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Perhaps for a ship that is going to be far far away from resupply (notwithstanding modern communications and aerial or surface supply drops) and have to fashion forgings from scratch, but you're right.  In modern day society, unless one was specifically going somewhere out of reach of supply, which would take some serious effort, there would be no need and the facilities needed and space available (to work metal and make it usable) on the Riken would not be enough. 

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5 hours ago, Leeanda said:

Is there any need for a forge on a ship? Never seen one in real life so curious!

This was actually the first forge in the game, introduced while it was still in early access. The idea was that this wasn't intended to be a forge. It was a coal fired steam boiler on an old derelict whaling ship that served as an improvised forge. But in terms of game lore it doesn't exist for the specific purpose of heating and forging metal.

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On 7/24/2021 at 3:38 AM, odizzido said:

The lighting in this game could use a complete overhaul. . . .

A couple of years ago it was considerably worse.  There were rooms in which a lantern was necessary even in the middle of the day.  Lighting has greatly improved since then, so it is an issue of which HTL is aware.

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I was informed by one good friend to use ambient light mod and it's fantastic! You can basically adjust all sorts of custom settings from getting darker to heavenly light. But if you don't like to tinker, there are like 5 presets that cover every taste!

Really enjoying what it does to indoor environments!

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