Bundling items to reduce weight and scent

Willy Pete

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I've always thought it would be cool if you could use line and cloth to bundle up certain items to reduce their overall weight (by virtue of making them easier to pack and carry) or for raw meat to additionally reduce their overall scent. Bundling items would require a short amount of time (5 minutes) and a certain number of items to bundle up. Items that are bundled see their individual overall weights reduced by a quarter.

For example, you could bundle up 5 pieces of Fir firewood with two units of line. Unbundled his would weigh a total of 5 kilos but bundling it up would reduce the total weight down to 3.75 kilos. When harvested you would get all 5 firewood and 1 line back after another 5 minutes.

Other crafting ingredients to make bundles would include:

Bundle of cedar firewood = 5 cedar firewood +2 line

Bundle of sticks = 10 sticks +1 line

Bag of stones = 10 stones +1 line +1 cloth

Bag of charcoal = 10 charcoal +1 line +1 cloth

Bag of coal = 5 coal +1 line +1 cloth

Bundle of feathers = 15 crow feathers +1 line

Bag of X raw meat = 5 kilos of X raw meat +1 line +1 cloth (this has a scent rating equal to 1 kilo of raw meat)

Bag of guts = 5 guts +1 line +1 cloth (has no scent rating)

Bag of rifle/revolver casings = 50 cases +1 line +1 cloth

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