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  1. It's not you, Hinterland has made wolves into Tomahawk missiles. It has honestly driven me from playing this game more.
  2. All of the more recent updates have not been kind to Kegstanders. 1st off it's a lot harder to get a FM start with more options such as Ash Canyon added, it seems like I roll PV 50% of the time. I did manage to get 2 or 3 starts there over a couple of IRL days. One only found 12 matches, the RNG was terrible for clothes as well. Could not even find the snow shelter. Another start had pretty decent luck getting the can opener and flare. Then managed a pair of boots and 99% wool toque. Still no hacksaw or matches besides the 12 guaranteed. The other absolutely brutal updates are the wolf aggro r
  3. I've been playing around with the impossible task of hunting deer on interloper with no bow and arrows. I've been in lockdown at Spence's for 7 days with 3 wolves nipping at my heels. I wake up on day 7 and see 3 deer on the hill and I rejoice thinking that the wolves are finally gone as this swap has been my experience in FM thus far. Alas, it was not to be, my camp now surrounded by 6 animals in close proximity. With these odds how could I fail another hunt? I climb the hill above the homestead and start pushing the deer back towards the dock. One obliges but the other 2 decide to go higher
  4. It may still have a little life. I stopped at the last update to learn the new ways of FM with Bleak Inlet transition cave and it doesn't bode well. I may continue on Time Capsule though with Keg 3. Teaser - at Day 29 with a ton of fuel stocked up and crafting all sorts of gear!
  5. Cool to see someone pick up the torch on this FM+ experiment. If you want to see some outdated work check out: FM yields at least 8 bunnies minimum at spawn, maybe 9. Last FM interloper I got 5 at Marsh Ridge (at least 4) and 4 at Muskeg Overlook. I'm not too happy about this new Bleak Inlet transition cave as that has taken away at least 5/6 coal spawning in the south cave and removed an important warmup spot. Good luck in your travels. If you have any questions on FM I would be happy to help.
  6. Marsh Ridge cave always spawns the deer the second time you enter the cave. Has done this forever. Take it from an experienced Kegstander.
  7. Also found rabbit mitts at a pumpkin, that's seems to be a rare item with no bunnies.
  8. I have 6 hides and 12 guts curing. Might be able to make boots and pants.
  9. Is there cabin fever during 4DON? I don't really want to test it.
  10. Snow blindness from my monitor might be possible post update. Haha.
  11. I concur with @UpUpAway95 . The new brightness system has got to go. When a blizzard was on it was washed out completely and when it was calm weather it was so dark even in the middle of the day outside. Inside buildings is completely black, cannot see anything at all.
  12. Keg 3 | Day 11 Snow is falling pretty heavy this morning and I have a couple of black hairy visitors hanging around my camp. Somehow I manage to pull 5 perfect 50% torches from the fire and take the guts and hide that I left behind inexplicably yesterday and make for the broken tower cave. I have properly deduced that wolves at camp means none at the tower. I hug the bank to try and block some of the wind and if I manage that it is only -6C FLT. I decide to investigate wolf alley across the tracks from the ledge above the Broken Railroad entrance. This is one of the best place
  13. Past above is Day 9, forgot to increment title. Keg 3 | Day 10 I wake in the morning, or rather in the early afternoon, in perfect 100% health. The wind was blowing hard but I knew I had some cured guts ready in the bunkhouse cave and a hide to collect. I didn’t even make it past the trees before my torch blew out but with -4C FLT I decided to continue on to the caves and go as long as I could without starting a fire due to the good weather. Collected the cave items and collected sticks all the way up to Marsh Overlook ending up with 116 sticks before lighting a fire to warm up. Lost
  14. Keg 3 | Day 8 FLT is -8C at wake-up around noon. Some of my clothes are looking a little bit on the thin side, 11% thermals and 17% wool scarf. Amazing view out of my house this morning. 3 deer have decided to call area home. How best to make a kill happen? Usually a wolf up by the broken tower, I maneuver around to push them that direction. At least I will have a 3X better chance at connecting. I spot a wolf far back in the frame and line up a deer with her and I charge forward. I hear the groan of a kill and I move forward cautiously to inspect the site. I set my safety fir
  15. Good job, I can never really continue my runs much past 100 days. I just want to start again for the excitement of the initial days.