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  1. Great, Thanks for the info... started another run at CH and found four books... went to over to DP via Crum H and found enough to finish out that feat. That's all of them.
  2. Ok, yes that is true... but somehow I have a mental block to burning them. I guess that is why there are drawers full of them somewhere in hyperspace? So, when playing I tried to level up my person and fast as I could so I could hit something (at least with that aiming feature wandering all over??) because there was no telling if I'd find any of the books (RNG and all)... or should I say "... when I would find...? It was strange, one of the last I found before all was at 5... was one book (don't remember what the title was) that was 25 hours of read? Most of the other book were 12 or so hours if memory serves?
  3. So, you can't earn that "feat" with just one game run? Strange. Ok, I'll try that as soon as I get through with the Nomad. Thanks!
  4. Not sure this applies... All my skills have been at 5 for some time now (just got my 500 days chevio) but the badge still says only 84% even though it also says I have read 250 hours. None of the books I have found after getting to level 5 can be read as when I try I get the message (Your skill level is to high. or something like that) and then become fuel. Is this a bug/glitch?
  5. Right. I couldn't do that either. As it is the clock ( moon/sun meter) does not seem to be that accurate and trying to sleep through the night and the passing of time is kind of boring in and of itself. (just my Op)
  6. Right. Thanks for the view points. Sorry 'bout that... only playing on Pilgrim. Don't enjoy being attacked every few minutes. Wow, ten years in game ( over 3650 days in game)!? I can't see playing that many hours. It's all good though. It is getting hard for me to find single player, games I like that I can play off-line. So, the Long Dark has filled a void so to speak. Next thing I'll be looking for is a Wolf powered dog sled.... ? Oh wait.... he'd just eat my face off. Funny that bears don't attack wolves? Turn that collar up and lean into the wind... it's going to be a long cold night. Wolf jerky anyone!!
  7. Weird I guess. Costal Highway, survival, Pilgrim, very early on I took a shot at a bear and wounded same. Don't remember if my first hit was the rifle or bow? The bear starts running around and I try to track it waiting for the bear's long dark. It get caught up on this ledge up behind the Gas Station. On that road/path to the right (while you are facing the Station) the does a hairpin turn up to the silent clearing? It is just hung up there crying and fussing. So I decide it is a good place to work on my bow hunting skill. Right, well I think my first shot misses (not very good with the bow) but the second one dropped him. The weird part.... ? Right, sorry! The weird part was I could not get to that kill to harvest it... or get my arrows back! Bummer. (not the best example I know?)
  8. I know others may have thought about this as I did not start playing till April/2019 and this game has been around for a long time it seems based on comments and time stamps. But, I'll say it anyway. Once all the non- re-spawnable materials are used up in a region you are forced to move on to another. Things like cloth, scrap metal, tool kits and sewing kits, etc. get used up and when they are gone your clothes and some tool will be worn out... if you could stand to play that long. Just working on the 500 day cheivo... and I will have to move on to another base before I run out of such items. I can just see how much faster the cloth would run out if I were being attached every time I turn around? Oh well... such is my comment.
  9. After playing quite a long time and then noticing the "Feats" I started to just work on them (spoiler.... yes I just play Pilgrim, hate to have to keep starting over from scratch each time my person dies...) and with the fire feat... I just set 10 fires and use a combo of matches and torches (Torches... thanks to a post from someone who suggest that...) to keep relighting one stick in each. Running around to collect sticks and barring the wind blowing them out I did manage to get from 2 or 3 hundred fires up to 1000.
  10. Survival, Pilgrim, Coastal Highway, kind of new but had been working this area for many days (don't remember exact number) and on a return trip to the Gas Station base I spot a Moose way back by that burned cabin. Well, I am not a great shot, and the aiming feature of this rifle are a pain at best...but I just have to try a shot. Could have bowled me over with a crow feather! I dropped (not sure if one or two shot) it! I was so surprised that I harvested the whole critter.... without paying any attention to what all that work cost my guy! Yep... I harvested myself to death. Dumb I know. Boy was I surprised twice that day. What a waste. I have enjoyed all these comments.