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  1. I love hearing about others that enjoy the remote areas of TLD. Let me know if you ever want to brainstorm on how to survive FM as I am currently running interloper only challenges there.
  2. I did not light up until I arrived at the forge, so I guess I saved a match until then.
  3. Keg 3 | Day 8 Wake up in 100% perfect condition with FLT of -5C outside. Good day to collect more firewood. As per my calendar I decide on High Blind route across the muskeg to the old abandoned camp area. Haven’t been then since Day 5 and the sticks should be back by now. When I light up a fire there is a light fog but FLT has gone up to -1C and I break down several branches without even taking 10% off my temp meter. After several more runs I can hear the wind picking up and the fog clearing – an aurora is starting tonight. I quickly pull 4 torches from the fire and sprint towards Poachers. I make it almost there and my torch is snuffed out, another match gone to history. Temp is still not very cold, should I head for home or use another match/torch and keep collecting? I head for home but with almost full health I decide to take a small health loss and break down a branch and a bush while already in hypo risk. I lose about 25% but I should be getting that back tonight anyways. It’s all part of the interloper balance, take the hit when you can to get more supplies. In the end I make it back to the forge with 101 sticks. I collect more sticks around the barn and also take a torch out and light some more fires training myself on the fire skill. After I light one last fire I get the notification of Fire Starter Level 3 come up, this will be good for my fire length and for my fuel stores. I eat my last can being careful to have the can opener on me so I can have a backup water making can and I top up my stomach with a few cat tails and it’s time for bed.
  4. Another gorgeous night in Forlorn Muskeg - then a blizzard hit.
  5. Keg 3 | Day 7 Wake up in the late morning, 11am or so, 100% condition and FLT of -23C in the wind outside and 3 hours left on the fire. I wish I could just go back to sleep for a few more hours but I’m not tired at all. Take stock of fuel – 53 sticks in the locker, 24 on me, 20 coals, 7 reclaimed, 4 cedar and 2 fir logs. I manage to aggro a wolf out by the bunkhouse walkway so I run back and practice some more fire making. After an hour or so the wind dies down and only 1 temp down arrow so I pull torches and head out towards the broken tower. I crouch past the wolf and then down the trail and over the log bridge then collect sticks in the upper ledge after that. Drop down by the log rail cars and more sticks to find. Wolf alley is fully populated it looks like so I cut under along the shore by the low blind. I cut in between 2 wolves and get a few more sticks before having to scare a wolf away with a fire. It’s a game of cat and mouse but this is the best place to find loads of sticks so it is worth the risk as long as visibility is good. I sprain both ankles climbing up to Marsh Ridge but there is a good supply of birch bark and sticks up here too. I light a fire outside the cave then go inside to find the 11 coal that I left here on day 1 or 2 and guts that are at 94%. Also there is the hoard of 23 birch bark that I collected and dropped before the update as it was useless then except for tinder, now it’s a huge score. Rabbits are down to 3% and 2% and I am trying to salvage the pelts. I harvest 1 pelt and the other 2 carcasses expire. More birch bark and sticks collected as the pain of my ankles fades away. I gather my supplies, take torches from the fire and point to home. I deploy the rope at the ledge and plan to climb down so I don’t have any more sprains but once I deploy I get notice that I need my ankles to climb down, I thought it was only wrists had to be sprain free unless this is part of the new update. I do the ultimate mountain goat down since my torches are burning down there I need them to keep fire alive. It’s a beautiful starry night over the muskeg and I can see a deer in my path. It will act a good screen for any surprise wolves until I can make the train tracks. My deer screen works perfectly and just at the end of wolf alley a kill is made. I set up a safety fire a short distance away then toss a torch and scare the wolf away whimpering. I take a few 0.5kg steaks and cook them on the fire I eat my fill so I will have calories to burn when I get to sleep back at the barn. Other than that I leave 2L of water and at least 2.5kg of meat cooked, 5kg more on the carcass as I don’t want to push my luck as I am getting tired, I have a full backpack and the fog has settled in. I pass the log cars and a bark scares me, I circle up the hill to strafe away and manage to find the bear island path in almost zero visibility. I catch the faint outline of the bear in front of me, wolf still behind – am I going to get out of this jam? I circle behind the bear and it doesn’t seem to notice me, the wolf can smell me though and is not giving up. As I cross the last dangerous section of ice before the farm I decide I’ve had enough of this following and start a fire and scare the wolf back. I’m safe now to pick my final ice crossing without incident and amble up the forge fireplace and bed.
