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  1. Read this whole thread, what an electrify ride.
  2. Whether inside or outside; always be aware of your condition, stats, and surroundings when you do any action that's more than 30 minutes long. I have been jumped by wolves and bears and died a few times (even once indoors) because i wasn't aware enough of these things.
  3. That's how i got mine also, completely on accident mind you lol. I just needed the fire to prevent myself from freezing while i consolidated all the loot and it just happened to take me more than three days.
  4. I had the same problem with the Vigilant Flame update and it's cooking overhaul.
  5. To avoid that you could take a screenshot with all 23 newspaper rolls. Someone could still technically cheat by hitting up each box and only actually finding 23 afterwards, but in the end they still would have found 23 and visited every spot. I love this challenge and would like to try though i only do one game at a time and i'm still on my first 100+ Stalker game that i have been playing on and off since October.
  6. @StrangerFromTheInternetyes thank you for clarifying.
  7. Though didn't you start with Wintermute and a few challenges first? I think @CathyElksunmeant that the friend went straight to Interloper without even learning the game mechanics in Wintermute first.
  8. Would it be possible to make the button/key you are suppose to press in a wolf struggle it's own binding? It would help if i could have it has something other than the left mouse button without having to change my interact button.
  9. I totally agree and wish for 1/4 hour increments as well, but i think it's probably a balancing decision made by Hinterland. The skill books are, in a way, a cheat item.
  10. You should ask about this in the Milton mailbag question thread. I've gotten all three of my questions answered before, he will probably answer one about this.
  11. Well it needs to burn 72 hours and you get at max a 50% increase to fire duration with an outside fire. If you go inside your outside fire will not keep it's duration bonus and only regains it when you go back outside. If you are only using cedar then you need less than 72 pieces. I got this achievement (on accident) during a summit loot. I had to keep a fire going constantly while i looted and consolidated it all down to manageable size. I would recommend making it in a cave entrance so the fire would be wind shielded and have the outdoor bonus. You can find the caves inside/outside line a few ways. You can take an uncured thing and keep placing it further and further into the cave until you see it at 1% cured. Alternatively you can keep checking your feel like temp until it goes up when you cross inside. Welcome to the community by the way.