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  1. Not so much now, but before i used to get placebo chills/shivers from the blizzards whenever i play at night, even though it would a warm summer night.
  2. I live next to an airbase with C-17s and they often will fly fairly low over my neighborhood. Whenever i'm playing this game and i hear one fly over, i always get an eerie feeling and think it's happening in game, expecting to see/hear a plane crash in the distance. Ya know considering there's three plan crash sites in the game and that's how the storymode starts off.
  3. Didn't know that. Practice for when she moves up on difficulty.
  4. More often than not you play as a male character when you don't have a choice, so i always play as a female character when given the choice. I also like playing as characters that don't look like me, so that means female and/or non-human.
  5. Only once, when they first added the gap. Was absent mindedly going across when i suddenly was plummeting to my death.
  6. To kinda go along with this post, what is your least favorite place to pick as a base? For me it's the Camp Office. Even though i use it for it's central location as my main base, i absolutely hate it's interior design and loath every time i come back to it from a different map. Things i hate about it: *It's too big too my liking. *The bed and two spot stove are upstairs away from most of the storage. *There's lot's of storage, but it's spread around between two floors and it's mostly smaller containers. *I used to like all of the counter/shelf space, until all that clutter was put there. Not only does it get in the way of placing stuff, but it bothers me on a personal level.
  7. That's part of the reason i have started to not like ML as much, too many hills and trees. I used to hate Muskeg because of the weak ice, but after spending in it, i can navigate it in the fog pretty well and decently in a blizzard as well. Start to recognizing the safe paths, specific rocks, and fallen trees.
  8. There's a small cave about the same distance on either side of the homestead, one next to the fallen shortwave tower and another right before the BI transition cave. I use the 2nd one as it's on the way to the Muskeg overlook where there's rabbit and deer. Haven't done much in HRV yet. It and BI are going to be the last two regions i map on my long term stalker game and I've only done two independent spawns in it.
  9. I honestly prefer campfires in general, i'll use them over any other two spot fire place as long as i don't have to worry about wind. I don't even bother lighting the forge unless i'm actually using it.
  10. I don't know what my favorite is , but i'll make a case for Spencer's Homestead as that is where ive been the last 31 days on stalker. *Forge. *Workbench. *Doesn't count towards cabin fever. *The wolves derp out around it, making easy targets for plenty of free meat, furs, and guts. *Although you do need a fire most nights, your fires count as outdoor fires. i make my sleep schedule really early so that i'm always making use of the fire, instead of sleeping through it. *Plenty of wood to gather nearby, plus the re-spawning coal in the nearby caves. *Because of the mostly flat terrain, you can often choose how to engage hostile wildlife and rarely get surprised attacked. *Rabbits at the shortwave tower with deer and a cave for curing in between, easy day trip. *FM in general has an over abundance of plant supplies as well. I could make a case for ML Camp Office as it does have a lot of pros, but i absolutely loath it's interior.
  11. Read this whole thread, what an electrify ride.
  12. Whether inside or outside; always be aware of your condition, stats, and surroundings when you do any action that's more than 30 minutes long. I have been jumped by wolves and bears and died a few times (even once indoors) because i wasn't aware enough of these things.