scroogish, I'll save the cattails and head directly for the rabbits at Misty Falls Picnic Area to fill my calories again, though I might also require a second hunt at the rabbit grove near the hunter's blind if I didn't already clear this spot on my trip up.
  7. I'd predict Ash Valley being between Broken Railroad and Hushed River Valley. From the appearance of the teaser art, the cliff coloration bears resemblance to HRV. The signs of logging mean it would logically be connected to the Great Bear railroad for transport, so I'm guessing the connection to Ash Valley will be either across the Broken Bridge at the end of the Broken Railroad or through the lower ravine below it. We might possibly see a connection to Hushed River Valley through here too, giving two separate 'stub' maps an additional exit. This would be an interesting choice that allows for routing a large loop across the western side of the map. For an Interloper, this would give the option of hitting HRV for the mackinaw jacket and a hammer from the Signal Fire, then forging at the Maintenance Shed (unless the exit to Ash Valley is at the bottom of the ravine). A tempting alternative to Spence's, depending on Ash Valley's danger levels, shelter locations and resources. I can't agree with your placement for Ash Valley on your map because I predict that's where we'll see Blackrock Penitentiary. The Crashed Prison Transport Bus in Mountain Town points towards this area of the map, so we can assume this is road is linked to the prison.
  8. Mountain Town Milton House Aside from the spawn in the pantry, I also discovered one in a cupboard. However, a second run failed to produce either. Seems this isn't a guaranteed location.
  9. I find that, so long as you're able to avoid hypothermia, the penalties for cold don't have too much impact. Provided you can rest at a positive temperature, a good night's sleep will fix all your ills from the day's misadventures. Good luck on your Pleasant Valley run! I did that one as my first run too, though I started at the Picnic Spot and therefore hit Thomson's Crossing first. After there, a run to the Farmstead via the Barn, a loop to Signal Hill, a blizzard worth of clothing repairs, and an early morning climb up to Prepper's Abandoned Cache via the Crash Site set me up for a Timberwolf Mountain run. Are you going to try for Coastal Highway from the Community Hall?
  10. I can verify the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain does not contain guaranteed syrup spawns in the cargo containers or corpse. Checked myself, so looks like it's a semi-random spawn on the corpse at best.
  11. The beauty of this event is that there's a built-in goal for more experienced players too. I'm currently syrup hunting. Still have no clue where they might hide that golden nectar of the gods out at Hushed River Valley, but I'm sure I'll find it eventually!
  12. Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge
  13. Already got you covered.
  14. Yep, it's Interloper weather, but Voyager loot and wildlife. Indoors are colder than normal Interloper, but the massive available clothing loot table offsets any trouble here. Basically, it's Easyloper.
  15. The challenge is to consume 25 across all saves, but my impression is that you'd be hard pressed to find enough within a single save file. If you're hunting the badge for prestige, it's probably faster to just start a new game, run to the closest likely spawn, drink the syrup and then start a new game. If you don't care either way, just play for fun and see if you get a happy surprise.