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  1. Quote: The beauty of this world where almost everyone was gone. If hell is other people, what is a world with almost no people in it? Source: Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven (novel) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Station_Eleven Submitted by Swales
  2. Oh man, this is exciting! I'm really happy that this year's Halloween event is longer that four days, since I'm moving house at the end of October and I wasn't sure I'd have my computer/internet situation set up at the new place in time for 4DON. Now I definitely will!
  3. When did the big lamp at the top of the lighthouse start lighting up during the aurora? I stopped playing for a little while and came back recently, got really surprised by that. I could have sworn it didn't glow before. Love the eerie way it illuminates the landscape!
  4. I don't know why it steams, but I want to know why I can't have it. Why hang a pot so tantalizingly close to a stove if I can't put it on the stove? Is it welded to the wall? It taunts me!
  5. After playing Aurora Night, I have decided that Supercharged Flashlight is my new best friend. I actively pursued the sparklewolves just for the fun of blasting them with the blinding power of god 🔦
  6. I agree. The wolves may be more aggressive, but with bright lights in the sky and glowing fur, they're easier to see and avoid than Day 2. Plus a nonstop aurora is a screenshot DREAM! Really looking forward to playing this night once I get off work.
  7. Swales

    Night 2

    Stumbling around Pleasant Valley chainsmoking road flares and leading a little parade of growling furballs with laser pointer eyes behind me. The weather cleared for a moment atop Signal Hill and I spied a friendly glow in the field below, but the fog had rolled back in by the time I got down there and I couldn't find the pumpkin. Rats. Something weird about these wolves: do red-eyed 4DON wolves react to decoys? I couldn't drop any using the radial menu. The wolf stalking me didn't pursue a meat scrap I dropped manually. Ultimately it made little difference, I deterred all last night's wo
  8. A towel. Accompanied by a new survival mode starting quote: "Any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with." Douglas Adams
  9. How would I described my 2019 4DON experience? Ten thousand magnifying lenses when all you need is a knife. 😂 I failed to find a single pumpkin on Day 1, even in places I'd found pumpkins last year. Lousy luck. I'm sitting cozy in the PV farmhouse for now, plenty of food and water and a nice stack of skill books to read. I've got enough scavenged deer skins to make boots and pants and I've picked up *two* Cowichan sweaters (a first for me!). Low on wood and no coal, though. Without weapons, I fear a trek to Cinder Hills may prove fatal. Without coal, Day 4 will *definitely* prove fatal. D
  10. Excited to play this year! My schedule was too busy last year to participate in 4DON so I'm happy this year is a repeat. If one is in-game at 11PM PST, does the day roll over to the next one immediately, or would one need to exit and reload to change to the next day?
  11. Somebody a long time ago mentioned the possibility of a run-down old ski resort, and I love that idea. Would be very interesting to explore.
  12. Cooked tomato soup has always had that yellowy-orange color in my games. Lots of real-life tomato soup recipes produce orange or yellow soup, but those are usually recipes with cream or butter, neither of which is present on the ingredients list for Mom's Kitchen Tomato Soup. I'd expect a tomato-forward soup like that to be more reddish-orange than yellowy-orange. Maybe a design oversight? Maybe an intentional choice to differentiate it from the deeply-red rosehip tea?
  13. Love those free wolf pelts in HRV. I'm really enjoying this adventure log, I hope you keep it up! And good luck on the long climb back from 40% health.
  14. I have vague memories of breaking down cardboard boxes and finding unexpected loot behind them, but I can't say for certain that it was the flattened boxes on the walls. It feels really familiar though.