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  1. I kinda like this idea. I've thought before that having an old foot pedal powered grinding stone would fit the theme well and it would be great to have one in Broken railroad or Desolation point or somewhere that you have to travel far to in order to make it a special trip. But if something like this were added they would have to make the whetstones we already have less common that way they would be very valuable because they are light and convenient. But a special (maybe random?) place you can travel to and sharpen up all of your pointy things would be really cool in my opinion.
  2. I was thinking for the lucky rabbits foot to craft it would simply require a cured rabbit pelt and a cured gut. No need to add rabbits feet as an item in the game or a random chance harvestable in my opinion.
  3. I saw a picture of a fish hook made out of the tab used to open cans of soda. I think we should be able to harvest fish hooks from used cans of soda in game. I know metal isn't hard to find but it's something that's very practical and something I could find myself doing in a situation like the long dark.
  4. A simple craftable sundial would be neat, weather permitting. But you could also just look at the position of the sun in the sky to tell time. Which honestly adds to the survival experience. And it's simple enough to open the menu and see the sun's position to tell time. It's apparently the equinox every day in the long dark and is equal parts day and night 12 hours for both . Kinda wish they would shorten the days and lower the sun on the horizon and make it really feel like we are up north in the winter but that's a topic for another day. And the way things are currently make time telling very simple and approachable.
  5. Flip open the mailbox and leave it open if you searched the house. It doesn't work for everywhere but it helps especially if you have multiple runs. Also for cars I just pop the hood open if I already searched the car. Maybe not tape but it would be cool to use the charcoal to mark an x on a spot if you wanted to remember it. Its easy to have too much charcoal laying around.
  6. I'm not sure this would work with deer spawns the way they are but how cool would it be to harvest the antlers and make our own deer call that way we could lure unsuspecting wildlife into our vicinity instead of always going out to them. Maybe a deer call could have a small chance of spawning a deer near your location. But for balancing purposes they can wear out and break after a few uses. Maybe it would have a chance to lure wolves and bears hunting the deer as well. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
  7. All we have right now for accessories is the ear wrap and the moose satchel. I think it would be great to have a few more options. Some ideas I have and others I've seen mentioned before: Headlamp- a wearable flashlight on the head. available in coal mines maybe? Ski goggles- provides a windproofing bonus. Climbing harness- allows for stamina regeneration at any point during climb Holster- removes gun from bag and allows for extra carry capacity only for the gun. Maybe two different kinds one for a revolver and one for a rifle. Maybe this could be crafted. Arrow quiver- holds 20 arrows and allows for extra carry capacity but only for arrows. Can be crafted as well Lucky rabbits foot- can be crafted and makes you luckier at starting fires, catching fish, etc. Only while wearing it. Reading glasses- allows you to read 25% faster only while wearing. Snow Cleats/Spikes- removes any risk of sprain. Some of these might seem OP but remember we can only have 2 accessories at a time. Having options like these though could really enhance our gameplay and give us options in our play style. Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions feel free to add to the list.
  8. I definitely think the best option is an opposite to well fed bonus. If you starve the majority of a 72 hour period youre starving or malnourished until you remain well fed for a full 24 hours your carry capacity is lowered, you can't study, and you can't do any task that burns calories. Then your only option is find food! And quick. Maybe every day you are malnourished your condition drops exponentially. The exploit I'm referring to is eating 4-5 cattails a night or anything about 600 calories and recovering all effects from starvation. I don't care if it's realistic, but it removes any challenge and any fear from dying of starvation. I literally can't remember the last time I cared about my hunger dipping into the red. And I've completely zoned out to the audio cues of hunger because it's simply not the slightest bit worrisome. Whats the point in bagging a moose if I can just starve? What's the point in losing calories from chopping wood if I couldn't care less about calories? Because apparently 600 calories a night before bed is enough to keep me in perfect condition. Although it might not sound like it at this point I do really love this game. But I can feel the love fading with every passing day I don't die from starvation. When this game was truly addicting for me I was dying after just a couple in game weeks or hours, and I miss those days.
  9. I don't care how they do it, I just want to be punished for starving!!! This simple mechanic or lack thereof constantly reminds me it's just a game and it's a huge reason I don't play it more often. I hate feeling like I'm exploiting the mechanics in any game and it's ruined some of my favorite games because it's simply not fun when you know you can win a game as long as you do just one thing a particular way. Lately I try to keep well fed bonus the entire game just to combat this. And it's a bit more fun that way I guess.
  10. I like the idea. It makes sense. Would it be a bit more realistic, maybe. Would it add to the overall experience, maybe. Would it be cool to stave off cabin fever/pass time or gain a bit of warmth with a bottle, absolutley. I'm a fan of more content however the devs decide to do it. However... I don't think alcohol is essential for survival. I don't think it fits this game particularly. And I'm not sure if it were added if I would even want to use it. There are plenty of games that use alcohol and in my opinion it's just to be funny and entertaining. Example RDR2 using alcohol and tobacco to increase dead eye, as if getting wasted gives Arthur some kind of special ability hahaha. It's a fine idea that's been tossed around the forum a bit already but I'm not 100% sure it's for this game due to the serious nature of it all. And I'm not sure I would be a huge fan of this. As far as keeping it family friendly I'm pretty sure it's already rated Teen which includes mild violence, mild language, alcohol and tobacco use. So there might not be an issue with esrb rating if it were added in a smart way.
  11. Just found out you can harvest and boil dandelion roots to make a natural coffee in real life. Something like this might be cool to see in the long dark. They are edible too but I think it would be alright if it was just a coffee alternative in the game since coffee is a limited resource.
  12. I guess it sounds like I'm saying a cinematic scene but really I just want to see rubble and flames from the plane crash at the start locations like the plane crash in Milton/Mountain town. Because the game says "your plane has crashed in the wilderness". But there's no crash it's just you alone in the wilderness. Like I said not super important but sometimes it's the little details that go a long way.
  13. Its not super important for gameplay but I think it would be cool if there was a crashed plane scene, similar to story mode ,but in sandbox mode at your start location. The plane crash scene would look slightly different at every start location and there could be a couple things to loot from your crashed plane. Like I said not super important but it would add to the experience at least in the beginning. If I'm not mistaken I believe The Forest does this with the plane crash but in that game it's essentially the same exact scene just a different place in the map. Anyways let me know what you guys think.
  14. Don't ever walk around with a gun! I keep mine away until I hear growls. Theres also a higher chance of sprain when carrying something. I remember a famous saying "Shoot when you see the whites of their eyes" and I try to time my shot when the animal is closest. More accuracy and a higher critical hit chance. Can't afford to waste any bullets in the apocalypse haha. I've one shotted several bears just a heartbeat before I would've been mauled. However in practicing I've also been mauled by several bears a heartbeat before I could get a shot off.
  15. Viruses, such as rhinoviruses and influenza, cause colds and the flu, not the weather. However, exposure to cold weather can increase a person's risk of contracting a virus. Research suggests that these viruses may survive and reproduce more effectively at colder temperatures, making it easier for them to spread and infect more people. Cold weather may also reduce the immune response and make it harder for the body to fight off germs. @ManicManiac Never said cold weather makes you sick... I said cold weather reduces the effectivity of the immunes system and also results in higher populations of airborne pathogens. Increasing the likelyhood of getting sick.