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  1. When you don't trust your rifle skill...
  2. Asti0

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Killing time waiting for the badge...
  3. Data on the first post updated: 252 items found (51 added from previous update) Ciao Asti0
  4. Yep...the mp3 files can be found in this folder: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\TheLongDark\Soundtrack
  5. Data on the first post updated: 201 items found (70 added from previous update) Added at the end of the first post the log file in MS Office Excel format (in case you want to use it as template for other difficulties ) sadly no antibiotics yet please stop me when this gets annoying hahaha Viele grüße Asti0
  6. Oh, i already do strip naked before attempting risky sprints, but the adrenaline rush from the ice cracking under my feet and the sudden black screen still get me every time
  7. Yes, the little grey spot in the middle of the second screeshot is a bear silhouette Thanks @JAFO for the hint
  8. Hi, i updated the first post: 131 items found 2 new items added to the list (old man's beard lichen, leather shoes both usable and ruined) added Desolation Point I indeed found a pair of leather shoes in DP that wasn't ruined (8% condition)! Mmm i guess the next mistery to solve is...antibiotics! Do they really live in the depths of the ocean? Do they come to shore to reproduce? Asti0
  9. All right! let's start with an easy one (don't get distracted by the wolf&deer having fun :P)
  10. Yep, items spawn randomly on weak ice in CH, DP, and the connector between these two regions. My routine is: Spot the item get as close as i can without stepping on weak ice run to grab to item pray the ice doesn't break when i run back to safety fall trough the ice get hypotermia swear a lot start hearing "hello darkness my old frieeend"
  11. First post updated: 109 items found a couple of "new" items (improvised knife, scrap metal) added Crumbling Highway Saluti Asti0
  12. something like that i guess... without the X-ray tree: With the X-ray tree:
  13. Hi guys, thanks for all the nice comments I wasn't planning on updating the data until i had gathered at least 25 items more, but since i got this today i decided to celebrate with an extra update You're absolutely fact i found a bandage and a baseball cap just today. Hope to find more soon See you soon and have a nice day!