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  1. You shot the wolf with a pistol, didn’t get a crit, fought it off, then killed it with a second pistol shot, and the body glitched at a strange angle?
  2. I must have confused a wolf feasting on a kill for an already-dead deer. Still, that seems like a mechanic that one day might be real...
  3. Dead deer don’t attract wolves?
  4. Are you a dead deer?
  5. Hushed River Valley. I just came back from my second run. Between the two, I got three skill books, a new bow, two arrows, three hatchets, two knives, distress pistol (and 4 flare shells, two snow pants, two climbing sox, two wool underwear, the nose satchel, and numerous pelts, bullets, and natural medicines. Edit: and an expedition parka!
  6. Ah, awesome. Good to know.
  7. I shot an arrow at a bear, and it broke, hanging in the air. So I hit a bear in the face with an arrow, then ran to the safety of a nearby sedan. The game registered a hit with the progress icon. I waited out the bear’s bleeding only for it not to die. I exited the vehicle and found a broken arrow hovering over the road. Error in item placement aside, is this a common experience?
  8. TWM long term it’s good to bring all your coffee grounds, a hacksaw, and a quality tools (and some spare scrap if you have it). With your bow and jacket you should be all set. I’d bring a revolver though- it’s noise is good for wolves.
  9. I am gonna guess that a lone wolf encounter (easier) will always have a place in the game, as will multi-wolf (much harder). Hinterland is probably thinking about how many of one vs the other they want in what difficulty mode, and/or when the harder packs start spawning? (Immediate vs late to challenge an established run.)
  10. My interpretation is that the normal wolves AI works well as a ‘lone wolf’ encounter but is not working as the Hinterland team wants for a “pack attack”. Currently the few multi-wolf encounters I have had feel like two/three separate AI trees waiting to resolve individually. Creating a separate animal is probably the easiest way to create a pack AI & warn the player of the danger of the encounter.
  11. It’s a good animation... now only if that limping wolf outside the hydro dam didn’t take a bite outa me when I turned around to go to the ravine i’d be jolly!
  12. Caffeine sensitive: You have consumed 250 sodas/cups of coffee/energy drinks. You recover a small amount of fatigue from canned soda and a larger boost from energy drinks and coffee.
  13. RNG informs this, but my current setup: wool touque, rabbit hat Wolf coat, expedition parka light sweater, wool shirt rabbit gloves deerskin pants 2x wool long johns 2x climbing sox deerskin boots I could run with 2x fisherman sweaters or expedition parkas, but I feel the durability of the crafted gear is more important than saving a few pounds.
  14. I like the unique mechanics of the ice and the fact that I can see the whole area on a clear day. It’s also intimidating to deal with fog there. The animals do not seem to have to deal with thin ice dangers. I don’t want to hunt often on that map!
  15. Day 42: It’s been 6 weeks since I crashed on this frozen island. I have found ample supplies to last me for some time; and with no hope of rescue anytime soon even they might not be enough. Having climbed to the top of the mountain and back I decided it was time for major hunt. I had never killed a bear before, but the books I have since have given me quite the crash course. I shot the bear on the far side of the lake, but the hit was not as clean as I thought and he took hours to die. At first I watched him bleed in the sunshine as he circled my fishing hut, the thin walls my only defense against him. Later, I just read while a too-curious Wolf kept trying to investigate. He finally died at dusk; just as a blizzard set in. I didn’t need the tussle with the wolf; in hindsight I should have dealt with him while I waited for my quarry to fall. Rising at 2 in the morning was not fun but at least I was able to boil water and get something to drink after the storm; my supplies consumed in my long vigil. The bear meat should last me for another week at least; at least I could bring it back without issue. Now to finish reading and fixing my deerskins...