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  1. Pleasant Valley. Theoretically a cool region with cool elevation, a nice mix of secret caves and buildings, both burned out and habitable. In practice it's a blizzard every other day, it's too cold to explore anything, or too foggy, and all the high ledges and snow banks make it almost impossible to avoid hostile wild life.
  2. He shows all of the custom settings of any run he starts before beginning as I recall.
  3. Place a brightly colored circle in the center of your screen that clashes with the game itself. That'll help tell your brain it is watching something and not living something. It helped my girlfriend who suffered from motion sickness quite a bit while we were playing.
  4. Fade Panther is the definition of your request. Find his channel here: He starts out with story mode and once he gets a grasp on the mechanics, begins a series of custom sandboxes starting with episode #12.
  5. I think there needs to be 2-3 animals inside buildings or places that the player won't expect. The game needs to be a mix of exploration and wonder, boredom and frustration, and sheer terror of the unknown.
  6. New talented animators can do a lot more than just cut scenes. New animals that need animations will be able to be added easier, and the player-character can have a lot of their white circle completion bar activities replaced with animations. There's a host of exciting improvements that new animators will be able to make a reality and I am very excited. Honestly though... I'm most excited for the UI designer new-hire. This game has suffered from sub-optimal UI since the beginning, and the most recent update cause everyone to eat raw meat on accident because of un-intuitive controls and radial menus highlights just how far Hinterland still needed to go from a UI design standpoint. The little and invisible tweaks that this new person is going to provide is going to make the experience better for everyone in a lot of small and fantastic ways. I never care about delays to story mode. Episodes 1+2 were unpolished and released too early. It's a shame that they still weren't ready after so many delays, but the experience was unenjoyable nonetheless. I am overjoyed that Hinterlands decided to redo episodes 1 and 2 so they wouldn't be a permanent stain. I'm sure this was a costly decision and it is one that companies rarely make, but I think it will be so worth it. Delayed episode 3? I've already been waiting years for a good story mode. A few more months doesn't matter if the end product is excellent. Also... as someone who ended up with 12x worthless rabit pelts. I WANT THAT HAT!
  7. I too really wish that feat progression occurred in custom. I don't see the point of punishing a player for playing the game in a way they find more fun. If you're going to try and "game the feat system" with a custom game, little would actually matter because pilgrim is so easy that making the game slightly easier to farm feats makes no meaningful difference.
  8. The bears still ran away, but the flair just dropped to the ground.
  9. My advice is to take the rifle. That's what it is for.
  10. I've now fired 2 flare shots at bears that were charging at me and the pistol shots DEFINITELY shot them square in the face, center of mass of oncoming bear. Both times the flare didn't stick and counted as a miss. I thought the first one was just weird but now with 2 I am also wondering.
  11. Very nice to see updates. The incorrect crafting time bug was one that was confusing me greatly in my current run. I hope in the future you can make it so you don't open cans with knives after you reach level 3 cooking. Having to drop your knife every time you open a can so you don't pointlessly ruin it is silly.
  12. The problem with rabbit hunting is that rabbits will just completely ignore you if you are crouched. They walk right up to you in the open even if you are rotating on the spot, only being scared and running away if you uncrouch or move. Bunnies should keep their distance from you at all times if you are in plain sight. Hunting rabbits is as easy as moving in the direction they are currently going, crouching, and waiting for them to go right next to you so you can bonk them on the head at point blank range, which would never happen in real life and feels very silly. I'd like rabbits to have burrows that they can retreat into as well.
  13. I've never had a wolf appear inside if it wasn't already there. It's possible it did this, or that it was just in the cave somewhere elase and wandering around and coincidentally discovered you as soon as you started harvesting the deer's carcass. Pretty neat overall.
  14. As far as I can tell, your hunger meter doesn't effect your struggle ability with wolves, the only thing that affects that is your fatigue level, which doesn't decrease faster if you're starving I don't believe. Personally, I set the condition recovery WAY down from the default levels, because I don't find it realistic or offer the best experience if you can just sleep off a bear attack and be fine the next day.
  15. I'd like to see tinder increase fire starting TIME after level 3. The bar is long and cutting 25-50% off of it would be worth the tinder to some people.