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  1. Burn Netflix to the ground. Salt the earth where the company once stood. A terrible company full of terrible people. Bunch of bigots, one and all. I'd sooner cut off my own foot than give Netflix one thin dime. Dear god, my nightmare scenario is netflix gains the rights to make a TLD TV series.
  2. If you shoot from indoors, like in the porch on PV, you won't get a blood trail. For some reason you have to be in an outdoor location. I hit a bear with the flare gun through a porch window. He ran off about 50 feet then went back to strolling. He died about 4 hours later. Remember, sometimes the bear will reset if you sleep or leave the map. So just pass time if you are in a car, but don't sleep if you can avoid it. A broken arrow should wound him as much as a normal one. It can take up to 6 hours for a bear to bleed out, depending on your skill level and where you hit him.
  3. Follow the pictures. 1. See that tinder plug on the ice? Always make a trail to your Hut from the shore using tinder plugs. 2. Always pick a hut with a door if you are going to make it your long term fishing hut, both for the warmth bonus, and protection. Arrange two fires like this. You can get it a big closer with practice, and walk in an out over the cooking surfaces, but you have to be REAL careful and the additional wind resistance isn't worth it. 3. This is how your hut should be operating normally. The inner stove is off, only to be used if the cold gets really bad, or you need to keep the flame going and both fires outside are blown out. Look at the smoke. See how it is going straight up? 4. Now see how the one behind the door is straight up, but the one on the right is blowing to the left? If you have the fire next to the door in JUST the right spot, the cooking surfaces are accessible from the doorway, but the door acts as a wind break giving you 180 degree protection from the wind. The other one only has 120 degree protection. So at least one will burn if the wind comes from anywhere in a 250 degree arc. 5. Here we have an example of just that. The wind was enough to blow out one, but the other stayed lit, as you can see by the smoke going straight up. 6. When it is windy, you may have to burn wood that isn't a stick. This will increase your burn time over 9 minutes. When it is "gusty", you can still add fuel, but a gust of wind will drop your fire to 9 minutes. So if you wait until your fire is at 1min left and add a stick, if the wind gusts, you might only lose a few minutes. but if you add reclaimed wood, you can lose a half hour. Pull torches to reduce the burn time by 10 minutes and throw those torches out onto the ice. They serve 2 purposes. One, they go out when the wind starts gusting too high. Two, you can harvest them later for sticks, thus turning other forms of wood into sticks. Harvest them when you AREN'T using the fires. 7. Here you see me inside when the wind is too high for cooking with the fires. I keep the cooked meat inside on the left and the fuel on the right. When you have max cooking, if you have a cooking pot, you can cook 1.5 ltrs of water in 1 hour 4 minutes. You can thus nap for an hour and get 1.5 ltrs of water while you are doing it. An efficient use of your time. 8. Keep your bedroll on top of the cabinet for the space. If you have anything special you want to keep out of the way, you can see there is a spot you can put items so they stick out of the drawers. I keep Lure Meat there, as well as tools. 9. On the shelves or in these spaces are a good place to put the water you make so it is out of the way if you make like 50 bottles of water, dump it out on the ice and sort it later. 10. Here you see a good cooking arrangement. I like to have at least one can of water cooking, because you can hit space bar and accelerate time, but at cooking 5, it's only 13 minutes, max. If your fire is at 9 minutes, it won't burn out. Your fire is at 10 hours, you say? Well, while you are accelerating time to cook faster, the wind can gust and reduce that fire from 10 hours to 9 minutes in a heart beat. NEVER ACCELLERATE TIME MORE THEN 13 MINUTE INCREMENTS. Remember, fires burn longer outdoors, so 9 minutes of outdoor fire is actually about 15 minutes. I keep the raw meat piled up outside, so I can right click it onto the cooking surfaces easier. 11. DO NOT USE UP ALL YOUR JERRY CANS. Always save about .1 ltrs of oil in a can. if you use up all the fuel, they vanish from your inventory. However, look at the picture. 4 Ltrs of oil is only 3.3kg. If you use the little bottles of Everflame, they are .5 kg for .5 ltrs of fuel. So save and fill those jerry cans! 12. If you are cooking only the meat, cook different types of meat with different cook times and check them. Only accelerate time on the one that will be finished cooking first. It's okay if they don't all finish at the same time. Staggering your meat cooking time is the next best thing to keeping a can of water boiling for the purpose of controlling time jumps. Just remember, when you accelerate time, you also add about 1-3 minutes of time. So accelerating 13 minutes is actually 14-16 minutes, depending. And last but not least, have fun. You can power cook food, or power boil water, getting the most bang for your buck while having a place to retreat or grab a torch and transfer the fire to the inside fire place for the long term, if a blizzard starts. Remember that the fires will chase off wolves, but bears can smell food on a fire, so if you hear crows, it might be a bear. Be prepared to close that door and let him have his snack.
