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  1. They can be tenacious and not leave you alone WITHOUT barking and growling endlessly while doing it. Having them stalk you over long periods of time is OK, but they shouldn't bark for 2 days straight.
  2. I feel like the timberwolves have more meat on them then regular wolves. Most wolves seem to pack around 4 steaks while the timberwolves are often 5-6+.
  3. I was actually just shooting inside the building at the walls. Each bullet left a bullet hole, and also was loud enough to make my in-game ears ring. As a side note, I had no idea such wonderful effects occurred from the bullets in this game, considering I rarely fire for any reason other than to hunt animals. Shooting at metal surfaces occasionally ricochets the bullet into other objects. Shooting wood causes wood splinters to explode from the impact point. There SO much unnecessary but cool stuff with the rifle. But still, seemingly no bullet misfires.
  4. Jumping doesn't need to necessarily happen, but since climbing already has happened, the player character NEEDS to be able to move over objects that are less than 15cm high. It's just stupid when you get caught on a small rock or twig, or anything that you in real life would be able to effortlessly step over without jumping. Jumping would be neat, but what the game needs is better pathing.
  5. So I went over to bleak inlet and, armed to the teeth, proceeded to fight my way past a few dozen timberwolves and into the cannery workshop with the ammunition crafting bench. Using my multitude of (now empty) shells, I crafted tons of new rifle shells. I then fired them all and crafted them again. This resulted in me firing at least 5 and as many as 10+ of each rifle bullet ranging from 20% to 80% quality. What I observed during all of this firing of low quality ammunition was absolutely 0 misfires. This left me very confused. How do misfires work? How do you notice if they occur or not? Has anyone had anything misfire since the update? I expected at least a few failed shots when my bullet quality was in the 20-40% range, but all of my bullets, which was over 50 shots fired, didn't misfire, which seems impossible or at least extremely unlikely. I'm wondering what I'm missing.
  6. So having spent a bit of time in Bleak Inlet now, I wanted to chime back in to say that... Timber wolves are nonsense. I was attacked by a pack of 3. I had a rifle. I shot one in the face, killing it instantly. The morale meter went down to 2/3. I shot another in the head, killing it instantly. For sure I thought with 1/3 the pack dead the remaining wolf would scurry away. The morale meter went down to 1/3. I took out my bow and hit the wolf in the neck, sticking the arrow in the wolf. The morale meter went down to 1/6. I fired a second arrow at the wolf with an arrow already in it's neck, FINALLY causing it to flee. The wolf then promptly ran off with my arrow in it, disappearing along with my arrow a short while later. The moral meter seems to be given equal weight to a wolf getting hit by a stone and being shot dead with a rifle, which is completely insane.
  7. I suppose the question then is what would make them enjoyable? More reliable counters or weaknesses? Less frequency? It seems like they are just to relentless AND common. Bears and Moose will generally leave you alone if you try to escape, and wolves have a variety of methods of being dealt with. What does one do against Timberwolves that is not blue flare or fight to the death?
  8. This continues to be a feature I wish was in the game.
  9. Why dear bear's get to walk on thin ice when it breaks if I walk on it? Programming is hard.
  10. This is already happening. I want to play custom game modes. I want to earn feats. I have to play non-coustom game modes to earn feats, even though I don't want to. It would be great to reward the player for playing the game in the mode that they enjoy, by giving them feat progression, regardless of setting. Maybe you can't use the feats in all game modes, but progress should be everywhere.
  11. I love the pack behavior, but don't see why they have to not be counterable like other wolves normally are.
  12. I plan on going into the bleak inlet on Saturday. Looking forward to new areas and challenges, but I am very attached to my current character (they are almost 2 years old in real life) so I'm hoping the lessons are too brutal to be helpful.
  13. This is my current biggest complaint about the game. I fell in love with custom settings because I like some things lax and some things beyond interloper brutal. Not getting credit for feats when I'm playing on a mode significantly harder than stalker when I could achieve them in pilgrim if I was willing to put up with the boring grind to get them makes me very sad.
  14. As someone who's wanted wolves to have pack mechanics for years, I have very excited about Timber Wolves. However, it does seem that they were designed to be hard for the sake of brutality, other than give a fair or interesting gaming experience. I don't have the time in the new update yet to say for sure, but I'll be dealing with them in great abundance soon as I trek over to the new area, armed to the teeth and covered in bearskins. I do hope they aren't as brutal when I'm packing some of the best items in the game. Timber Wolves could replace all wolves, but in their current state of player hatred beyond all other behavior, that wouldn't work well for the game at all. I hope they're evened out in future patches, as while it may be interesting as a challenge in story mode, I hope they have the same amount of counter-play as other animals in the game so they can be more widespread. It's almost a crime that there's no timber wolves inhabiting Timberwolf Mountain, but in their current state that may be too brutal for an already unforgiving region.
  15. A lot of the problem here is you, not the wolves. I played many stalker games (interloper just seemed to unrealistic) and eventually got tired of the endless wolves in that mode. However, custom game modes allowed me exactly what I wanted and since then I have played this game for hundreds of hours. Addressing some of your points. 1) Drop bait? Unreliable. It's very reliable, you just have to do it before the wolf becomes aggressive. They'll ignore it if thye're already chasing you sometimes ,which seems very realistic. 2) Run? Once a wolf has started running after me, it doesn't stop. Yes it does. If you break line of sight, get enough distance, or drop down or climb up difficult elevation without clear pathing, wolves will give up. 3) Get a weapon and sturdy clothes and take the fight? No way. Even with an axe or a knife, I'm not even close to being the favorite. Knives, Hatchets, and hammers all work great in wolf struggles. If you have good clothing and one of those items you should be fine. Even if not, why are you not just shooting wolves in the face with guns or bows? A wolf struggle is what happens if you fail to kill the wolf with an arrow, not something you should seek out unless desperate or extremely comfy with your gear. 4) Throw torches? Unreliable. Don't throw them, just back away from wolves while facing them with a torch. Unless you're carrying loads of meat (drop it to distract them!) they'll generally keep their distance 5) Start a fire? Too slow, and unreliable. This works great. Not if the wolves surprise you, but in keeping them away constantly it is very effective 6) Now, I could change to custom settings but why should I have to? You should because some parts of the game isn't to your liking and this is literally what the custom settings are for. Do the thing that makes the game more fun and entertaining for you. That is the point of the game and the custom settings are there to help you achieve it.