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  1. Gaboris

    Pile up items

    Yeah, this idea comes up from time to time and I'd REALLY love to have this since it would be so useful, but for some reason the team seems to be against it. There's a mod called "UMod TLD" that enables this, but it's actually more of a "cheat engine" and even this stacking thing is just a "place anything anywhere in any orientation" cheat so I guess the main reason might be that it would be hard to figure out what can be stacked on what. Like a can on the edge of a book is okay, but what if that book is already on the edge of a can atop the barrel of a rifle? There's also a "physics en
  2. Hmmm... well the concept of "seeing the outside world through the windows" has been brought up several times, but they all had to be dropped because of the way the interiors are handled. Sadly TLD is somewhat worse at interiors then Bethesda games since almost all buildings are like the freaking TARDIS and they are either way bigger in the inside or out right don't match their exterior layout. So fixing that would either require the game to simulate part of the outside with proper scaling or to change almost all interiors and exteriors to match each other in size and then solve the whole pro
  3. Personally I'm all in for diversity in resources, but basically every time these ideas were brought up even if they were highly supported they were in the end shut down by the "too much work for too little gain" complaint. Though most alternatives would just end up being a model change and only some would require rebalancing or added mechanics it might take a lot of work to distribute the proper variants into all their logical places(letters into letter boxes and paper money into cash registers) all over the maps and making sure to take away other sources in return since tinder is already the
  4. Oh shucks, and you're so modest as well. But anyways you're WELCOME! At least it's good to know that my habit of nick-nicking every online user I meet hasn't gone to WASTE! *Ba-Dum-Tss* ... I'll see myself out, now.
  5. Gaboris

    A Few Ideas

    +1 from me. Thermos has been requested a few times and I actually was one of those who suggested the heat pack before so good to see them brought up again. As for the ration heater: It's a cool idea and fits well into the idea of revamping the MRE from a single food item into a proper "meal kit". Open a bag and you'd get some high gain foods and drinks that can be heated separately OR just give the base MRE thirst reduction and a self sustained "cooking" period when opened. And if you don't eat it all it'll just get cold.
  6. Great idea Waste! +1 Also: Here's your answer! The moment the aurora hit it detonated all(or at least one that wasn't defused at the moment witch blew up all the other) explosives in the armory and destroyed all weapons... Let's not go into details if guns and explosives are kept separated or not.
  7. Well I can't agree with the "classic/new" switch option since it would just end up being too much of a hassle to keep up two different UI builds for a few people and if they DO add this I'm sure there'll be a BUNCH of other people who'll ask for a different UI or an option for this and that. So this one is a no. But these are +1 from me.
  8. The location is a +1 from me, but I don't know the the team still needs location ideas. Looking at their great map that shows all the interconnected maps I'm not sure if they'll be expanding the island even more although connecting DP with TWM with a new area that HAPPENS to go through a military base would be actually interesting AND useful.
  9. Dang it! Totally forgot about the skill rewards. Well that a pretty big wrench in the gears I dues. Hmmm... So anyone has ideas on how to balance it?
  10. Basically a rare to find and hard to harvest(probably tool damaging) "super tinder"? +1 from me.
  11. +1 for separating blade sharpness from simple tool conditions.
  12. For me this gets a +1. Injury from the dull knife "slipping" while harvesting a carcass or opening a can is cool and the same goes for a hatchet. As for tool condition not BREAKING the tool but just makes it too dull to use is a cool idea. I always hated the concept that tools just break unless you sharpen them. Maybe it could get balanced by adding new uses and "break conditions" to tools. Like try to open a locker or a door with a knife, but it has a chance to break? I don't know yet, just throwing it in there. The problem that does get added is complexity. Basically a hamme
  13. +1 on matching interior lights to the exterior ones.
  14. +1 on the idea of lootable vending machines as the others have already said.
  15. Gaboris

    Map design

    Actually these kinds of mods are my whole point. The moment Skyrim left the studio and the players got their hands on it they started changing stuff however they liked(were able to since mod tools were not available yet) and there was nothing wrong with that. Sure these mind boggling mods look pointless to us, but if they were made there ARE at least some who want to use them. But we're kinda going off topic here so let me clarify with what Tog said: So the problem is that I don't deny the problems with this idea. At the beginning I said that making these maps would be nearly