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  1. Bonjour Raphaël, Hello Raphaël, Do you know the game "Unreal World", developped by two Finnish independent developpers ? What are your thoughts on this game ? Do you think you could enrich your game The Long Dark during 27 years as them, in the form of DLCs for example ? Aurevoir Bye
  2. Hello survivors, Before I make a bug report, I just wandering if a yellow tomatoes soup is the normal color of it, or if it is just a bug ? I try to remember and I think it was red before the steadfast ranger update. Thanks.
  3. It's be a while I didn't play (few months) after few hours played at Steadfast Ranger. Sprains new mechanic is interesting, but they are too many, too frequent. Way to many, it became the first ennemy before wolves !
  4. "I agree that it'd be cool and nice as a meditative thing (but only if I can move chairs like onto the porch at the Mystery Lake Camp Office and watch wolves walking across in the distance while I smoke my pipe). " Imagine a such meditative experience. High quality. I just wish it.
  5. Welcomed changes. But are sprains are LESS frequent on risked slope ? That was all the problem.
  6. " I appreciate the idea and I like the indicator that shows you're at risk, but like everyone's saying, it's far too easy to get sprains now " I agree.
  7. Of course. This is impossible to disable this visually annoying icon. I'd prefer to "guess" when my character is in risk with sprain, like before. (and by the way, this I have the same critic about wind icon in the middle of my screen, and the same critic about the "crouched icon", and the same critic with the "riffle hold" icon. - useless and annoying ! ).
  8. I checked Survival mode. But what a deal ! The story is fantastic, well writted.
  9. A crossbow lol ? Are there examples a survivor who crafted a crossbow ? Isn't the bow more simple ?
  10. I maybe I have not seen an eventually post on this, but Why did you removed the game from Gog ?
  11. "What's the thinking/logic behind outdoor fires "lasting longer"? Way back when, I thought it was a bug, but it's survived numerous updates to the game. Is it to do with increased oxygenation outside, or...? " I didn't know this ! It seems effectively unjustified.
  12. Happy new year ! All the best for you. Will you finish the first person presence animation this year ? I mean showing the right clothes on the arms of the character. When he wears gloves while the animations shows nude hands for example, it really seems an unfinished part of the game. Finishing this is surely the improvement I'd like to see the most. Thank you !
  13. "it'd be easy to keep making The Long Dark for 5-10 more years*." This is my dream. Why not, paying 2-4 LDC during for 5-10 years for having the best possible experience is a pretty good adventure, @Raphael van Lierop