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    I always think it’s best to locate resources around a map to roughly where they’re going to be needed. For example, specialist tools like the heavy hammer or the hacksaw can generally be left in locations with a forge or near a workbench as they will not really be needed apart from that purpose. I also normally create “dumps” around a map for specific resources such as a specific building containing a lot of curing hides or a cache of sticks. This is usually either my main base or an easy-to-access location close to where I acquire the resources. This can help reduce the amount you’re carrying around. Apart from that, I recommend carrying enough stuff to keep you alive in the event of a storm or something occurring and you’re all on your own, a tool for a wolf attack, a torch, bandages (always have bandages). I often also carry a bed roll at all times in case you have to bunker down in a cave or something. It is always hugely dependent on play style and run purpose so try to use those as indicators for what will help you.
  2. I recommend camping out in the cabins opposite the dam. That way when you leave and see the Aurora you’re pretty close and you can say “damn I can enter the dam.”
  3. The old bear as of redux is a scripted bear and cannot be killed until you have reached a specific point in the story to do so. This point in the story is a real fun gameplay shift but I won’t spoil it here.
  4. I believe - although it’s been a long time since I played it - you do the tower the same way as the others. The bear attacks and you pull out the trusty bear spear, holding ready during his charge to attempt to impale him. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think happened to me.
  5. Very excited for updates to the navigation system. Hope you all stay safe in these troubling times and make the best of the current situation.
  6. That would be an excellent format.
  7. I actually ended up creating a Bandcamp account just for this soundtrack, it was way worth it though; the soundtrack is awesome to relax or work to. I wonder if there's a volume two coming out soon; the music that came out alongside the hushed river valley update and the episode three soundtrack is definitely some of my favourite music in the game at present.
  8. The thing that used to annoy me the most was how easy it was to accidentally eat uncooked meat from the radial menu but that has been fixed. Probably at present just a couple of the locations in game where the cartography system generates either a poor rendering for the surroundings or when it doesn't note the named location I'm mapping from.
  9. From what I've played since the last update I think that the locations a rifle can spawn haven't really changed however they do spawn less frequently to balance the additional revolver spawns. Some common locations where a rifle may spawn may also contain a revolver spawn so a revolver may spawn instead. It can certainly be frustrating in the early game when you've got your rifle but 5 boxes or revolver rounds.
  10. I remember when the original episodes 1 & 2 released, playing them and loving the interesting new perspective they gave me on the quiet apocalypse. The redux versions of these certainly built upon and Improved the original formula for the stories success and delivered an overall more polished and higher quality experience in my opinion. The work that the Hinterland team team must dedicate to the art form that is The Long Dark will always be an inspiration to my own work and hopefully to the industry of developers that exist today; the strive for quality prioritisation in the face of community pressured time restrictions and financial incentives is something which requires the highest level of respect. To Hinterland I wish the greatest success with the upcoming release of Episode 3 and that the community surrounding this great game will enjoy and appreciate this developing vision of a tragically beautiful dystopia.
  11. Why did the studio decide to shift back to a menu UI System when cooking? The process of the add fuel, water, cook menu as of redux - in my opinion - breaks the immersion of the game and is just a pain to use on XBOX at least.
  12. I’m really happy to see a soundtrack release on another platform but my question is if the soundtrack will release on any other platforms? One platform isn’r Ideal for everyone. Thank you though.
  13. I was wondering what the Hinterland approach to Easter Eggs and jokes within The Long Dark was. They’re some of my favourite parts of games I play as they often make me chuckle. In game I always like to read the description for the hoodie and look at the writing on food packaging so is it fun for you guys to add these into the game and do you plan on adding many more in the future?
  14. Spotify or iTunes myself. Maybe it could be a surprise bundled with this new update