  6. Keg 3 | Day 6 Up and out collecting a few sticks above the barn at 96% condition. It’s foggy out and a wolf smells me and follows all the way back to my protective structure. I pop out to take a look and I scare her off with my ugly Mackinaw once again. I drink a hot tea and take torches from the 49 minutes left on the fire. I head out into the fog past the dock with my FLT in the positive. Good weather and no wolves all the way to Poachers. I drop 34 out of 44 sticks in the rail car and continue farther in this good weather. Past the bear cave, I crouch to avoid detection by a wolf as I am on my last torch I have to hurry to start my warming fire. I collect sticks while taking warmup breaks and boiling water every chance I get. I break down all my spent torches and with 80 sticks here plus the 34 in the rail car it’s a pretty good haul and an early nights work complete. Below 50% stamina so it’s a good time to head back. A wolf scared away twice with fire on the trip back as I pass the rock island in the middle of the muskeg. After the forge fire gets warmed up I set up some more fires to practice my fire starting skills. I drop all of my scavenged supplies from the day, cattail heads, cattails, reishi and take the can opener out and open my dog food for dinner. One more can ready means I can leave a can here always on the forge so I don’t forget to take 2 cans with me on my runs. I head to bed for 10 hours.
  7. Why the hate for the Keg? I love that place. It has the most beautiful night stars.
  8. Keg 3 | Day 5 Maybe today I can make it to the snow shelter today. I take off from camp and my FLT is an amazing +1C. I find a backpack on the way there with salty crackers in it and pick up a sprained wrist somehow. Couple of fir logs, candy bar and granola bar at this campsite and I am able to take town the shelter for 10 sticks and 2 cloth. Thick fog as I head back towards home and I am headed directly towards a known wolf zone. I don’t get very far and have to start a protection fire to scare one away. Another wolf chases me up towards the high bench of Muskeg Overlook and I start another fire to scare it off. The wolf squeaks through onto the upper bench where it starts chasing the deer that is up here. I should have started a fire to scare the wolf back down the trail but I was placing it between 3 branches to warm up to while harvesting the sticks. The deer runs past me with wolf in hot pursuit but the deer is not scared of the fire like the wolf is and it escapes, for now. I go to the tower and find crackers and a sports vest in a backpack and a couple of cedar logs. Kill 2 rabbits on the way back to the fire and have found 81 sticks along the way. The wolf finally is able to make it past the fire, seems like it is tracking. The deer gets stuck running impossibly slow up the hill and the wolf takes it easily. I grab a torch and when growling at me I toss and miss, another torch and a direct hit, the wolf goes running, right past me and its kill and back down the hill. I now have too much to do in one night, what to tackle first? I stun and kill 2 more rabbits for the full set of gloves but before I can even take 1 hide or gut a strong wind is coming up, I take a couple torches and the fire gets knocked back to 9 min. I try to sprint to the south cave with my torch but it’s dead before I get down the hill. I managed to grab a warm tea before leaving the fire so I am able to make it to the bunkhouse cave before hypothermia threatens. I lighten my load by dropping some stuff in the cave and decide with almost 90% condition still I can take the cold hit the rest of the way back to Spence’s without a fire, even 10% more lost will all be healed up with a long sleep.
