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  1. Exactly. Destroying objects (and getting scrap metal or reclaimed wood)... maybe even crushing rocks - and melting them in furnace for metal? Building a tent... or having hammer and nails, so that some improvised furniture can be fixed or rebuilt? Or even building some kind of a fence... That would create new opportunities and experiences...
  2. FreeSTONE


    After watching the youtube video, where survivalist commented on TLD. Most of the game seem to be actually plausible, according to the expert, with one comment: too much snow would create snow blindness. I believe this could be somehow implemented in the game - lets say, in higher difficulties?
  3. That would be perfect. Extending "personality" of animals... so, e.g., giving them food might make them, over time, more friendly. Unless you do something bad, or unless you smell too much, they might let you go and not attack you 🙂
  4. ...or a boxer. Or crossbow! Or a short shotgun, usable as alternate way to open locked containers 🙂 So many options to explore...
  5. Would be just great to use many Clothes to build some kind of "fast travel vehicle"... with limited fuel, and unpredictable wind... would just roam over some location - or even between locations. You would only control the altitude (slightly). Theoretically, there could be some simple wind indicator - so that player could decide, when to land. Could be used to transport large qunatities of equipment - and to enjoy the view. I would love that.
  6. FreeSTONE

    Plane Crash

    Please, continue! :-))
  7. I imagine that the main character will run in or out of prison and talk to other prisoners - maybe even trade items? Of course there must be some dialog. I acutally look forward to it.
  8. Now this is interesting. Does the reishi work even if bought as a pill? I just heard on some reviews that the "reishi must be shellbroken, otherwise it is useless", could you please comment on that? Also, how exactly the reishi must be "prepared" in order to drink? Just cutting to small pieces? What would happen if I ate the mushroom unprepared?
  9. That would be great. Just imagine you could build cabinets, or even some kind of shelter (tent) - or dismantle existing, and then "quarter" them, to be able to move them somewhere else. Fishnets would be also great... no need to wait several hours idle.
  10. Idea to create some "feeder", and refill it to get one type of animals to acknowledge player's presence. Much later, one deer could become "friendly", and stay close to player. Could be utilized to carry small items (sticks...)
  11. That's quite trap: the button "Clean" suddenly become "Harvest". It should be placed elsewhere. Or, maybe, when item is cleaned / repaired to max, the item-details screen should change to inventory. For me, this would be very simple fix.
  12. Any idea when (of if, at all) the HinterlandStore will be available again?
  13. Hello, all Survivors, and welcome! I am FreeSTONE, guy, from Central Europe, with 360+ hours of my TLD "experience" and to be honest, I enjoyed the game most in that damned year 2020. This is story about how I started playing: About two years ago, I got in contact with one old friend from my University. We started some philosophic discussion, I asked him about some opinions and he told me "you know what? Here, take this..." and sent me link to his Quora account. There, I found hundreds of his opinions, even those I planned to ask later. That was cool! We continued our d
  14. Maybe player could find some special kind of stone, that can be used as (lower-quality) whetstone? Or maybe the player needs to visit some facility (something like workbench) to sharpen all tools...
  15. Somehow, it would be also interesting if the deer would be alive... pulling it instead of the player. Canadian Santa Claus! Eh... almost.