  4. No, it is infinite. Sorry, but you have not taken into consideration beachcombing where you can get renewable resources. And the beach combing spawns are actually damn regular and predictable. For example, I have determined a spot where rotting leather shoes show up like every 20 days or so. Exact same spot. That's 2 leather. There are cloth spawn as well. You don't need weapons, just a magnifying glass. Chase a deer into a wolf and start a fire to chase him off. The only thing you NEED cloth for is your 2 shirts, 2 socks, 2 underwear, and the ear muff. Maybe a hat. Several of those items can go a long time without being repaired. I usually, in a pinch, ditch the socks and underwear. Bit of a hit, but the rest of the gear can be with wolves bunnies, and deer. All things you don't need cloth or leather for to repair. Fishing has given me literally Multiple TONS of food. My next project is to see how long I can sit in a car without getting out. I think water will be the limiter on that one. I'm shooting for 60 days. Once they introduced the craftable hat, the only thing that will get you is boredom. Properly outfitted, you could stock a cave to sit in and do nothing for months in game. without the craftable hat, eventually frost bite would get you. Sooner or later it would get you. Now, you can play the game forever. Hell, with Birch Bark Tea, you can make a damn good attempt at eternal life on DEADMAN. No, I'm afraid the only limit on the game is sheer boredom. Eventually, you do empty every building. Eventually, you have multiple bases in a line with hundreds of pounds of food and water. Eventually, you have over 500 cups of various tea. Eventually, you run out of room to put tea on the shelves. You stand in the middle of the Quonset Garage... surrounded by tea. Cup... after cup.... after cup... Of TEA.
  5. Oh. Right behind the trailer is a stump and a tree up against a little alcove of rock. Only one way in. The fire, if you put it in the lowest part of that little area is wind proof. Or rather, has not blown out yet. I can feel the wind, but the fire is low enough it does not. As for the crafting table, I usually make base at the quonset for the 5 wolves, 2 bears and 1 moose. Yes, every time you step outside you put your life in your hands, but its a steady supply of kills. The Log Sort is a bit of a... hunting trip? You know, like when you need to blow off cabin fever you go to a fishing hut? Well, the fishing huts get dull after a while, and unfortunately, the two fishing huts on CH that have doors are both close enough to attract bears. I much prefer it when I get a door WAY out on the ice. The one between the two islands? That one is the best to have a door. I like loading up with about 20 rotting meat fragments at .01 kg each and just wander the ice, luring in wolves, but the damn bears make that a bitch. So I have to kill them first. But log sort? Never had a bear come there no matter HOW many fragments of meat I have. So I can lure in wolf after wolf and arrow to the face them all. Honestly, I don't know why I do it. I mean, I'm going for 1000 days and I'm at 853. I should just hibernate in a cave for the next 150 days and get it over with, but for some god forsaken reason I can't just waste the time. I keep going on side trips to get more birch bark from Ravine. I mean, needless risk, but... dunno. fishing for more fish because... dunno. Just keep spreading out the water and food drops in ever increasing circles. Almost got every indoors location with water and food for a week. Working on every fishing hut. Laid down a trail of tinder plugs/charcoal/feathers crisscrossing the damn ice. Keep swinging by the mines to gather more coal. Honestly, don't even need it at this point but... it passes the time.
  6. I've learned to go exclusively with the flare gun. They come right at you and if you miss, they run. If you hit, they still run, but are going to die, sooner or later. I used to perch on things and shoot, then jump to break line of contact, but that's so much more complicated then walking up to him and shooting him in the face.
  7. Bah. Include it to scare bears and you can make it a plaid flare for all I care. Either that or give me my bear spear in the survival game. Damn I love that thing.
  8. New Base: Log sort. Found a wind proof location directly behind the trailer. So many wolves yet no bears. So you can lure them all in and then snipe them as you wish. Not quite sure why I'm collecting hundreds of these pelts, but hey, details.
