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  1. I’m so sorry bear 🐻 but you had me running around your cave for hours lol 😂
  2. I love my survival games my top 3 are 1.The long dark - play the most 😉 2. Green Hell 3. Stranded deep when I’m not playing survival I love my horror games like visage 😂🤣😧
  3. I’m really struggling on interloper lol I seem to die within the first 10 mins 😂🤣😂 how to survive a day guide would be helpful lol 😂
  4. Episode 4 is my favourite- felt it really bought the story to an end ( sadly) 3 was also good liked playing as the girl but I didn’t like the first much because it took me ages to kill the bear - I was trapped in the cave with it for way to long lol 😂 I’m pretty sure I will play all of it again though 👍🏻
  5. Argh Milton - you either love it or hate it - I love this game and capturing the scenery that seems to change all the time
  6. Absolutely love visiting random places in the game ❤️ Came across this very lovely lighthouse on my travels today - I stayed there for a while .