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  1. I've also wondered why the player doesn't get sick from freezing. I wouldn't mind getting a cold or viral infection maybe in game from letting my temperature drop in to the red. If it lowered your stamina, made your rifle shaky, the screen could be clouded also if it didn't allow you to study etc. It could be a new challenge and further increase the importance of warm clothing. Maybe the only recovery is time and rest and you have to consume more water. I thinks it's a good idea.
  2. @ManicManiac I agree with you I think I can carry too much sometimes. That's why with a strength Skill I would also like to see the player start with say 10-20 less pounds and we would have to work our way up to the current weight. I also would like to see an incentive to being encumbered because it's a huge risk weighing yourself down. Also I find that I can starve myself and still get by on minimal food resources if we were further punished for starvation say reduction in strength Skill than it makes taking in calories much more crucial to surviving.
  3. A skill that affects how much you can carry and how fast you break down items. You could improve the skill from breaking down items, walking while incumbered, and being well fed. I think it would be better too if the player lost points towards strength from starvation. Another possible benefit could be increase success in animal struggles. You could receive a 2 pound carry capacity boost and a 10% reduction in time to break down items for each skill level. What do you guys think?
  4. I really like the prison idea too! However if it were realistic it would be devoid of any loot apart from some socks, tshirts, toilet water maybe and a couple makeshift knives haha. But even if McKenzie wasn't going to land at an air field it would still make sense given that it is a populated region far from civilization in the modern era that great bear island would have some sort of landing strip for aircraft and there could be a few hangars to search an office and even a few houses nearby for people that work there I would also like to see more roads connecting regions much like the railroad does when I first started playing I found myself always gravitating towards roads, powerlines and railroads to find my way around and I really liked that it worked and it added realism to the game for me
  5. This wouldn't make sense without seasons. Sap flows due to change in temperature. But it's a good idea. Maybe some trees could have dried sap and you can harvest it for tinder I've used it to start fires before it burns really hot so it's a good firestarter. maybe it could increase your fire starting chance by 5% or so as well.
  6. I'm all for more forageables! I just worry too many options would make things too easy they would have to be sparse. Scarcity is one of the themes I love most about the game. If there were berries it would be interesting if the bear would always be near them making it difficult to harvest.
  7. The long dark has a wide variety of playable regions in sandbox mode but I've been thinking of a few themes that could be interesting to explore. A military base region would be cool and the game already has some military themed loot that could be found there. Another region could be a small airfield possibly connecting to an existing town the region could include buildings of it's own similar to coastal highways quonset garage area. Also a desolate region where a siesmologist office can be found given the regions history with earthquakes. Just a few ideas not sure if they've been mentioned before but what do you guys think?
  8. First of all I'm relatively new to the long dark and I was absolutely elated to see the game is still in the works I believe it has so much potential and is by far my favorite survival game out there right now as it stands. One thing I've noticed while playing is the numerous bars of soap and metal pails littered around the map this got me thinking of hygiene and a potential system in place that allows the player to control his or her scent by bathing. Potentially having to boil water and find soap after a hunt to get rid of the scent instead of the scent being eliminated simply by dropping meat. It would feel more realistic because everyone knows when you are elbow deep in deer guts that smell will stick to you kinda like in RDR2 where you have to wash up periodically especially after hunting. I think this would pose a new unique challenge and would give players something extra to do during bad weather instead of just passing the time.