  9. Keg 3 | Day 4 I’m up in the early afternoon, weather is very nice out, only 1 down arrow - 33 matches, wow am I dreaming?. Heath is in the high 95%+ and I am able to collect sticks in 2 runs around the barn. No breaking down, just loose sticks and I find 58 in about 1 hour. New rule for this Kegger and that is to only pick up loose sticks and break down branches as much as is possible in the first days of the run. I am trying to ration and save all of the bushes near the barn for when the weather turns colder and I need to make shorter runs out in the cold. Plus, the branches will respawn in about 5 days and the bushes never do come back. I am low on water since waking up and I try to keep a can on the fire with each trip out. One time it boiled off which is frustrating. A deer by the dock to bunkhouses is my next target, couple of 0.5kg steaks, both guts and hide are cleaned up with the hacksaw. Sprained ankle on the last trip out as I skirt around the fence at the top of the hill by the orchard. Saw at 75%. Couple of 22% painkillers fix me up just fine. I take all my raw materials to the bunkhouse cave for curing, it is much more accessible than the broken tower cave which always seems to have a wolf at it. Continue to the south cave picking up loose sticks and find 6 coals there. I set up a warming fire on the warm/cold boundary of the cave to take advantage of the cold fire bonus. The fire lets me cook up 2 cans of water at a time instead of just 1 on the forge fire. I finish off 3L while also breaking down some more fuel around the cave. 24% energy left and headed for bed, the trip back is stunningly quiet and uneventful with no wildlife to speak of. I start a second fire beside the forge which I have been using to power level fire starting. I waste a stick there every so often when I have a burning torch to spare. I complete fire starting level 2. I cook a steak and eat 2 cattails and head to bed for 10 hours.
  10. Keg 3 | Day 3 I wake up and it is already dusk condition almost perfect 97%. Today or tonight, whatever you want to call it, I want to find the abandoned camp and harvest whatever cloth there might be from the shelter there. I already know it is not below the rope deploy as I was there yesterday looking. I will check below Marsh Overlook in 2 possible spots. I head out directly over the ice but just after halfway there my torch is snuffed out by a sudden wind onset. I divert to poachers camp and find a second wool scarf along with flare, 4 coal and tomato soup. I contemplate a fire to warm up here but decide I can make it to the bear cave. A wolf tracks me all the way to the cave after getting frightened by my bright red mackinaw. Finding another 5 coal in the cave, I warm up and collect sticks in the area after scaring wolfy away. At about 25% energy left it’s time to go, overburdened of course. I have to scare 2 wolves away on the walk back but that’s no problem when always carrying a torch. Return pack holds 95 sticks and 10 coal.
  11. Keg 3 | Day 2 After finding the can opener and leather driving gloves (80%) on a corpse by radio tower near hat creek I set up a warming fire at the cave entrance and pull some torches. I’m overloaded from a good day of collecting with 127 sticks. Inside the cave I add 17 coals to my pile of fuel. I leave the cave for Marsh Ridge bunny run and hit my first bunny but it escapes as I crouch instead of sprint. I regroup and kill all 4 and head back to the cave after collecting sticks and birch bark. It is very warm out in the early evening. I harvest all 4 guts from the rabbits and leave the pelts to harvest later as I am getting tired and need to make it to bed. Almost forgot to get the stim but head back to the campsite. There is a bevy of supplies here – sewing book, stim of course, peaches and 12 more matches – 36 found so far. By far the most of any FM interloper I have experienced. Fog most of the way home past bear island, it finally clears near the barn and I am exhausted ready to sleep.
  12. Keg 3 | Day 1 A new start, a familiar place. I spawn in the afternoon near the Tree Bridge and Broken Tower. I make my way direct to Spence’s for the guaranteed match spawn right beside the hacksaw. To my delight there is also a mix of clothing at the farm. Mackinaw Jacket in great condition (93%) on the tool box, Ski Jacket at 95% in the safe and ratty wool scarf in a box. I also find 2kg combat boots at 22%, not great condition but those things will last forever. I start a fire and break down the box for the 2 accelerant and sleep a bit to get my energy topped up for the next day. I save all cans for after I find a can opener. I collect cat tails on the way to high blind and find a RNG matches, 24 so far. I take notes of 2 deer carcasses within a short distance of my base - I'll be back for them soon. I cook some water, some birch bark tea (from the small spawn close to the barn) and eat cat tails before calling it a night.
