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  1. I love the game period. I had no problem with episodes 1 & 2 and I enjoyed them as they were. I actually liked how long it took to play them. I like the updates but I don't like how fast I was able to buzz through the new revised episodes 1 & 2. I love to explore so the old episodes made it that more fun for me because I spent hours going through them. I'm on pins and needles waiting on episode 3 to come out....I'm ready! You and your crew have done an excellent job on this game. Don't lose hope or get discouraged, your loyal fans are still patiently waiting and supporting you 100% and praising The Long Dark to everyone who will listen! Other games are just so boring compared to The Long Dark. I've been playing 35mm, The Forest, Stranded Deep and now Mist Survival....I'm sick of them, boring, I can't wait till episode 3 comes out!!!!
  2. Hi Ralph! I absolutely love this game and bought it for my 2 sons. I would love to see seasons in the game, which would change the game up because each season requires different survival skills/stratagies. Any chance on this happening? I used to go hunting and leave the meat outside in yhe snow and it lasted a long time. Now with the update that doesnt work so good, it spiils too fast, even though it should last long since it it frozen in the snow. Maybe an ice cave to store food could be added or something you can created to lodge near/in a stream to keep things fresh could be added? I would also like to make a leather shirt or rabit fur lined shirt. ? What about being able to make snow shoes or skies to increase travel speed? Oh and a sled or lean-to to haul large quantities of gear or harvested meat from a hunt? Thank you in advance for your answers! Cant wait for episodes 3-to be released!!!
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    Thanks I will try that!
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    I've played episodes 1 & 2, awaiting the next episodes. So I decided to play survival. I have traveled all over but when I click on map it doesn't show the region just a black screen and it says the map hasn't been saved. How do I do that? The world map comes up fine with details. Thank you ahead of time for your help.