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  1. There is no file into the game folder. Because of the saves on the cloud ?
  2. Hello survivors, Me and my dad playing an adventure through the family steam sharing (I own TLD and we play on his steam account). If I gift him the game, will our saved game disappear ? Should I wait our character's death ? The game is actually saved on the cloud.
  3. Sprains are too frequent. It's awful for exploration.
  4. Hello, The new system for sprains, taking in account encumberment, fatigue and other things is well thought. It is a major overhaul that teach to the player to be careful with steep slopes. However, the question of the their frequency is is different than the triggers. It's a huge problem for me. While I am careful, I sometime have to walk on slopes. And I can't play 1h-2h without having a sprain or two. I wish less frequent sprains, while being more difficult to heal (sleep need or more time).
  5. Hello Raph, If I remember well, a lot of new feature that came in the game were previously teased in the world of the game, by items themselves but unusable: examples of cooking pots and "massettes" (bulrushes in english ?) And, there is a lot of time now we can see soaps in interiors. Is it crazy to anticipate and phantasm there will be an update with an hygiene system ? Thank you, PS : I hope the climate is not to disordered in Canada. Here in France, nature suffer from an unsual hot climate. Worrying.
  6. " Here's hoping for 50 more years..."
  7. Bonjour Raphaël, Hello Raphaël, Do you know the game "Unreal World", developped by two Finnish independent developpers ? What are your thoughts on this game ? Do you think you could enrich your game The Long Dark during 27 years as them, in the form of DLCs for example ? Aurevoir Bye
  8. Hello survivors, Before I make a bug report, I just wandering if a yellow tomatoes soup is the normal color of it, or if it is just a bug ? I try to remember and I think it was red before the steadfast ranger update. Thanks.
  9. It's be a while I didn't play (few months) after few hours played at Steadfast Ranger. Sprains new mechanic is interesting, but they are too many, too frequent. Way to many, it became the first ennemy before wolves !
  10. "I agree that it'd be cool and nice as a meditative thing (but only if I can move chairs like onto the porch at the Mystery Lake Camp Office and watch wolves walking across in the distance while I smoke my pipe). " Imagine a such meditative experience. High quality. I just wish it.
  11. Welcomed changes. But are sprains are LESS frequent on risked slope ? That was all the problem.
  12. " I appreciate the idea and I like the indicator that shows you're at risk, but like everyone's saying, it's far too easy to get sprains now " I agree.