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  1. I am an OG player who have been grinding TLD since it’s release. I couldn’t agree more with your review of the narrative elements ( especially with the long wait ) . I believe a game of such realism should take more consideration with such details. however, Raph and the rest of the team came up with such an amazing original story to tell and such game mechanics that will actually make you lose sense of time while playing. now for more points to add from my side and I really believe @lyttol hit most the points i was thinking about. The narrative elements of the game when presenting a lead such as the scene at the end of Episode 3 doesn’t actually gives the player a margin to create your own theory on what happened. It just gives you a glimpse of what the author or the narrator knows. I think this method of narrative disconnects the player from the game. i hope I clarified my point. -J
  2. Raph just tweeted about a new update on june 14th. Episode 3 maybe ? New region ?
  3. Really hoping that’s a final fix on faithful cartographer achievement.
  4. @Patrick Carlson i have a question about Cascading Falls >> mapped renamed it to lower falls prior to 1.19. After 1.21 dropped i mapped it, it became like this. Still no achievements.
  5. I’ve done every icon and location trigger on this list , am at 99% world explored.( missed a Prepper Cache on PV) what is funny to me was on PV cascading falls was actually mapped Lower Falls, so i had two lower falls on my map. I thought i should take a trip to PV and remap it. And i did .... so now i have a scramble of names on PV cascading falls are named on top of Lower falls.... still no achievement.