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  1. I agree: Woohoo! The snowball is rolling again! Yay!
  2. What? How did that happen? I ate mine immediately after she gave it to me and that´s it. Did the soup just respawn for you after entering her house some time later?
  3. Wow, wirklich verdammt schöne Screenshots. Danke für´s Hochladen, @Scyzara.
  4. From what I know it is like that: The wolf has to see you drop it. In this case it's something he goes for. If no animal is around and you drop meat it is the long dark version of storing meat outside and no wolf goes after it.
  5. @Ruruwawa To answer your other question: I was playing the story when it worked for me. I hope it works more reliable now, I will try that this weekend... Good luck for you.
  6. I managed to scare off one wolf so far and it was before he actually charged me. I turned the flashlight on as soon as I saw him and it worked after I set the flashlight to "high" shortly before he charged me, so I was able to blind him. Another time I did the more or less exact same thing it didn't work though, the wolf charged me anyway... So I'm also thinking whether I should carry it around all the time, since it's kind of heavy, very situational and not that reliable. But I think I will just test it a little bit longer for now...
  7. Yes, we definetly need more action in bed.
  8. You can also check it out here : Obvious spoiler warning is obvious!
  9. True. And after that he will play Interloper "fishing hut" only. Pretty sure he will master that as well.
  10. I´m in the middle of the second episode now and didn´t want to do what you did in my first playthrough. Does she react in any way? Also, did someone steal stuff from her? What happens after that?
  11. Congratulations from me as well. 100 days on Interloper TWM only. Impressive!
  12. @Hawk I think it´s currently not really supported, even though it´s been a while since I used GOG, but you can always do it like this, with a shortcut: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Command_line_arguments#Desktop_shortcuts
  13. Hmm... sorry, no idea so far. The only thing I noticed is a shaking screen when I´m cooking something. Right in the moment when the cooking is done and the game scrolls down to where you previously were in the list of what you want to cook, that´s when I see that happening. Do you guys have that issue as well?
  14. Can you roughly say after how many in-game days? Thanks.
  15. After I got this message I continued looting the town, repaired clothes and slept till the next day. Then I went back to her and the story continued. So maybe it has to be the next day, don´t exactly know, but you could try to sleep some more...