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+1 for me, maybe something like Shift +W to auto walk would be nice? pressing same to turn it off or just pressing the W key would turn it off would be awesome!

edit - or is shift + W run/sprint already. ok how about left Ctrl + W

I'd say double tapping the W key to enter auto walk, tapping or pressing either the W or the S key to go back to normal mode. Using A or D should not exit auto walk, neither should the use of SHIFT.

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Perhaps it is just a fluke on my laptop, but if I hold the W key and hit the F7 or F8 key (these double as my sound volume keys ). I get autowalk. Give it a try!

I'll give it a try! Just Fed-Ex me your laptop, and I'll check. :D

...on a more serious note; copy that post and the tech. specs of your laptop over to:


Maybe you found something really "fluke-ish" the coders need to check out.

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I like the game so far and want to play more but after a few hours of play, I am start to feel tendon strain because of holding down the W key. Distances are long so players need a way to auto-move forward.

Feature should be auto-walk / auto-run --- so needs both a way to toggle auto-forward and then you can hit shift or something to toggle between walking and running mode.

This feature will be 100% well-received by the player base. Can't go wrong here.

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