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  1. Please refresh my memory... the "second bunker"... is that the Abandoned Prepper Cache near the rope to Timberwolf, or one of the others? Edit: Got it. It's the one just south of Molly's Barn. Thanks!!
  2. I swear I've looked through every building I've been in, and I only have: 1 Forest Talker 1 Local 3 Tall Tales (Deer, Sasquatch, Glowing Cave) I'm pretty sure the 2 notes were in the store and a bunker. I'm pretty sure I got one of the Tall Tales near the Point of Desolation. I'm feeling frustrated because although I'm pretty sure the collectibles really are on the main path and I think I've been looking for them pretty carefully, I have 5 to go before I finish the episode. I'm ready to go there, but I'm going to need to scour the valley before I can go there. Any other suggestions? I'm starting to backtrack now. Local #1 is in the Thomson Store tacked to the bulletin board. Thanks @ajb1978! Local #2 is in the Community Center in the room on the right on the desk as you walk in. Local #3 is in the Radio Tower on the 2nd radio table. Forest Talker #1 is at the Three Strikes Homestead in the back part of one of the sheds. Forest Talker #2 is on the second floor of the barn in the back right corner on the floor. Forest Talker #3 is in the grate in the bunker near Skeeter's Ridge. The bunker mission is found in the backpack next to the corpse in Thomson's Store. Local Legends - The Lost Cave is found on the counter in Thomson's Store. Still looking for that last Tall Tale. I don't even know what it is.
  3. That prompt was very short, and only the first time I entered an area. I almost missed it, or I'd be in the same boat. I suppose I might have stumbled across survivors without the pistol, but having them fire back was definitely helpful.
  4. Yeah, I kinda figured that. Everything seems to be along the main path as you go through everything. I guess the question I have is at what point do I need to have everything before it's too late? I only have 1 survivor left for the community center.
  5. You found the 3 Tall Tale books that I did. So far, I've only found 2 of the 6 other notes that are out there. I know one was in the Crossroads Store, but i can't remember where the other was. I think one was in a shack on the way to the plane crash. Really ticked at myself for not marking them as I go. I'll post here when I find more. (I still have to go to the radio tower.)
  6. No, there's a way to leave near Cloudtop Falls, kind of against the wall. It's the way I entered the region, and I left the same way. Has anyone else noticed The Tree To Nowhere near the signal fire? On the way up, there's a hill up on the left, then a tree that crosses over to the right. As far as I can tell, there is nothing on that entire path on either side of the tree crossing, yet it seems odd to have what is a purposeful tree crossing right there. Since it's next to a cliff face... potential rope to a future transition point?
  7. I like the trees that stand up straighter when I look at them, almost like they're on parade and being told not to slouch. :-D I hate when I forget my can at my last campfire....
  8. Has anyone successfully mapped HRV yet? Whiteberry has gone AWOL :-( And I'd really like to be able to get a good feel for it as I go through it.
  9. Thanks for the response. I was going through the OP, which was updated to include HRV. Didn't realize the criteria had changed re Stone Church. Off to start a new custom run.
  10. Curious... I'm still not able to get the Stone Church icon in Desolation Point to show on the map. Is there some trick? Before I hike back across the map, is this icon absolutely necessary, even though the map shows the name?
  11. Thanks for the response. Xbox is still showing at 0.00%, so no one has yet gotten it. When I was first to pop Will to Live, it went up to 0.01%. I know of at least one I still need to get for FC, so I can't yet claim it did or did not pop for me. Getting back to working on it.
  12. To confirm, all of the locations must be mapped and not simply visited? I'm sure I saw somewhere that it was the opposite (although I've been operating as if they must be mapped as I've gone back through). Also to confirm what you just said, there are actually people on Xbox who have popped this?
  13. Yep, accidentally eating raw meat or drinking bad water because they pop up is beyond annoying. There are times when I've killed something large (bear) and go to eat, but all of the spots on the radial are raw bear meat, and not the cooked meat I'm carrying.