  9. Leave an animal unharvested. I've gotten frostbite in my obsession to harvest every hide from every animal I kill. Why do I need a 300th wolf pelt? the first 299 wasn't enough? I have enough guts to make mountain climbing rope. enough rabbit pelts to make a giant rabbit. Yet i keep collecting them. I'm onto my 18th bear pelt. I don't even use the bear coat.
  10. You only healed one of them. Had you healed both to begin with, they would have healed together. Yes, you didn't know to do that, but you should have checked both icons.
  11. Just a thought, make a microwave able to cook, but only during the aurora. Just make it a one "cooking surface" fire that only turns on during the aurora.
  12. I have seen bunnies romp through fire. Those bastards are hard core.
  13. It's called the "Escape Key'. Keep your finger on top and listen for crows/barking. You do get a milisecond of warning.
  14. I finally got around to testing it and... yes. Apparently it does heal you when you are playing Deadman. Holy crap. I think I could actually play dead man long term now. I'm going to have to farm the ravine like no body;s business, but still.
  15. Really? Be more specific so I can test the exact conditions. We are talking about Birch Bark tree, yes? You know, I never tested it with BOTH off. Would that really make a difference?
  16. Confused. Are you talking a specific new game mechanic, a new rule set, or just using d20 as the core and adding on the lore. If so, what sort of world building are you talking about?
  17. UPDATE: I have been running about and figured that the top two locations for Birch Bark are Ravine and The Birch Forest that surrounds the Lonely homestead on Pleasant Valley Map. LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I've watched a lot of playthroughs and almost everyone completely ignores the Cattails that are due east (if you are lonely homestead, look to where the closest waterfall is. THAT IS WEST. Go the opposit direction between two rock outcroppings.) of Lonely Homestead. Over there is a marsh area that is rich in cattails. It's fairly isolated and since I started visiting it, I have yet to get jumped by wolves. Of course, I just jinxed myself. Of the two, the Ravine Map is superior to Pleasant valley birch forest, both because of the lack of predators, and because of the close proximity to shelter. However, numerically, PV seems to beat out Ravine in NUMBER of birch bark harvested. (But not by much). Just another reason why Ravine is my Cabin Fever recovery/must-see vacation home-away-from-home/tourist trap. Oh. And now that I have been playing Interloper more, My estimates of "Effective" Harvest numbers of Birch Bark tea have dropped. I'm lucky to get enough birch bark on average to equal one cup every three days. I dunno if it's a Interloper thing. or what. Frankly, I am using BirchBark tea as "Compressed Fluid" not really as a healing agent. For example. Birch Bark is .22 water, but .1 weight. AND it can have up to 125 calories a cup. The 2? points recovered (I'm sorry. Since they took away the EXACT condition percentages, I'm having a hard time determining the EXACT amount of healing) is not much, but I have figured out something: If I'm going to be traveling, and I drink a hot cup of Birch Bark right before I go, and the weather allows me to remain above freezing, and maybe I eat a Cattail before hand, I believe I recover 3 points total? 3-Ish? Which seems to translate into 3 hours of starvation, I can get away with. In the beginning of Interloper, before I get situated, I tend to see-saw between Starvation living and Well Fed, depending on my plans. Well Fed for shipping and long distance traveling, Starvation when settling down in an area to get crafting done. That sort of thing. I recommend hording Birch Bark tea, until it is time to travel long distances. With the low weight to water ratio, the token calories, the fact it can be heated, and the minor amount of healing, means it is vastly superior to any other fluid, including water and soda. Since you can drink one every 2 hours for full effect, I recommend it mostly for Interloper, where the higher thirst rate makes it, ironically, much more useful. Effectively 3 cups of birch bark replace .66 liters of water. And 2.5 cattails. So, in theory, you could drink one every 2 hours while traveling. So it is possible to JUST take BBT with you and save on the weight. However, I don't think that's the best way. I suggest instead to carry .5 liters of water for every 1 BBT. Upon waking up sleep, drink 1 cup and max out with the water, if you aren't at max condition. If you are at max, save the cup and starve for a bit, drinking it as the day goes on to remain hydrated. Figure on using it around 2 hours, ten minutes after waking up on interloper. The thirst rate seems to out pace the BBT by ten minutes, so you should carry SOME water around. Although, I am experimenting with 2 BBT for every .5 liters of water. Drink one waiting up, max out thirst, a second cup at 2 hours 10 minutes. Soda MIGHT be a substitute for water, IF you are trying to maintain Well Fed. Soda weighs .25 for .22 of fluids. So from a strictly fluid perspective, soda is the worst. However, if you are TRYING to maintain your calories, then it is a candidate for Water replacement. Not everyone uses my play style (which is, first thing, power level cooking), but if you do as I do, then use BBT alone for long trips, and combine BBT and Soda for long trips when you are trying to keep the Well Fed Bonus. Which means, save up your BBT and Soda for the right time. YES, I know, popular wisdom is that Soda never causes food poisoning. Well, I'm here to tell you I finally got food poisoning from a can of 6% soda. It doesn't happen often, but it does. Because soda spoils so quickly outdoors, I recommend, if you are stock piling soda, to wait until you have cooking 5, just in case.
