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  1. Also found rabbit mitts at a pumpkin, that's seems to be a rare item with no bunnies.
  2. I have 6 hides and 12 guts curing. Might be able to make boots and pants.
  3. Is there cabin fever during 4DON? I don't really want to test it.
  4. Snow blindness from my monitor might be possible post update. Haha.
  5. I concur with @UpUpAway95 . The new brightness system has got to go. When a blizzard was on it was washed out completely and when it was calm weather it was so dark even in the middle of the day outside. Inside buildings is completely black, cannot see anything at all.
  6. Keg 3 | Day 11 Snow is falling pretty heavy this morning and I have a couple of black hairy visitors hanging around my camp. Somehow I manage to pull 5 perfect 50% torches from the fire and take the guts and hide that I left behind inexplicably yesterday and make for the broken tower cave. I have properly deduced that wolves at camp means none at the tower. I hug the bank to try and block some of the wind and if I manage that it is only -6C FLT. I decide to investigate wolf alley across the tracks from the ledge above the Broken Railroad entrance. This is one of the best places in FM to collect sticks. I am in luck as it is totally devoid of life until right at the far end I come across footprints and as soon as I look up I hear the bark of a wolf stalking me from the right side. I head direct to the rope and before I get there my torch blows out and a full on blizzard is upon me but no more wolf. I climb the rope to seek closest warm shelter in the cave on Marsh Ridge. I come across a previous fire I left on day 3 which was pre-patch for BBT. I had left a veritable goldmine of post-update birch bark; 13 in total. I scramble into the cave which is a balmy +5C. Four cured guts are on the ground from that day 3 work. 9 coal collected from the cave and I start breaking down the deer carcass hide first. One 0.5kg steak for now and I break down 4 branches in the skylight room before making for the exit as the sun is going down and it will get very dark in the cave. I drop the deer hide near the cave exit and break down 3 more branches inside. Leaving the cave luck would have it that the blizzard has passed. I stone a bunny and then drop down off the ridge. A wolf stalks me all the way home and 2 more pick up my scent as they are patrolling the barn. I have to loop around to draw them off then sprint inside to light and torch and ignite the fire to warm up. That was a long day without lit torches or fire and I am below 50% condition. Inventory has 96 sticks and the 9 coal I had were ditched just after the broken tower to lighten the load; I will pick them up tomorrow probably. I process the 0.8kg of meat on the rabbit as I warm up my terrible hypo risk, and I sleep an hour to finish warming. Stoke the fire to 9.5 hours and sleep for 10.
  7. Past above is Day 9, forgot to increment title. Keg 3 | Day 10 I wake in the morning, or rather in the early afternoon, in perfect 100% health. The wind was blowing hard but I knew I had some cured guts ready in the bunkhouse cave and a hide to collect. I didn’t even make it past the trees before my torch blew out but with -4C FLT I decided to continue on to the caves and go as long as I could without starting a fire due to the good weather. Collected the cave items and collected sticks all the way up to Marsh Overlook ending up with 116 sticks before lighting a fire to warm up. Lost about 20% health as a calculated risk/return. Rescued the rabbit pelts and guts on 3 carcasses at 4% that I had to leave here earlier but was constantly harassed by a wolf that smelled my work and came up from down below the overlook to investigate. Two wolves lock onto me just past the south cave and I have to make my way to the bunkhouse cave to drop my smelly gear and scare them away with a fire. I make it back to the barn with 96 sticks. I warm up a BBT and drink it as my health is 50% from today’s escapade. I craft line and hooks once I warm up using 1 gut and 1 out of the 5 scrap metal I have. I eat a 0.5kg steak, 2 cattails, drink my fill and sleep it off for 10 hours. Accelerated with the BBT my condition is back to 97% by morning.
  8. Keg 3 | Day 8 FLT is -8C at wake-up around noon. Some of my clothes are looking a little bit on the thin side, 11% thermals and 17% wool scarf. Amazing view out of my house this morning. 3 deer have decided to call area home. How best to make a kill happen? Usually a wolf up by the broken tower, I maneuver around to push them that direction. At least I will have a 3X better chance at connecting. I spot a wolf far back in the frame and line up a deer with her and I charge forward. I hear the groan of a kill and I move forward cautiously to inspect the site. I set my safety fire a distance away and the wolf growls while I light. When done lighting it suddenly runs away without my usual torch toss or anything. Must have got a glimpse of my ugly mug. The carcass is laying on a hill that might be a little difficult for another fire but I find a spot to work. It’s between 2 little hills that might even have a little wind protection. I get in perfect rhythm of 0.5kg coming off and straight onto the fire where a morsel has just finished cooking. I dump all cooked meat right on the ground. I could save a bunch raw but I will eat this pretty quickly so I don’t think I have to save any raw to preserve decay rate. Weather is perfectly calm and the wolf is close enough to keep an eye on but not bothering me so I take advantage of her on the opposite side of the fire to drop a rabbit pelt at broken tower cave. I collect sticks at the tower and find 3 coal in the cave. I come back to a burnt piece of meat, need to be quicker next time or take off the fire what I am cooking. 15 x 0.5kg of meat, I left 3 uncooked and also boiled some water while pulling the hide and guts. I got all of it and now it is foggy and nighttime is on me. I grab a torch and both buts and hide and go back to the cave to let them cure. The wolf follows me all the way there so I set a fire at the warm/cold boundary to scare it off. I think it should still be running so I leave the fire at 9min and rush out of the cave. I crest the first hill and who is there but the wolf. I am startled so much I throw my torch in chaotic fashion that it actually ends up behind me with me flailing to get control. I run back to the fire which has 1 min left and I drop a couple of sticks to save my protection. This time the wolf bolts to the left of the cave entrance giving me a clear path back to the meat and my bed. Spoke too soon, a second wolf is blocking my path to Spence’s and I am attracting a lot of attention with all the fresh meat I am carrying. I have to drop another fire down and scare it back and make it safely back to the barn with 4 pieces – that’s all I was willing to risk on my scent meter – 11 pieces are left back on the ground, they should be there when I come back that way in the future. After getting a fire going and warming up my body and some hot drinks. I take a tea from the stove and carry it out to the island at the end of the dock. There is a carcass here that I have been waiting to pilfer. I drink the hot tea on arrival and then use the hacksaw for 1 hour to get the hide. I trek back, warm up, and take another drink and back to the body. I finish both guts and suffer through the extra 7min of hypo to grab the meat as well. I eat a steak, 2 cattails and head to bed to sleep off this sprain still there and 15% hypo.
