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  1. Somebody a long time ago mentioned the possibility of a run-down old ski resort, and I love that idea. Would be very interesting to explore.
  2. Cooked tomato soup has always had that yellowy-orange color in my games. Lots of real-life tomato soup recipes produce orange or yellow soup, but those are usually recipes with cream or butter, neither of which is present on the ingredients list for Mom's Kitchen Tomato Soup. I'd expect a tomato-forward soup like that to be more reddish-orange than yellowy-orange. Maybe a design oversight? Maybe an intentional choice to differentiate it from the deeply-red rosehip tea?
  3. Love those free wolf pelts in HRV. I'm really enjoying this adventure log, I hope you keep it up! And good luck on the long climb back from 40% health.
  4. I have vague memories of breaking down cardboard boxes and finding unexpected loot behind them, but I can't say for certain that it was the flattened boxes on the walls. It feels really familiar though.
  5. The player is already prevented from reading research books while starving/sick/injured. Maybe instead of RNG accidents, impose a similar penalty on strenuous activity while starving or exhausted: no crafting or mending when you're so tired you're likely to stick yourself with a fish hook, no chopping up tree limbs and big crates when you're too weak to avoid hacking off your own leg.
  6. I've got a real soft spot for Mountain Town. The region is great to loot for gear before a trek into HRV. I know, I know, Milton hosts HUGE numbers of wolves, but I tend not to use Gray Mother's house as my main base. Like @ajb1978, I usually set up at Paradise Meadows Farm. Easy access to the basin for hunting and camping, rabbits right outside, a manageable wolf population, and a crafting table with a windproof 2-cooking-slot fire barrel in heat range. Home sweet home.
  7. Hmm... it can't be as simple as having started a new game and spawned at Jackrabbit Island, can it?
  8. It's the laptop in the "lunch room" with the window entrance, IIRC.
  9. The Lower Dam is one of the most deceptively difficult Buffer Memories to get in the Archivist challenge, precisely because of the live wires you mentioned and the layout of the dam putting the exit to/entrance from Winding River at opposite ends of the building. Easy to run out of food or water waiting in that one small room. The good news is that passing time/waiting indoors definitely doesn't prevent an Aurora from happening. I've had Auroras start while sleeping/waiting indoors on the Archivist challenge. You've just had lousy luck for 4-5 days. Don't forget to carry a bedroll with you, make regular daytime trips outside for food/water/fire etc, and make it back home to Lower Dam and be on the right side of the sparkies every day before sundown. Eventually, the heavens WILL reward your patience with some spooky green glow clouds. Good luck!
  10. I play on lower difficulty settings (Voyageur or a custom setting with Voyageur-level wolves but Stalker/Loper loot) so I confess I sometimes trade warmth for style. Purely based on looks, my favorite combo is: Head: Rabbit Hat + Wool Scarf (not too warm but gotta have that pop of color!) Outer torso: Mariner's Pea Coat + Down Vest (Mariner's coat to be replaced with Wolfskin Coat if I happen to wind up with four pelts) Inner torso: Fisherman's Sweater + Wool Shirt Outer Legs: Jeans or Cargo + Deerskin Pants on the outside Inner Legs: Not picky, wool longjohns are great but rare Feet: Trail Boots for early game, then Mukluks if I find any, Deerskin Boots if not Hands: Wool Mittens at first, then Rabbit mitts Not at all the most practical setup but it keeps me warm enough and doesn't slow me down too much while mountain climbing.
  11. Shot the bear at Spruce Falls Bridge and he stumbled off to die a little ways down the road on the Milton side of the bridge. The carcass was in a little depression in the snow. The weather was nice, the day was just beginning, and I needed to work on my carcass harvesting and cooking skill, so I set up a good long campfire right next to the bear and got to work. And a blizzard started. But through some extreme stroke of luck, the precise little depression where the bear had fallen was wind-shielded and remained so throughout the entire storm! I harvested the bear completely, cooking every steak and yanking every gut, blizzard roaring away above me the whole time. I thanked that bear profusely for the spot he chose to die and I think of him fondly every time I slip into my warm new bedroll.
  12. Yup, I recognize the "bank robber" from some of my other saves, too-- he tends to spawn with a few wads of cash in his pockets, sometimes with a knife near his hand. He was definitely missing on my first pass through the bank. I spent a few days hunting/camping in the Milton Basin, then on return, here he was. Maybe it had to do with being far enough away from the town for long enough? Did I miss the chance to meet the only other person alive (well, briefly, anyway) on this frozen island? There was one other time I found a surprise like that in MT. I was playing a survival game and made my way through the cave above Spruce Falls Bridge to loot the crashed plane (this was before Redux). Re-entering the cave to come home, there was a brand-new ravaged wolf carcass on the cave floor right before the Spruce Falls exit. Maybe it's meant to be the bear's latest kill, reminding the player to tread lightly on the bridge lest they meet a similar fate. The MT region may have a few unique time-delayed spawns triggered by player activity.
  13. TLD just threw something VERY creepy at me. I don't have a way to prove it, but this dead guy in the bank vault? He wasn't here when I looted the bank a few days ago. Same save, same game, I hadn't even left the Milton region. I cleared out the bank vault several days before this screenshot and I remember that the corpse wasn't there. Got an aurora while sleeping in the big Milton house, grabbed my flashlight, and dashed across the street-- because I am a sucker for those buffer memories-- and here he was. What the heck?!! Has this happened to anyone else?
  14. Honestly, the worst jumpscare I ever had in TLD was when I achieved a feat. I was minding my business, just walking along, keeping an eye out for wolves, when suddenly ka-CHONG! Giant loud Snow Walker badge slams into my face! 🤣I nearly threw my controller across the room. Startled me way more than any bear has.
  15. Yeah, the size mismatch is definitely apparent when it spawns in the case. It's okay though! It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it 😁