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  1. With v1.35, as far as meat goes, the cooking times were fixed as far as time per kilo. I'm suggesting that Hinterland also fixes (our favorite exploit) cooking 0.1 kilos for the same skill points as a full kilo; making meat cooking skill time-based similar to meat harvesting will go a long way in making the game more realistic.
  2. This is a great idea. It doesn't make sense that our lone survivor is perpetually on their feet, even when passing time on a bed[roll]. I agree that doing tasks on a chair or bench should lessen the caloric and energy expenditure. This could also be an opportunity to implement some sort of psychological stat/mechanic for our lone survivor. Reading a book could increase our "homeliness" or something of the like. Great points that could definitely be looked in to by @admin / @Raphael van Lierop
  3. A small seemingly insignificant mechanic in the game could be improved upon. Items in the world that can already be broken down barehanded (small crates, chairs, scarves, etc.) could also have the option on moving/placing barehanded. I can't tell you how many times I've traipsed through the Lower Dam having to break crates when I didn't really want to spend the time on, I think the ability to move those small breakable items with RMB/L2 would save time and encumbrance. Just a thought idk.
  4. I know this is a longshot of being seen, but I had a few suggestions about increased items to be crafted or forged. Thinking about long term survival, it makes sense to give an option for a craftable hat or earmuff of some sort, whether it be from rabbit, deer, or some sort of added fauna like beaver or fox. Additionally, I believe the forging UI could be improved or added upon. Possibly higher temperatures achieved could increase the items you could forge. Currently 150ºC can yield arrowheads, improvised hatchets and knives. I'm suggesting maybe if the temperature were up to 250º or 300º+, the option for better tools or even bullets could be made. Possibly an expensive pickaxe that would be required to harvest different metal types to make bullets. Feel free to add your ideas for craft/forge additions that are feasible with the materials that are already in the game.
  5. Ditto, I recently noticed that new survival mode games do not seem to keep up with achievements but story mode does. Some users were talking about this happening when they migrated to the new Play Anywhere feature, but I haven't touched that at all, only the console.