  18. For the record, since this is still being discussed, I could forgo the mods if HLG just added "BRUTAL" difficulty. You know, crank everything up to 11. All the mods that made the game so much harsher. I mean, if the mod guys can do it, should be easy to add to the core game. Make them options on the custom menu, then add Brutal Difficulty and I'll be a happy (if frozen) camper. Maybe Deadman. Would love official Deadman settings.
  19. I know I am particularly harsh about the game, as is my nature. However, as I have been wear testing Steadfast ranger, I have been noticing a number of little things. The Subtle change of the backpacks. The slight movement at rest. The way the Menu screen "settles" into place when it first loads. The VAST improvement to the audiology of The Long Dark. I am certain you have adjusted SOMETHING. I cannot tell exactly what, but I detect it from time to time. You see, I am blessed/cursed with truly insane levels of pattern recognition. It has it's perks, it also is annoying as hell. I just wanted to say, there are many things you updated in Steadfast Ranger, but I know there are many undocumented improvements that you put in the game as well. I can detect them. Tiny... tiny adjustments. So small most players will miss them. Well... I notice them. I do not know who on your staff is making these minute improvements, these tiny adjustments that are... to someone such as me... so welcome. The menu load, to someone such as I seems more like you are waking up to the menu, not that it is crashing into existence. My job involves working with people who cannot speak and are so physically disabled that blinking may be the only form of communication they have. I am intimately familiar with the secondary characteristics of audible communication. I have spent over a decade perfecting the art of talking with those whose only interaction with others may be nothing more than a facial tic. My world is a world of the subtle. As someone who deals with this, I wish to assure you, your work is not only noticed, but should be praised. You may fear that, perhaps, your efforts are wasted. That no one will notice the adjustments. Maybe you wonder, "was it worth it?" Let me assure you, as an expert in this field, it is. Maybe no one else will notice (I seriously doubt that), or maybe, they will notice, but just not bring it up. But I assure you, on some level, it registers. Everyone notices the secondary characteristics of verbal Communication. We all respond to facial expressions and body language. Some understand it, most do not, but we process it none the less. People may be focused on the new Pistol, or the New tea, or griping about the Sprain system, but none of these features, will have as great an effect as these tiny... tiny details that will, in the long run, have a much greater impact on the playing experience then all the new toys and all the new game mechanics you could cram into the game. I was not sure if I should post this, but, as I said at the beginning, I am a harsh taskmaster. I expect great things from people, because I know people are capable of great things. It is... heartening... when that faith is rewarded. As such, I feel it is needed to point out when you are doing things right. You are doing the subtle things right. Thank you for your efforts, Bob
  20. Yes. Tested the tea in all settings of Condition Regain (awake). It does not work when set to None, like the Herbal Tea does not function when Condition Regain (sleep) is set to None.
