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  1. I think it would be cool if you could either find or build/carve out of let's say tree bark or something to make a sled that you could put an animal carcass on or other items that are heavy in which you would drag behind you. Not only would you have to find or build the sled but you would also need to have a rope to attach to it so you could wrap it around you to be able to pull it. Also it would be cool if they could add some more animals like let's say a fox or cougar. Even a beaver that builds little dams in the rivers that are not completely frozen or where the ice cracks.
  2. Idk if it is just me but I feel very disappointed with Hinterland lately. Chapter/Stage/Act 3 whatever you want to call it was suppose to be released in December 2018 and was put on hold to further develop it as they inherited some new employees and technology to make Act 3 even better. So if 3 was ready supposedly in December 2018 and now fast forward to September 2019 coming up on October we still have not been given 3. When reading that 3 was put on hold to further develop it at first I was excited. I thought to myself sweet 3 is going to be full of new weapons, clothing, tools, enemies, etc. When I guessed at how long it might take I guessed at 3 to 6 month. A half a year to improve on 3 seems like enough time but idk I don't work in the game industry (I hope to after college). But here we are 9 going on 10 months later and still nothing idk personally I feel pretty disappointed that 3 is taking AGAIN SO LONG we already had to wait before the December 18 release now we had to wait an additional 9 months going on 10 soon for 3 to come out. At this point I've moved on to other games but I keep coming back idk 1 or 2 times a month to check if 3 dropped and have been disappointed every time. By now my excitement had faded, im still going to play 3 when launched but I don't have that same exciting feeling that I did a year ago at this time when waiting for 3 and it had been postponed(if I'm not mistaken) for the Dec 18 release. Yes we got the Ranger update to hold us off and like most people explored and found everything added within the first 2 weeks. I'm at a point where The Long Dark even though one of my favorite games (top 10) it's losing my interest heavily lately. Cause I think of it this way WHEN 3 RELEASES we already had to wait well over a year just for a single Act to be added to Wintermute and is Act 4 and 5 to finish it going to take just as long if so we are looking at a 2021 release of Act 5 when project Scarlett and ps5 would have already been on the market for a bit now. I don't think and I hope Act 4 n 5 don't take as long as 3 but we don't know cause they quit with the updates with a date of when this or that is going to arrive so we are just sitting in the long dark waiting.
  3. Lol and for almost busting a cap in my a*$ as well she had it coming but the little girl didn't
  4. ..,epic. Well this game is already epic, so what's a word for making epic better???? IDK I don't care lol. Here are a couple of things I wish Hinderland would add to The Long Dark. 1. Co Op. OMG if we could play survival mode with a friend on Xbox live(the system I use to play) I know of about 3 or 4 more people that would buy this game. I know 3 or 4 more people doesn't sound like a lot but that's just WHO I KNOW. WHO WOUKD BUY IT IF IT HAD CO OP THAT YOU KNOW? my best friend for example say me playing this game and asked about it. I got so carried away explaining the game with such passion he says to me "damn sounds like a sick game it's 2 players right?" ? No it's not I told him and he basically told me he is not getting it now cause we couldn't play together lol. Ya it sounds stupid but we do play almost every game we buy together and if it's not co op we don't bother buying it. The only games I've really bought lately that aren't are of course The Long Dark, The Witcher 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and all of the Dragon Age Games. I have to same The Long Dark is in some pretty good company when I think about it from my personal opinion though. But he doesn't bother playing any of these game except The Witcher 3 which took me forever to convince him to play but he doesn't seem to give in on TLD though sadly. I personally would have loved for this game to have been 2 players from the get go not just to play with him but other random people around the world it would have been interesting to see how they would have picked to survive and I'm 100% sure it would be fun. 2. Items 1. SPEAR (in survival mode and more uses like throwing at rabbits lol) 2. Water proof matches (rare) but have the ability to light fire 100% and fast when ur really in a bind. 3. Ear muffs (just cause) 4. Fishing rod (hand made or found and it would help by giving a higher percentage chance to catch fish) 5. Special arrows 6. Maybe one more type of gun Shotgun? Or a scoped rifle? Maybe even a handgun for close encounters or when a wolf is on top of you inst kill? 7. Flint (I think that's the name for it. It's the thing you use to make Sparks to start a fire) 8. More clothes like sweats and thermals 3. More/Custom Characters only for survival mode of course 4. Snowmobile. Hear me out when you find it you couldn't drive it and it would be used to fast travel between areas that's it and runs off gas which you have to find to be able to use. 5. 1 or 2 more animals something small in the trees like a squirrel or chipmunk and maybe 1 big animal similar to the wolf like a fox but it's fur would have different clothing options with different stats
  5. I would just like to customize the guy or girl just basic things like hair, skin, eye color. And maybe since they have hired more people maybe a different voices for both characters which could make your character from the voice alone make them seem older or younger which ever your leaning towards.
  6. Can we get a jump button plz!!! I'm not talking lebron James jumping height but just a small jump height so I can jump on small boulders and over small rocks, Branch's, logs for when I'm running from a bear or wolf. It would make a world of difference what do u guys think?