Door should open fully. (Soft drink fridge)


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The glass-fronted refrigerators that often contain a few sodas or water bottles have doors with very limited swing so that the shelving inside is of limited and inconvenient use if one wanted to stock it with cans of soda, cups of tea or coffee or even bottles of water or any other useful item that could fit.  Maintenance needs to work on them so the doors can swing fully open and allow access to the entire shelf.   😉

Since the fridge is not a container, it could then serve as a place to store, in somewhat orderly manner, if one was so inclined, meat and fish (raw or cooked), sodas, canned goods that even if in ruined condition (as matters stand nowadays) won't be at risk for being lost due to the usual rule.  😁

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if you are tired of waiting for dev team to jump on some of these suggestions, then look to the TLD modding community. 

I've been opening doors all the way since this gem materialized -  

FullSwing v1.0.0
Adds options to modify swing speed and radius of fridge doors
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