  21. Having given it a great deal more testing, as far as Birch Bark Tea is concerned, I have my updated assessment of the new addition to the game. It is the only renewable source of plant calories in the game. This might seem like it is overpowering. Having done a number of play throughs where I set it on Super Tourist and power slept through 50 days to make an effort to collect from various sites, By the third time though I have come to the conclusion that the drop rate of Birch Bark is so low that It may take up to a year to equal the amount of Rose hips alone that the game gives you. And this is based on me running from map to map to gather up as much as I can, not just limiting myself to one map. Furthermore, I know that when a certain limit of Birch is reached, no more birch will drop until that which has dropped is gathered. On any other difficulty where you aren't on God-Mode, I see no way to actually reach the maximum level of available Birch bark. So, while yes, the Birch Bark is unlimited, the drop rate, accessibility, and other limiting factors mean that it is a lot less of a benefit, than at first glance. And for those who claim we don't need more plant calories because we have so much in the way of Cattails, I would point out I collected every cattail in the game once on super tourist mode. The Maximum number of cattails that can be collected is 1087. There is a MAXIMUM amount of 217 days that you can live on cattails, assuming you use starvation sleeping and get by on 750 cal/day I estimate there are enough rose hips to make 129 rose hip teas and 294 Reishi Mushroom tea. compare that to, at most, 1.2 Cups of Birch Park tea per day. So, it would take about 352 days to equal the amount of calories you can get from Reish and Rose hip tea UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS. And assuming I made some mistakes, that there are more Reishi and Rose hip available, and considering that in Voyager, Stalker, and Interloper you CAN'T devote yourself 24/7 to collecting Birch Bark, I would conclude that under real game play conditions, the maximum amount of calories you can collect from plants prior to Birch Bark tea is 215,925. Assuming that real game conditions, we have the rate you can collect Birch Bark of at MOST .6 cups per day, that results, Under ideal conditions, that we have only increased the over all amount of Plant calories in the game 12.6%. IF YOU PLAY FOR 365 DAYS. So it takes a full IN GAME YEAR to reach +12.6% calories that you would NOT have without Birch Bark tea, IF you bust your ass doing nothing but gathering Birch Bark. Considering most players stop playing somewhere between 100 to 200 days, It's closer to a real game bonus of +5% calories that you didn't have previously. It is hard to judge this, because play style and length of game play make up a HUGE part of the variability, but I stand by my estimation. Conclusion: On Average the REAL additional plant calories added to the game world is +5% from Birch Bark Tea. Honestly, a pathetic amount. Now, Some have suggested that the Birch Bark tea is OP. In My Opinion, It is hardly game breaking and I would in no way shape or form, having run the statistical analysis on Birch Bark Tea, recommend Nerfing the tea in any way. It's a nice addition and even at the far end of the bell curve it adds +12.6% Under ideal Birch Bark hunting conditions. Even if we make it +10% for the average, we are only speaking about the same bonus you get from the Badge that reduces your caloric intake by 10%. Let that sink in, that weak ass Badge that adds +10% calories is a superior benefit when compared to the Birch Bark Tea. Now that I have run the numbers, we compare it to the other brewable teas. It cooks as fast as the other fast brewing teas, It provides a weak bonus that last two hours. (I cannot prove it, but I suspect it only bumps up your awake healing rate by +0.5/+1/+1.5 percent depending on your at walking around healing rate.) While not something to sneeze at, as every point of condition recovery matters, but it is HARDLY an overwhelming benefit. It grants 30% rehydration, which means given how long it lasts, only in games where the thirst rate is at Very High will you be able to chug more than 4 in a row from being bottomed out. Herbal Tea is a much better benefit, even with walking around healing rate maxed out. The regeneration only works while all four meters are in the white. So while it does add to health and grants water and food, One must be rested and warm to take advantage of it. It can be drunk hot, to help it keep your temp up and gain the healing benefits. Clearly it is best used in conjunction with a cup of coffee. When getting up from a long sleep before a long planned hike. You should have these on your fire, let them get cooked, then have the fire go out before they boil away. Sleep your maximum amount of time, wake up, then drink the coffee and the Birch Bark Tea in quick succession, assuming you didn't heal fully in your sleep. This one two combo will grant you the maximum warmth and energy, slow regeneration, while granting you up to 250 calories and 60% water. Frankly, it's overkill, but that is the optimal use, not the most efficient use. It can be used without the coffee of course. SUMMARY: Birch Bark Tea is a sensible addition to the game. It gives the players something else to go "Ooo! Shiney!" over and helps to make the game a little more enjoyable. The benefits are worth using, while at the same time, mild enough as to not be game unbalancing. It only adds an effective +5% extra "easy to get" calories, and that is spread out over time. Depending on game play, unlike Reishi or Rose hips, you may LOSE potential Birch Bark Tea, thus greatly reducing your potential extra calories, if you take too long to gather it. It may be renewable, but it has its' limits. In My Opinion, The tea is an excellent addition to the game. There are no known flaws, nor any bizarre interactions with other game mechanics that could be exploited. Finally, in comparison to the other teas, it fits perfectly with the world as it has been constructed. It fills in a minor gap in the game and completes the set of Brewable drinks. No improvements or nerfing is recommended at this time.
  22. I agree that the Birch Bark tea is more calories in a world with too many calories. However, I typically play custom mode with Plants on Low, which equates to 1/3rd as many plants, so it balances out. It is also why I think interloper should have plants set to low, instead of high.