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  1. The thing with guns is that they really do give us a ton of rifles in Stalker; I feel like it would not be all that bad to maybe add in one more gun variant, which is stronger but requires a lot more upkeep, perhaps. That being said, TLD is very much not a shooter, and I don't want firearms to take to central of a focus.
  2. I almost didn't believe you at first, but I looked it up and pretty quickly found video evidence of this bizzare, broken Interloper rifle. Great find, well done! Keep us posted on this run, especially if it keeps being so odd!
  3. I bought The Long Dark for several people when it was on sale recently, and my advice to them was: ~Start a Survival Game on Pilgrim before looking at anything, in Mystery Lake ~Start playing Wintermute, on any difficulty (though frankly I think Capable Survivor offers the best experience, even for new players). ~Try playing some longer runs on Voyager, before you've completely finished with Wintermute, and try to survive as long as you can. ~From there, do whatever you want! I first played through Wintermute on Capable Survivor and replayed it on Hardened Survivor
  4. I have seen a couple of players like him on this site, and I find the intensity of their frustration so baffling. It is odd how personally some players take developmental setbacks or wait times or buggy features, and how unsatisfied they can be with objectively sensible limitations. Then again, the videogame industry is absolutely filled with players such as these; luckily, I love The Long Dark community because it seems to attract such patient, non-toxic players who are truly interested in discussing the game and experiencing its development (yourself among them, I love getting notified
  5. There is a user who goes by @RationalBassistwho has survived on interloper for over 12 in game years, and as far as I know that run is still going; what's more, from what I understand, he challenged himself by never killing deer or rabbits in the game, and by spending a full in game year in every region. I recommend you chat with him if you can; his is the most impressive Interloper run I know of, so if anyone has any pointers about both surviving and staving off boredom, it's him! Perhaps he will finally discover if William Mackenzie can die of old age, haha!
  6. @Rover East No notes, just wanted to say this is a smart, respectful, well thought out post! I really enjoyed reading your ideas! I especially love your thoughts about having greater variety in wood, and having them have realistically diverse properties instead of just a difference in burn time. A common want among the community is the ability to make a crude sled or sledge, with which to haul firewood or game. I think the ease in carrying corpses to a new area to harvest would be balanced by the fact that it would attract more hostile wildlife, and you would have to stop hauling the sle
  7. This is not a huge issue, and could easily be explained away. First of all, at very least, the geese will try to return in the Summer, but find, as we all did, that the snow simply doesn't go away. Disoriented geese make for some great hunting! It would also be cool to expect a big temporary return of geese around 300 days in; I'm at that point now in a Stalker game, and it would be cool for some big event to occur like that! Secondly, the geomagnetic disaster has seriously altered wildlife behavior. Maybe it caused geese to fail to migrate, or to return early? The Snow Goose winter
  8. I know you said to ignore spelling and grammar, but I cannot ignore the idea of a hostel full of animals somewhere on Great Bear, hahaha! To be fair, there are a lot of bunk beds in The Long Dark...
  9. Just remember what the game is going for here- it is trying to represent the player wrongly applying first aid, which, in a survival situation, does happen. I agree with you that the game's way of implementing this is a bit clunky and illogical, but I think that whatever system replaces it needs to allow the player to mess up, to somehow botch the treatment due to a lack of medical understanding.
  10. Would also be interesting to see the PC potentially become addicted to the pain meds, if they take too many too often.
  11. I have been wanting a more oceanic map for quite a while, and this seems to do nicely! I just had a thought that this could be an opportunity to add new wildlife to the game. Puffins was my first thought; some kind of iconic shore bird that you could potentially raid the nests of. Arctic Terns might also be cool to add, in that they are both very aggressive and also would only appear seasonally (though this could easily be ignored and explained away by the shifting geomagnetic conditions). Seals was the next. Harbor seals, as opposed to the truly arctic seals that would not fr
  12. Megaloceros


    I think this is actually an excellent idea! There are a lot of times that one needs to pass time in The Long Dark. Rather than always doing the time skip function (solitaire), one could simply crack open one of the many books to be found on Great Bear and read for a while. This, I think, would go a long way into enhancing the emersion as well. The description of the books even say that they could be a source for knowledge, but are "for now, something to burn". It would be nice if you could have an option to read the ones you saved. There are loads of works in the public domain that
  13. I find that snare lines are not really needed; I put 4-8 snares in a close cluster, in a rabbit grove, as the actual position of the snare does not, to my knowledge, affect catching a rabbit as long as rabbits regularly spawn in that area. Snare lines are inefficient, take longer to harvest, and require more maintenance. Even if you did catch 12 rabbits at a time, it would take a while to prep them all; you simply don't need that many rabbits at once. In late game, I can see a ton of snares being important, as rabbits get less and less common. But frankly, I'm pretty sure even in interlo
  14. The one at the base of Timberwolf spawns 100% of the time, it is "abandoned". Keep checking around Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake, the other commenters here made some great points! They can be hard to spot, and surprisingly easy to overlook!
  15. Haha, sorry, but I'm afraid that is where I would draw the line; already this region would be pushing it somewhat, and I feel like scuba gear is just too much of a leap. It just would cease to feel like the Long Dark, lol.