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  1. Good advice. I'll probably try to carry what I can across Ravine, dump it in CH and sally forth another load. I leave some supplies, in the event I travel through.
  2. I'm on Xbox one, so this may not apply to PC people. I did the 5gig update today. Played for 2 hours in survival. Mystery Lake to Ravine and as soon as I get to Costal... Blam. Game crashed. I reload and... guess what? Everything I did today is lost. I'm back in ML, as if never loaded the game. I've reported to technical support. Not the end of the world, but I was wondering if anyone else is getting the hard crash with the new update?
  3. First game, Voyageur, day 212. I cleared hydro damn, mystery lake and Milton. Now I've got to travel back to Costal where I started. Moose satchel is equipped. Any ideas of a good way to get most of this there?
  4. Oh, my. Well. The Devs get what they want.
  5. Yeah. Sounds like a bug to me. I mean how can the developers justify a wolf taking bait from 50 feet away? I mean really. It's gotta be a glitch.
  6. YouTube is pushing people away from their service by this militant copywrite crap. Content creators are finding it more difficult to meet the increasing unreasonable criteria imposed on them by YouTube. I'm hearing rumors that new/alternative video services will be replacing YouTube before too long. It's too bad, too. YouTube used to be a good platform.
  7. Dunno if this is a technical issue or not. Since the patch, dropped decoys just go poof -- disappear. I did a few tries with rabbit carcasses and more with fresh guts. Both dropped between 30-50 feet from the wolf, and poof. Gone. I'm on Xbox, so it may be platform singular. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Yesterday. Dunno about PC players. Snow does not look so washed-out now. However the decoy problem persists.
  9. I've found that being overweight and/or tired makes the risk higher. More chance for sprain at that point. I've had my share of them to be sure.
  10. My Xbox just did a huge update, 9gigs. I read they did a patchfix and one of items was the brightness issue on the list. I'm assuming they'll do the same to PC players.
  11. If you had a bow, you'd never go after a bear with a spear. You'd be better off falling on it instead. A bear is 300 pounds of mean, grumpy claws. We've got snares, why can't we make a simple claw trap?
  12. I'll tried it on a wolf, pointed it at him and turned it on. Didn't even slow him down. Got attacked, blood loss, etc. Thank you for the tips, however the new patch may have changed the wolf behavior. I noticed dropping bait makes them run most of the time. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  13. Seen similar results since the update. The deer seem more skittish. I saw one up on a tree. I'll see if I can find a photo.
  14. Seen similar results since the update. The deer seem more skittish. I saw one up on a tree. I'll see if I can find a photo.
  15. Noob, 1st game, Voyageur. Day 195. I just got done looting Milton. Question about the flashlight. Does anyone use it? It only works during the northern lights, I understand. However if you've got the Aurora, you can read, craft, etc. What good is it? Do people use it to hunt? Just curious. Thanks.