  9. Good job, I can never really continue my runs much past 100 days. I just want to start again for the excitement of the initial days.
  10. I love hearing about others that enjoy the remote areas of TLD. Let me know if you ever want to brainstorm on how to survive FM as I am currently running interloper only challenges there.
  11. I did not light up until I arrived at the forge, so I guess I saved a match until then.
  12. Keg 3 | Day 8 Wake up in 100% perfect condition with FLT of -5C outside. Good day to collect more firewood. As per my calendar I decide on High Blind route across the muskeg to the old abandoned camp area. Haven’t been then since Day 5 and the sticks should be back by now. When I light up a fire there is a light fog but FLT has gone up to -1C and I break down several branches without even taking 10% off my temp meter. After several more runs I can hear the wind picking up and the fog clearing – an aurora is starting tonight. I quickly pull 4 torches from the fire and sprint towards Poachers. I make it almost there and my torch is snuffed out, another match gone to history. Temp is still not very cold, should I head for home or use another match/torch and keep collecting? I head for home but with almost full health I decide to take a small health loss and break down a branch and a bush while already in hypo risk. I lose about 25% but I should be getting that back tonight anyways. It’s all part of the interloper balance, take the hit when you can to get more supplies. In the end I make it back to the forge with 101 sticks. I collect more sticks around the barn and also take a torch out and light some more fires training myself on the fire skill. After I light one last fire I get the notification of Fire Starter Level 3 come up, this will be good for my fire length and for my fuel stores. I eat my last can being careful to have the can opener on me so I can have a backup water making can and I top up my stomach with a few cat tails and it’s time for bed.
  13. Another gorgeous night in Forlorn Muskeg - then a blizzard hit.
  14. Keg 3 | Day 7 Wake up in the late morning, 11am or so, 100% condition and FLT of -23C in the wind outside and 3 hours left on the fire. I wish I could just go back to sleep for a few more hours but I’m not tired at all. Take stock of fuel – 53 sticks in the locker, 24 on me, 20 coals, 7 reclaimed, 4 cedar and 2 fir logs. I manage to aggro a wolf out by the bunkhouse walkway so I run back and practice some more fire making. After an hour or so the wind dies down and only 1 temp down arrow so I pull torches and head out towards the broken tower. I crouch past the wolf and then down the trail and over the log bridge then collect sticks in the upper ledge after that. Drop down by the log rail cars and more sticks to find. Wolf alley is fully populated it looks like so I cut under along the shore by the low blind. I cut in between 2 wolves and get a few more sticks before having to scare a wolf away with a fire. It’s a game of cat and mouse but this is the best place to find loads of sticks so it is worth the risk as long as visibility is good. I sprain both ankles climbing up to Marsh Ridge but there is a good supply of birch bark and sticks up here too. I light a fire outside the cave then go inside to find the 11 coal that I left here on day 1 or 2 and guts that are at 94%. Also there is the hoard of 23 birch bark that I collected and dropped before the update as it was useless then except for tinder, now it’s a huge score. Rabbits are down to 3% and 2% and I am trying to salvage the pelts. I harvest 1 pelt and the other 2 carcasses expire. More birch bark and sticks collected as the pain of my ankles fades away. I gather my supplies, take torches from the fire and point to home. I deploy the rope at the ledge and plan to climb down so I don’t have any more sprains but once I deploy I get notice that I need my ankles to climb down, I thought it was only wrists had to be sprain free unless this is part of the new update. I do the ultimate mountain goat down since my torches are burning down there I need them to keep fire alive. It’s a beautiful starry night over the muskeg and I can see a deer in my path. It will act a good screen for any surprise wolves until I can make the train tracks. My deer screen works perfectly and just at the end of wolf alley a kill is made. I set up a safety fire a short distance away then toss a torch and scare the wolf away whimpering. I take a few 0.5kg steaks and cook them on the fire I eat my fill so I will have calories to burn when I get to sleep back at the barn. Other than that I leave 2L of water and at least 2.5kg of meat cooked, 5kg more on the carcass as I don’t want to push my luck as I am getting tired, I have a full backpack and the fog has settled in. I pass the log cars and a bark scares me, I circle up the hill to strafe away and manage to find the bear island path in almost zero visibility. I catch the faint outline of the bear in front of me, wolf still behind – am I going to get out of this jam? I circle behind the bear and it doesn’t seem to notice me, the wolf can smell me though and is not giving up. As I cross the last dangerous section of ice before the farm I decide I’ve had enough of this following and start a fire and scare the wolf back. I’m safe now to pick my final ice crossing without incident and amble up the forge fireplace and bed.