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  1. I have a PV save and the lighting is horrible, went to the new buildings at Thomson's or whatever the new village is named. Lighting inside was like it was before the update. Go across the road into the "old" store. Lighting was horrible (Same Weather) like after update. Any other players with pre update saves double check please !! If this turns out to be something that helps you guys fix the issue, can I get one of those handy dandy wetterlings hatchets? :))
  2. Hey folks.. I was wondering if there is anyway to retrieve the code from a sandbox game I am currently playing in custom mode? I want to share it with my nephew. Thanks
  3. Have well over 1500 hours in the game, have not played much in quite some time. Question is. Did the revolver being added change the rifle spawns? Used to be a rifle in the Radio control tower, seemed like every game. Either there or the farmhouse and you would have a rifle, have started a few games and checked for the rifle and have not found it either place. Playing custom and do have the rifle availability turned on
  4. Have to agree, way to many sprains in TWM Moving a few items from the hut to the preppers abandoned cached. No weapon, no water, no food, (had food/water at the cache) 63 lbs of gear While the path from the hut to the cache is not perfectly flat, I dont feel i should have suffered two sprains, (both wrist and ankle) on the trip over, and an ankle sprain coming back
  5. I suggested something similar to this on the Steam forums and it was wrote off from the players ( not the Devs) as non sense My suggestion was not to lock the current system, but for there to be a " few" scattered saplings that would make better, more powerful bows and arrow shafts. Saplings which took longer to cure and much longer to craft. Now, with the skill system being implemented, this could really be a viable option ( If and when bow skills are introduced, which i have no doubt there will be) This could be easily placed in the game. A player might find one of these saplings r
  6. +1 I suggested in another thread, maybe here or on the Steam forums or both, that you should be able to use the A/D keys to select the tools, you can control every other mechanic in the game with the WASD keys, why not the tool selection? As the OP said, very frustrating to have to move the cursor to select a tool when breaking down branches, or harvesting an animal. Breaks the immersion as well
  7. I mentioned this about the "tool usage" in the Steam forums When cooking you can scroll up and down with the mouse wheel or use the W/S keys to select what you wanna cook, u can use the A/D keys to select the amount of snow you wanna melt, or water to boil. But every time you wanna break a branch you have to move the mouse cursor to select. Kinda seems odd that the tool selection is about the only thing you cant control from the keyboard. Kind of odd and breaks the immersion IMO
  8. @Troy, no worries man, that's what these forums are for, to have intelligent conversation about a game we enjoy
  9. Please Read this thread from the Steam forum Troy, check and read the links contained in the thread , watch the video about the guy who got parasites. IF you do nothing more Please just read the last post, made by the developers of this game we both love, before they locked the thread http://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/357284131787802636 Parasites that come from wild game, mainly bears come from under cooked meat. There is less than 20 cases a year in the US., But if you read at least the last post of that thread you will see that The DEV's stated " people do
  10. I made a lengthy post in the pertinent scholar feedback thread. My post is on page 2. We agree on some things, like the tinder being removed was a big mistake from a realism point of view. I also suggested that on the next set of skills the bow be added. Crouching shot, less sway when holding the bow draw longer, some sort of stealth, to get a bit closer, the wind needs to play a factor in stalking. It seems to attract predators from downwind when your carrying meat, especially uncooked meat. I have reached level 5 on cooking, and the parasite removal should remain in tact,
  11. As Muecke Stated Kraleman has some very interesting self imposed challenges. If you watch Twitch, try and catch him playing TLD
  12. I care. Very happy that the rifle was "nerfed" with the addition of the Skills, The gun is way under powered, inaccurate before, well it still is until you level up. The devs at least gave it more knockdown power, accuracy, and distance when leveling up Bring on the reloading press !!!
  13. +1 Hinterlands has delivered an amazing product, would like to see what the NPC's offer, how the interaction with them played out etc But i also like the " its me against mother nature" aspect of the game. there is no one here to help, i got to think and plan accordingly. So i wish/ hope they give us the ability to toggle them.
  14. I just typed more than I had in a month and it didnt post so here is my shortened bit of feed back Feats should be Steam Achievements, and or a player should be able to toggle them on or off. Cold Fusion and Efficient Machine would make the start of a run much easier . The Rifle skill tree is the only one that makes anywhere close to 100% sense. A 303 Enfield is a deadly round in the hands of a skilled hunter, marksmen or soldier. If a player reaches level 5 on the rifle skills, he has earned it. The cooking skill tree. Big drawn out threads on the Steam forums about the parasit