  13. 5 out of 10 people guessed correctly - Freezing was the primary cause of death for Keg 2. Out of food too but we will call that a secondary condition.
  14. Thank you @Drifter Man for the support. There were many times in the last 10 days that it could have slipped away. While I did not have another match at the end, it was the increasingly difficult search for fuel that was the final nail in the coffin. Due to the desperate search for wood I had also consumed all of the food available to me. With more fuel I would have been able to harvest more of the carcass just feet from my base or maybe with Harvesting Level 5 I could do it with my bare hands. A satisfying end to a very fortunate and fulfilling run. Onward and upwards to greater heights I hope. Keg 3 is just getting his feet under him and having a little more RNG luck but also a slower setup. More stories to come.
  15. Keg 2 | Day 50 I wake up from my short nap just after midnight. There is a big wind and snow storm going on outside, is it a blizzard? Probably not, but I’m not going anywhere in it so for now on lock down in the barn I craft some more of my deerskin boots for no other reason than to pass the time. They won’t help me if I do finish them, it will just test some game mechanics for other games in the future. I sleep for another hour, the sun is almost up and wind has calmed. FLT temperature is -31C and condition looks like 30 to 35%. I’m fully rested and there are no more sticks around the barn so I sprint all the way to the bunkhouses and break down 2 branches for 6 sticks and 16% hypo risk and a little condition loss. I eat my last 0.5kg steak to prevent more health loss as my fuel supply is dwindling lower and lower. I keep the last 4 cattails in reserve for one last sleep of 8-9 hours if I can make it. Warm up by the forge, 16 sticks are left, 7 torches and 1hr 45min on the fire. I head towards the dock to check for fallen branches but am repulsed back by a bark and growl from down over the hill. I retreat to safety once again. I make continuous runs above the barn breaking down any and all branches that I can find. This is the rest of my morning, one branch at a time, warm-up, run, break down, run, warm-up again. It’s no longer surviving anymore, it’s dangling by a thin thread of hope. All the running wears on me quickly through the day and I am tired by noon. A sprained wrist is a minor inconvenience on one run down the hill. I manage to grow my stick stash to 36 and 55min on the fire. My condition is down to 12% but it is time to sleep. I eat my last 4 cat tails and go to sleep for 9 hours. I wake up around 10pm with 1 hour 29min on the fire, 4 sticks and 6 torches. I’m having to venture farther for sticks and branches now, almost halfway to the broken tower cave. This is more hypo risk and more running but I do not have enough sticks now to light a warming fire anywhere else, just keep the forge going as long as possible. No more food either, but with my health loss only that would be 33 hours more. My journal ticks over to Day 51 so I think that is officially 50 days complete, 1,200 hours in the Forlorn Muskeg. The stats also confirm this, 50 days in FM only. A few more runs in either direction, 14% condition and 3 hours on the fire. I harvest all but 1 torch and put all my sticks on the fire for 3 hr 22min. I sleep for 5 hours and I wake up in the light. My screen flashes with “You have survived 50 days 1 hour, 50 minutes”. My heart is beating loudly and I am staggering slightly. Fittingly there is a blizzard outside, the irony is not lost on me. FLT is -38C if it even matters. My last stick gives me 53min on the fire. Nothing left to do now but wait. The fire ebbs away and I have 9% condition left to give up. The furnace dies and the air temp plummets down from +39C to -31C my FLT is -24C and my temp meter circles clockwise around. I look out and think I see a wolf, should I go that way and let it take me or do I retreat to the familiarity of my bed. I clean up the last of my supplies strewn about on the floor. At least I’ll make it look presentable. All that is left is some useless birch bark(v1.47), cattail heads and some old burned out fires. 4% now and it is hard to walk or to move where my brain wants to go. I stagger once again back to my bed and then it envelopes me, the darkness…. You Faded into The Long Dark. Final Stats Days 50 Hours 1210 or maybe 1211 depending on what you add in the journal Outdoor Hours 1137