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  1. Dominique

    No Ammo

    A good point, I thought that the casings would be found close to the milling machine. It looks like a bug. I do not find cleaning kits either BTW. Just the guns. Weird.
  2. Dominique

    No Ammo

    Same problem here. On custom low resource availability scenarios I always find guns but no rfile ammo and, rarely, a couple of revolver bullets. It is like the game wanted to force the player to go to Bleak Inlet early on. Not a good gameplay decision IMHO. It should make the ammos scarcer but still be available.
  3. V1.69 57923 on PC - Survival mode. The animal gets stuck and only move when the player moves out. I got the same bug with a bear in another cabin on the lake. Dominique
  4. The soul. The alliance of the beauty of the design (snow crunching under my feet with a woodpecker busy at work in the crisp early morning air ...) and the unforgiveness of the gameplay .
  5. Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts . I didn’t know about the birch bark tea but that was not my point. When you are out of almost everything, as in my example, I feel it unrealistic that I couldn’t get some warmth from some just boiled hot water. Actually, it is « gamey » that we don’t. You will tell me but it is just a game 😉. Yes of course, but such a game has to strike a balance between « gameyism » (what a horrible word) and realism.
  6. Thank you. Living both in Russia and Canada long ago, I've learnt that the intense cold gets first to you from the sole of your feet and from your upper head. That helps playing TLD 😉.
  7. Thanks, yes I do and am a regular at the Avsim dedicated forum 😉
  8. Drinking a can of water just off the fire should give you a little warmth inside, no ? It is not the leaves of tea or the tomatoes in the soup which warm you up after all, it is the water 😀! The Chinese have known that for centuries, loving to drink their kaishui (boiled water). To appreciate that you have to start a game almost naked in HR , in the cold of night, jumping half frozen from cave to cave to get to Milton, finding miraculously a box of matches, a piece of coal and some sticks. And making water.
  9. Agreed but you need to have found one. At low availability setting, it can take time. In the meantime...
  10. Interesting... I have an old Corsair Vengeance 2100 headphones. The stereo sound works OK in other games or when I do the test in Windows but for the (virtual) life of me, I can't say where a TLD growling wolf is around me before having a visual. I guess I will have to buy a surround headphone some day. Anyway, thank you to all of you for sharing your experience.
  11. I play with headphones only. You are right, the waterfalls sound weird when you turn the head. But it is not a problem. Not knowing where the wolf growls by the sound of it, is a safety hazard 😉.
  12. It happens in many places. You may be right with the owl . Doesn't loon quack like a duck ? I've never seen/heard one...
  13. What I wonder is whether it is the path or the line of sight. In my example, the wolf couldn't see me if its field of vision is vertically restricted. Another example. Having an issue with another wolf, I crouched into he Trapper's Cabin derelict barn low end and it stopped chasing me.