Sourdough Starter and Bread

Willy Pete

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With Frontier Cooking we now have flour which can be combined with water and allowed to ferment to create sourdough starter, a stand-in for yeast (which we don't have in-game).

It would be a great addition to the game if we could combine some water and flour in a recycled can then leave it to "cure" for a while in order to make sourdough starter. With this starter we can now make proper bread which would be heartier than bannocks and maybe even sliceable to make sandwiches. I'd love a good peanut butter and peaches sandwich to help me survive the quiet apocalypse.

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recycled can, flour (at least two bags), water, cloth (in place of cheese cloth).  
But the flour is limited…..   If barnyard grass was implemented, the heads of grain from that could be dried and milled (heavy hammer).  Ground acorns could be added to the flour mixture as well, give a small boost and added flavor.  

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